Video: 2014 Miss Bermuda Pageant Highlights

July 7, 2014

Featuring a choreographed introduction of the eight contestants, a swimsuit competition, an evening wear competition, on-stage interviews and the crowning of Miss Sandys Lillian Lightbourn as the winner, the 2014 Miss Bermuda pageant offered a variety of entertainment for those in attendance last night [July 6].

Ms. Lightbourn was also recognized as Miss Photogenic and the People’s Choice, while Miss Hospitality was awarded to Miss Warwick, and Miss Congeniality was awarded to Miss Devonshire.

Previous to the pageant, when asked, should she win, what she planned to do with the exposure that being Miss Bermuda would give her, Ms. Lightbourn said, “I plan to use it to create change in any way I can, influencing the youth and everyone around me like I do now, but in a more direct way.

“Also, I travel the world to model and I appear in magazines and commercials, but winning the title would mean I am representing Bermuda, therefore giving my country exposure as well.”

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  1. O'Brien says:

    I can never understand why, in this day and age, young women are happy to be paraded around like they’re in some cattle auction or why the rest of us are obliged to smile and pretend it isn’t all horribly sexist and creepy.

    Still, congratulations to the ‘winner’ I suppose…..

    • Necromonger713 says:

      You must have an ugly wife or girlfriend….

      Hold up you probably have neither because you don’t find ones appearance attractive, unlike the rest of the world…!! Good looks will get you everywhere and if that fails Money will get you the rest of the way.

      Btw the Southampton Princess is a fancy farm for a Cattle Auction…!,

      Also there is more to a Beauty Pagent the just looks but that’s all the media and the Trolls like you focus on.