Shooting In Southampton, 17 Year Old Injured

September 22, 2014

[Updated: Police confirm that a 17 year old was shot at a residence in Southampton at around 10pm, with the suspects said to be two men on a motorcycle. The victim is being treated at KEMH for what the police said are "believed to be non life threatening injuries" to his lower extremities.]

At approximately 10.00pm this evening [Sept 22], emergency personnel rushed to the Southampton area, after reports of what we understand to be a shooting, and unofficial reports coming in indicate that someone may have been injured.

The Fire Service and Police Service can be seen in the Riviera Crescent area, and crime scene tape is visible.

photo sept 22 14

In addition, there is a police presence outside the hospital, which is standard procedure when a shooting victim has been brought in.

Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 10.49pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “The Police Service can confirm that a 17 year old male was shot at a residence in Southampton at around 10.00pm this evening.

“He was conveyed to KEMH where he is being treated for injuries to his lower extremities.

“Police have cordoned off the area, and an active investigation is underway.”

Update 11.00pm: Mr. Caines is now giving a formal statement at the scene, we will have that video posted as soon as possible. Mr. Caines said, “Early reports coming in are that two men on a motorcycle came into the area, discharged the shots, and made good their escape going South…”

Update 11.29pm: Video of Mr Caines statement added.

Update 12.15am: Fire service spokesperson Russann Francis said, “The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service responded to an incident of a person wounded by gunshot.

“A member of the Fire Service assisted the victim prior to the arrival of the on duty Fire personnel. Once on scene the Fire Service emergency medical technicians attended the victim, and stayed on scene until police arrived shortly after.”

Update Sept 23, 10.25am: Shadow National Security Minister Walter Roban and Constituency #29 MP Zane Desilva have officially condemned the shooting and offered their support to the victim and the Southampton community at large.

“The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, like many Bermudians today, awoke with the disturbing news of the shooting of another young Bermudian,” said Shadow National Security Minister Walter Roban.

“We condemn this brutal and senseless act and encourage members of the community who have information that can assist the Bermuda Police Service in capturing the perpetrators to please come forward and help justice prevail.”

“As former MP of the area that includes Riviera Crescent, I am deeply shocked and disturbed by the news of the shooting of this young man,” said MP Zane Desilva, representative for Constituency #29.

“For the family of the victim of this shooting and the people who live in the area, this is a frightening time. Our prayers go out to the victim and their family and hope that they and the people of Riviera Crescent can find the peaceful lives and neighborhood that they deserve.”

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Police on 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 12.02pm: The 17 year old is in stable condition at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

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  1. Karma says:

    And the idiocy starts again.

    • Karma says:

      I’m guessing the 2 thumbs-down are from g=friends of the shooters…idiots. This island will NEVER return to its former glory f this cr@p continues…and the sooner you realize this, the better.

      • eyes wide shut says:

        I believe these children are a reflection of our (ADULTS/SOCIETIES) mistakes, corruption and you dont have to be a girlfriend to disagree with your comment just looking at this from a different angle. Karma is exactly right! We are reaping what we have sown weather we want to admit it or not and truth be told we didnt plant much. I dont agree with much of the comments ppl put out as I never see a “I’m tired of this! What do WE have to do to make this stop?” HANGING (wrong person) is not the answer as it is only a band aid on a deep open wound. I dont have all the answers but I would rather be in a discussion on a solution. We as a community have fallen and we as a community need to rise. It cant be them and us cause its one Bermuda.

        • $$$ says:

          bermudians didnt fall they layed down far as im concerned they been laying down 1.2 million dollar house but nobody can get jobs Make sense?Black males geten shot and foreigners are reading about it on there $1,000 phone listening to the news in ther $60,000 car on there way to WORK YOU PPL NEED TO STAND UP.

  2. This is crazy. Too much people listening to chief keef and all that other violent music and want to turn the place into chiraq i hope this stops

    • Raw Connoisseur says:

      LOL Bermuda is no where near becoming “CHIRAQ”, and furthermore what does chicago music have anything to do with violence. You sound like the retards in the 80′s & 90′s when NWA was getting criticized for their so called “GANGSTA RAP”. The violence has already been their and blaming music wont change nothing at all. The music from Chicago isn’t promoting violence or telling people to commit crimes it’s just telling people what goes on there on a daily basis. Violence & crime has been in going on forever 7 it not going to change anytime soon.

  3. Bermuda says:

    What is bermuda coming to. First we loose a 16 year old friend from school. Now Its a seventeen year old injured. STOP!

    • think about it says:

      just a thought… ever stop and wondered maybe it really IS these children that are out of control?

  4. WhistleBlower says:


  5. Sentences aren’t suffice! The Courts must impose mandatory maximum sentences when people are convicted of murder or attempted murders…No ifs, buts, when, nor whys! Bottom-line: “Do the crime serve the time”.

    • Sparky says:

      Need to stop the concurrent sentencing and start with the consecutive sentencing. Serve your time for each crime. Not bag them all into one sentence and then get reduced time for “good behaviour”. Do the time and get out IF you have behaved. If you act up time gets added!

    • Concerned says:


  6. Realize & Legalize says:

    17? Come on you lot…guys needa cut out all this ignorance

  7. We Are Not Amused! says:

    All Murderers should be Hung!

  8. long time says:

    its sad that now days he coulda been shot by someone under that age any thing is possible in 2014

  9. soul jah says:

    Judge states at sentencing, I would like to give you two more time. Then gives 25 plus 10 witch I thought was good.
    then I read on and he lets them run concurrent. Go figure!!!

