Culinary Fundraiser Offers Free Trip To Bermuda

July 5, 2015

C-CAP [Careers Through Culinary Arts Program] recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson aiming to raise money for the organization with the lure of a free trip for two to Bermuda, among other prizes.

The top prize includes the three-night trip for two to Bermuda, along with a stay at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, along with dinner for two at Marcus’.

Other prizes are also available, including an exclusive cooking video, signed copies of Samuelsson’s books Make It Messy and Marcus Off Duty, and an Ambessa Tea gift set.

On his blog, Chef Marcus Samuelsson said, “I took the first step in my career by training at a local culinary school in Sweden, and while I’ve come a long way since then, I’ll never forget how I got started.

“That’s why I’m so proud to be involved with Careers Through Culinary Arts Program.

“C-CAP makes an enormous impact on the lives of at-risk students by helping them build careers in the culinary industry. In honor of its 25th anniversary, I want to raise $25,000 to help them continue the great work. We’ve already raised over $11,000 for this amazing organization, so let’s raise another $14,000.”

Marcus Samuelsson on Bermuda and his new restaurant Marcus’:

“When you give to C-CAP, I give back to you. The person who raises the most for this great cause will get an amazing trip for two to Bermuda, including airfare, a 3-night stay at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, and dinner at my new restaurant,Marcus’! You can also support this great cause by making a donation.

“For $25 you’ll get access to an exclusive cooking video, for $50 you’ll also get a signed copy of my new young-adult book, Make It Messy, for $100 you’ll also get a signed copy of myMarcus Off Duty cookbook, and for $200 you’ll also get an Ambessa Tea gift set.

“Plus, this fundraiser will be timed with the release of a new round of my how-to cooking videos.

“The ideas for these videos were all user generated, so make sure to check out my YouTube and Facebook pages, starting today, as they roll out.

“Thank you so much for your ongoing support, and to those who have already donated, in helping these dedicated youths realize their dreams.”

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