Alleged Smokers Force Another Flight Diversion

September 2, 2014

Canadian airliner Sunwing isn’t having much luck as far as passenger behaviour goes, with the airline having to turn back a Cuba-bound flight to Toronto last week because of the alleged misbehaviour of two female passengers, which include allegations of smoking on board.

Sunwing is the same airline that diverted to Bermuda last year after a Canadian family was alleged to be smoking on the flight. The flight left Canada heading to the Dominican Republic, and diverted to Bermuda on 1st February 2013 due to the passengers behaviour.

The family were charged in a Bermuda court, and while none of them were actually convicted of smoking on the flight, they did plead guilty to charges including behaving in a disorderly manner to the crew of an aircraft and disobeying lawful commands of the crew of an aircraft when those commands were given in the interests of the safety of the passengers of that aircraft.

Canada’s CBC news reports that, “In the case of this week’s Sunwing flight, the pilot of the 737 aircraft described the two female passengers as disruptive “in a serious manner,” and reported to NORAD [North American Aerospace Defence Command] while the plane was in U.S. airspace that the aircraft was ‘under threat.’

“NORAD scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets based out of Bagotville, Que., to escort Flight 656 back to Toronto. The women are facing a series of charges, including endangering the safety of an aircraft, smoking on an aircraft and uttering threats.”

The news report goes on to reference the Sunwing diversion to Bermuda, saying: “The airline is currently seeking legal action against two members of a Cape Breton family accused of smoking on a flight to the Dominican Republic last year.

“Sunwing is suing the two, claiming their actions forced the plane to be diverted to Bermuda. The airline is suing for the damages and expenses incurred for having to divert, which include airport fees and landing fees.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Good luck to the airline. This sort of behavior costs the airline tens of thousands. Who pays for it? Well, we do of course in the price of our tickets.

    Some of these passengers think it is all a big joke. Far from it.

  2. woa says:

    I did not even know Canadans where that wild.