New Emergency Department Location Opens

September 13, 2014

[Updated] The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital [KEMH] Acute Care Wing is set to open to the public, with the new emergency department opening its doors tonight at 12.01am. The emergency department entrance is located on Point Finger Road adjacent to the Acute Care Wing main entrance.

After extended work and a successful campaign to raise the millions of dollars necessary to complete it, the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging, Dialysis, Oncology, and five surgery theaters, as well as three wards on three floors totaling 90 beds, will be housed in the new wing.

King Edward Memorial Hospital KEMH Acute Care Wing Emergency Department Bermuda, September 13 2014 (2)

King Edward Memorial Hospital KEMH Acute Care Wing Emergency Department Bermuda, September 13 2014 (1)

King Edward Memorial Hospital KEMH Acute Care Wing Emergency Department Bermuda, September 13 2014 (3)

King Edward Memorial Hospital KEMH Acute Care Wing Emergency Department Bermuda, September 13 2014 (4)

Update 2.03pm: Hospital staff started moving patients from the General Wing to the Acute Care Wing at 10am this morning. “All acute patients who were on Curtis Ward are now having lunch on the Catlin/Lindo Ward on the third floor [Pictured below]“, a spokesperson said.

“At noon, patients from Cooper Ward were taken to the fourth floor and starting at 2pm, patients from Perry Ward will be transported.”

ACW Move 14Sept14

Update 6.06pm: BHB confirmed that a total of 65 patients were safely transferred from the General Wing to the Acute Care Wing today, saying the “process was smooth thanks to careful planning and execution of that plan by the entire BHB team.”

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  1. somuchless says:

    I didn’t think it would happen in my life time but it did it. Excellent job to everyone.

    • To everyone, thanks for making this happen. This was / is a P.P.P. and not the P.L.P. As a matter of fact this project has become yet another huge debt that must be paid off. Now if you wish to thank the Progressive Labour Party, thank them for that :-( (Thanks to the over budget)

      • Wake Bie says:

        Can’t you come on here and be positive. Always bringing the PLP up and their not in charge! Jump on a boat and sail your silly a$ all the way to the Philippines. Maybe after living in another country you’ll stop complaining about everything in Bermuda.

        • mixitup says:

          I Agree, This Ray guy has reached the peak of ignorant. When someone cannot recognize any good that anyone else has done, you begin to question their motives and character. He has long been discredited by many on Bernews.

          • One thing about this “Ray guy”, he can recognize the enemy…
            Also,I sign my name, why don’t you be bold enough to sign yours ? (Inquisitive minds would love to know)
            Now as far as the Philippines, don’t believe all you hear, you need to go there and see for yourself. As a matter of fact many Bermudians are extremely envious of them that do come here do better not just their lives but their families lives as well…Something many of my countrymen have lost sight of; helping family :-(

            • Western Un... says:

              Baby they come to Bermuda for the money. If you’re married or sending any woman money by Western Union, money is the only thing keeping the love alive. Stop being a pawn, stop sending money and see how fast she switches to Money Gram.

              • That’s true, many do. They also come to do the jobs Bermudians are too proud to do. Bermudians would rather complain about foreigners sending money home to support their families.
                Just to enlighten you my fellow countryman / woman, most speak several languages and are skilled in other fields but yes, the money here is great so why not come and earn it(the operative words here is “earn it” the old fashion way…

                • Coffee says:

                  Exploitation of the Philippine people is rife by the entitled class of Bermudian families who employ them . That’s a fact !

                  • That be true, the “entitled class of Bermudians” do employ Filipinos, ask one of our former Premiers…He chose them over his own Countrywomen. (And yes, I can prove it)

  2. Coffee says:

    Thanks PLP !

    • C says:

      Had to bring politics into it. It’s not funded by any government it’s private donations. Praise to All Parties involved…

      • Creamy says:

        Don’t you know?
        Anything good that happens must have been done by the PLP.
        Anything bad that happens must be the fault of everyone else.

        • Coffee says:

          We (PLP) had to fight you people (UBP /OBA and the combined media and shills)every step of the way . Paula Cox and Patrice Minors dragged in front of the population to justify location , Zane Desilva crucified for expense , Dr.Brown vilified for making sure the project actually got off of the ground .
          Many thanks to the late Nelson Bascome for the hard work and dedication to the cause …. If the PLP was the government we would have named that hospital …THE NELSON BASCOME HEALTH AND HEALING HOSPITAL !

      • Private donations? says:

        C, hate to burst your bubble but this was not financed by private donations (although they helped). As a Public Private Partnership Bermuda ends up paying for this ($350 million IIRC) in the form of future payments.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          That is way beyond the understanding of so many. In their minds the building is somehow free to the people of Bermuda.

          In their minds the people who put up the money to construct it did so out of the kindness of their hearts & don’t expect any return/profit on the loan that they made to the people of Bermuda.

          Think again.

    • Thanks??? says:

      Coffee, what are we thanking the PLP for? While the fact is that this project was long overdue it comes with a cost – Bermuda has to pay for it.

      It was structured as a PPP (Public Private Partnership) which accomplishes a couple of things. It allowed the PLP to effectively increase Bermuda’s national debt by some $350 million plus without that money officially showing up as debt. That’s the sort of thing that Enron was very, very good at.

      That aside, whether or not the PPP approach was good for Bermuda is a question that will only be answered in the goodness of time. A quick google will show you that PPP’s (also known as P3′s) are rarely good for the public half of the Partnership – the private half always does well.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Coffee = TROLL!!!!!! You are an imbecile!!

      • mixitup says:

        Kangoocar = TROLL! You may think you own Bernews but you don’t – sit down.