  10. Tricks are for Kids says:

    What WE NEED to do is to continue showing our displeasure and continue to think of how WE can resolve this. WE are a REACTIVE society….you hear all of the above type comments WHEN something happens. …as long as it’s “quiet” (or we think that its quiet because the streets never are) we don’t say a thing…we have to become PRO ACTIVE and stay on top of things…we’ve had many marches and vigils in the past once we’ve had incidents such as this……groups were formed? …..where are they?…..what are the founders/members doing?……do the groups still exists? If they do, why are we not hearing from them or about them?

  11. Creamy says:

    Motorbikes should have to display large, legible number plates front amd back.

    • Who feels if knows it.... says:

      Do u honestly think these folks are rolling up to a scene to shoot someone with a visible license plate?

    • $$$ says:

      how fool

    • smt says:

      You sound STUPID!! Do you really think these bikes have licence plates on them! And what would that solve since um sure most of them are STOLEN!

  12. Not buying it says:

    I strongly believe that the cat and 9 tails should be reintroduced. It proved to be a deterrent in the past.

    • $$$ says:

      untill its your turn for crime you didnt commit what you ppl are failing to realize is the system is failing us and nobody else

    • smt says:

      we are in 2014!!! i hate that all older folk think everything they did that somewhat worked in the past in sure enough to work in todays times! come on now, dont be so foolish. Everythin g in this world evolves, we cant go back we must move forward and find newer and better solutions to these problems! And besides to be honest how well do you REALLY think some things back in the day worked if WE (the younger generation that you all claim is sooo bad) are a reflection of you, the ones before us?! We learn from what we are taught, lets face reality, you might have been beaten alot more back in the day but regarldess of the beatings you still did bad things and you still did what u wanted if you felt like it!

      • smt says:

        and no dont get me wrong i am not condoning the actions of these idiots!

  13. Coffee says:

    We need to talk to the Minister of National Security and his Junior Minister and let them know that we are not feeling very secure right now .its obvious that the message of long prison sentences for gun crimes has been ignored .

  14. Duststorm says:

    I was just a matter of time – this is the third round of the Fight – for what!
    It’s plenty of Guns out there.

  15. local yokle says:

    Mr. Caines is refreshingly calm in this latest press release… But, “…its early days in the investigation. ..” is such an annoying phrase. It isnt early days at all….

    • really says:

      Shut up!!!

    • Concerned says:

      that is a standard line – at every scene

    • watching says:

      The BPS need a new dictionary. Can we please discharge with the phrase “made good his escape”? They use it every single time. A computer could write the press statements.

  16. Mikael Jakobsen says:

    GB has, as the only European country, a total gun-ban where no law abiding citizen owns a firearm. come there is plenty of guns out there?

  17. Don’t be alarmed Premier Micheal Dunkley has everything under control , when he was in the opposition he told us how he was going to protect Bermuda and rid it of all gun violence once he got in power, he and his colleagues was sure they had the answers when they were in opposition, so naturally what did the Canon do under his tenure, he but Michael as minister for national security, and O’h boy were we a lot safer, seem like more gun violence erupted, but good ole Michael to the rescue and now HIM THE HEAD BOY IN CHARGE!so don’t fret he know just what to do. so much for national security or leadership at it’s highest to put it bluntly,He can’t even stop the importation or slow down the demand, joke to say the least and the toys at the regiment can’t control what is out and about in community, ok I will resume back to my coffee that I don’t drink and the daily rag that I use to do windows.

    • foldgers says:

      santucci please stop ok. just stop. no one really has the answers. One thing is for sure , sarcasm and finger pointing is not the answers. You make me tired.While you might think you have changed, please think back to your young days when you did things that were not so ok. Think about why you did them , then try to apply it to the youth of today. What is so troubling them that this extreme is being taken..

  18. D says:

    Ooooo gosh here it starts again…..

  19. Hey says:

    When will it end. C’mon Bermuda.

  20. Smiths says:

    What the hell is going on in Riviera Cresent? This is the third incident in as many years. Is it the same house affected?

  21. Ty says:

    What ALL people of Bermuda including the Police – the Government and whoever else need to realise is that – THERE IS NO SOLUTION – to this. What do you think you can do to solve this besides taking all person’s from the age of 15 to 40 (just generalizing) and shipping them to another planet. All the talks – walks and whatever else’s HAS NEVER WORKED and will NEVER WORK. I’m in my 50′s. “SMT” made a comment above re the older folks… The difference between then and now is the amount of guns on this island. When I was in my 20′s, if someone got shot, it was the biggest news on the planet, today it is – “OK – who got shot now” WOW….. To me LIFE in prison should mean you are there until the maggots are crawling out of your azz. To be 20 – 25 and get this so-called LIFE, you’re still out before you even reach 50. Concurrent sentences should be dropped as they are an absolute waste of time. No-one does neighbourhood watches because half of you are afraid of your own children. another WOW.

    This is just MY perspective of the whole thing.

  22. Rmeenswell says:

    I think it’s time for a town hall meetings across this island to seriously find solutions to these violent behaviors. Mr. Premier this starts with you and the police, please it’s time for action, we’ve heard the talk far to long.

    Seriously, can you imagine for one minute where we would be as a community/country if that automatic gun and actually gone off at Woody’s in Somerset that night a few years ago. Let’s just say we had the potential to kill tourism as we know it, not to mention international business. Come on Bermuda, it’s time to get serious.

  23. more than enough says:

    Wheres the national security ministers..? M.I.A.

  24. So sad says:

    Everyone is going back and forward..arguing… We are really setting a good example aren’t we… I’m jus soooo angry that this has gone on for so long.. Family’s being torn apart.
    TY… You are right every word u have said…