Saturday Racing Cancelled Due To Lack Of Wind

October 17, 2015

[Updating] America’s Cup Race Management [ACRM] Race Director Iain Murray has announced that today’s [Oct 17] race course will be located to the west of Two Rock Passage in the Great Sound.

The exact orientation and location will determined by the Race Management team between 12pm and 1pm with the first race scheduled to start at 2:10pm.

Therefore, boaters are asked not to drop anchor until the racecourse has been formed and should monitor VHF Channel 72 for up-to-date information about the racecourse and races.

The Official Stakeboats that form the outer edges of the race course will be flying a RED Stakeboat Flag while the Course Marshals will be flying Green Course Marshal Flags.

Boaters are also reminded to observe the 5-knot, no wake zone which is in place for the whole of Hamilton Harbour and the area surrounding the racecourse.

Slideshow of last night’s opening ceremony:


“With the lighter wind conditions today it is particularly important to limit the wake of the boats,” says Ralph Richardson, Chair of the ACBDA Water Operations Committee.

“It can quickly become a ‘washing machine’ out there, so boaters must respect the 5-knot, no wake policy.”

The public is advised that if there is not enough wind at 2:10pm to start racing the start time will be postponed in short increments until a race can be started or the race committee decides that racing should be cancelled for the day.

The activities and events in the Event Village will continue as scheduled.

If there is no racing or only one race today, the teams have agreed on a provision to allow for three races tomorrow, with the same scheduled start time.

Also due to the light winds it is very unlikely that the finish of the last race will be in Hamilton Harbour as previously indicated.

The event organisers appreciate the public’s assistance in making this event run smoothly and safely.

“We have a proud and accomplished boating community and we want to put on a great show for a global audience,” says Mr Richardson.

Update 2.25pm: The start of racing has been delayed due to lack of wind.

Update 2.56pm: The organisers said, “We remain under postponement, the teams held on their moorings just off the Event Village on Front Street. We’re waiting for more wind. Currently just 3-4 knots. We need about double that to get racing. More updates as we get them.”

Update 3.36pm: The racing is still delayed. The local TV as well as the app broadcast, we assume was the same feed all broadcasters were getting around the world, has now concluded. It filled the time with showing a replay of the racing in Portsmouth, UK.

Update 3.41pm: The organisers said, “The live TV broadcast has concluded but the racing window remains open until 4PM local [ADT]. In the scenario a race is started before the 4PM deadline, the live stream via AC+ will resume.”

Update 3.51pm: Race deadline of 4pm is closing in, so the Race Committee is making a final attempt to get a race in today. A course will be set up in Hamilton Harbour, the boats have all left their moorings, however the wind is still under 6 knot limit for fair racing so they said it’s a “longshot.”

Update 4.01pm: They have been saying the race deadline is 4pm, however the latest update from the AC said: “Trying for a 16:10 start, in the Harbour… waiting for confirmation from race committee that there is enough wind.”

Update 4.06pm: The AC said “If breeze holds its less than 10 minutes to race start.” Also the broadcast on the app has restarted.

Update 4.19pm: Organisers: “America’s Cup racing is abandoned for today, despite best efforts to race in the Harbour.”

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks ever-so-much for this latest up-date…

  2. who cares most says:

    The Father above in not sleeping.
    We all get what we rightfully deserve.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Please get some medication and cheer up!

    • Tolerate says:

      These comments; bought to you today by our latest troll “who cares most”. “Who cares most”, appears to have had more than their share of the hater-aid.
      The Father you say????

    • mf87 says:

      Tin foil hat time….

    • David says:

      Indeed… like increased visitors, and a solid event-packed weekend. Enjoy it people :)

    • Terry says:

      Guess you will be first in line…….

    • Ahole says:

      Go back to your church of false hope and dreams.

    • Ann says:

      What possible sense does a statement like make other than your an idiot?

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ who cares most,

      I guess he was in a coma prior to now then right? SH

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      A bad day on the water is still better than a good day in the office

  3. Island girl says:

    That’s one asinine comment

    • Terry says:

      Part of the plan.
      As I stated before.
      All others from a certain sector are quiet but this trolling and dislikes is by design.


    • Widget says:

      Island Girl” That was humor!!!!!!

  4. Jr Smith says:

    will it be broadcasted live on tv or radio for those that can’t attend?

  5. Coffee says:

    Bummer , a real hangnail today was.. The people in power had their say , Mother Nature had her way !

    The cost lost to the network coverage must be astronomical ! Who covers that bill ?

  6. Somebody's momma says:

    What happens to all the people who paid to go on spectator boat.

  7. sage says:


  8. Lalalala says:

    I think we should thank the teams that put on the demonstration race in Hamilton Harbour and the people that worked so hard to keep this a safe event…

    • Franklin Jr says:

      The ignorance out there from just a handful of boats was astounding – a few entitled morons nearly made for some very dangerous situations


      • Franklin Jr says:

        To clarify, mot everyone was great! Please keep it up

  9. Banana says:

    The event was cancelled, therefore the spectator boats should all be refunded and never left the dock. Could be a huge lawsuit coming.

    • Franklin Jr says:

      errrm, why?

      • No says:

        Lol they had to leave before it started. refunded no… they went out, had a good time, wind is wind… Grow up.

    • Zevon says:

      Ha ha ha ha.

    • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

      Um When you charter fish and catch nothing do you get your money back? No you don`t. When you cruise and it rains at every stop .do you get you money back? No you don’t ! This is not rocket science Banana brain !!!

      • V.B. says:

        Island Tour Centre’s small print stated that if the race was canceled that those on the spectator’s boats would receive a refund minus the $5 per ticket administration fee and the race was canceled so refunds should be issued.