        • Coffee says:

          Smart people understand that they can’t stop cyberbullying . As a matter of fact ,Coffee expects to be cyberbullied by the disgusting minions of the OBA/UBP .

      • Hurricane says:

        @ Kangoocar, you’d stooped to a new low. Stay there, suits you.

  3. Nicky says:

    Great job accomplished!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Nothing is finished until it is paid for. This is a long long way from being paid for.

  4. JohnBoy says:

    5 theatres???

    Nice, what’s showing this week?

  5. Sigh says:

    A new hospital that the people of the island don’t trust.

    If they don’t change upper mgmt and the hospital policies they will still have the same drama…

    f I put a new coat of paint on my house and never fix how I run it and clean it, things will still be the same.

  6. moving forward says:

    Will we see better care? That’s what I’ll be looking for.

  7. Hazel says:

    The mentality of some bloggers never ceases to amaze me. :-(

    Congrats to all involved in this project…wishing much success and prosperity.

  8. Boarders says:

    Useless as ever! We needed BETTER doctors NOT an acute care wing! Bottom line!

  9. I wouldraw attention to page six if the services are in Bermuda- don’t go overseas……firstly….and most importantly….you do not tell me where I go…or what I do……you can take that presumtive and have it printed onto a roll of charmin tp and put it to good use…..that will be it’s only use…be responsible for your health?……who do you address? children?…Furthermore….I insist you have life insurance available at the entrance.

  10. I am only 14 yrs old. I am embarrassed to read comments from so many adults daily. We children talk and make better sense amongst us all out on the play ground. Why is Mr Raymond Ray always talk about politics, Then why do all others follow, and keep following. Is that what grown adults act like ALL THE TIME, If so I want to remain a young kid FOREVER….

    • Come On Man says:

      I agree (young and watching) there are people out there that can’t see the forest through the trees. It seems they run out of ideas etc.

  11. nok says:

    Why no one talks about the oba debt level! They had all the answers pre election! Stop the bs ppl let’s move forward.

  12. watchfuleyes says:

    It’s all fine and dandy but it is just a building! My hope is that the quality of service in emergency has improved. My hope is that all going through those doors will get the same level of attention and treatment. My hope is that the nursing staff will take the time and treat each individual as if we were one of their family members, only then will we ensure that we are getting the best medical attention possible. If you have had no problems in emergency then that is fine and you are lucky, but for those of us who have(and that list is long). A new building can’t fix that. And if anyone wants to misunderstand what I am saying, I am Not saying that Everyone working in emergency is failing to meet the mark, but a lot are. @Young and Watching, I stayed away from politics but I had to mention what a lot of Bermudians have been through in the Emergency Dept. I don’t want anyone to get distracted by a new pretty building.

    • John says:

      Maybe if people used the emergency for emergencies and not for family Dr problems then they wouldn’t wait as long. Health promotion does not exist in this country and people need to recognize what is life threatening and what can be treated by a GP. Health insurance will continue to rise whilst people continue to misuse the ER

  13. mixitup says:

    Raymond Ray just got read the riot act by a 14yrs! *insert Kermit the Frog here* but hey….that’s none of my business!

    • If you believe that was a 14 year old who’d written the letter then you’re the a**!
      I, as well as many others do recognize P.L.P. supporters. They know what I write, (most times) is “hitting the proverbial nail upon its head” and guess what, they’re not going to stop me from expressive my views. If you don’t agree then scroll down, that’s your right…

  14. gzibsv says:

    As a teenager, I was often impressed that families donated such a huge quantity that wards were named after them, ie. Somers and Gosling. I too would appreciate something named after my family. But seeing we can’t afford a ward, do you have anything in our price range, like a pen?

  15. Come On Man says:

    Can people at least on this Damn blog leave out PLP and OBA. OMG! I swear some fanatics if they talked in their sleep that’s all you will hear.

  16. Puma says:

    And remember…if the facts don’t fit the theory…change the facts…advanced arithmatic….erry time!

  17. Puma says:

    Everything human is pathetic.The secret source of humour itself is not joy but sorrow.There is no humour in Heaven.

  18. Puma says:

    Please remember…man was made at the end of the week……..
    ..when God was tired…

  19. done says:

    What a shame that with all this commenting, no one took the time to just to be pleased and proud of this milestone in Bermuda’s history. Anyone that thinks its just “a pretty building” is “superficial” at best and “ignorant” at worst. Thank God I was privileged to speak with many grateful excited patients today….Bermuda (well the bloggers at least) truly needs to grow up

  20. fred says:

    Wow, nice new flashy facade. Now how about hiring and filling it with a sufficient quantity of qualified doctors to meet the real needs of Bermuda’s health care deficiencies?

    What do I mean..? how about just a few observations,

    -> the entire country has only only one oncologist (cancer doctor) who is semi retired. (His new assistant left for greener pastures abroad). It takes months to see him if you’re lucky. It takes cancer much less time to do its job.

    -> we have zero diabetic doctors here, yet it’s a growing health problem. There is only one specialist that comes here for several days every two months. You can only see her by referral and the waiting list is long. Diabetes will kill and we don’t have one permanent competent doctor that specializes in it. Pathetic

    -> lack of triage in the emergency room. ///

    Yea, nice new looking hospital. too bad they didn’t invest in what’s really needed like medical staff instead of bricks and facade.

  21. done says:

    Don’t know who the Oncologist semi retired is, full time oncologist starts in 2 weeks
    The Diabetes doctor is Bermudian and has been here full time for at least 3 years
    There is triage in the ER
    Fact check much?????