Motorcyclist Injured In Two Vehicle Collision

January 10, 2016

Around 4:30pm on Saturday [Jan 9] a collision involving a car and a motorcycle occurred on Tee Street in Devonshire, with the car ending up on its roof while the motorcyclist was injured and taken to hospital via ambulance for treatment.

Car Accident Bermuda, January 9 2016

A police spokesperson said, “Around 4:30pm on Saturday, January 9th first responders were dispatched to a reported serious two vehicle collision on Tee Street in Devonshire near the junction with Berry Hill Road.

“It appears that a car and a motorcycle being driven in opposite directions along Tee Street collided. The car then struck an embankment and overturned, ending up on its roof.

“The motorcyclist, a 51 year old Devonshire man, was injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment.

“At this time his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. There were no other injuries reported; however both vehicles were damaged.

“Inquiries regarding this collision continue and any witnesses that have not already come forward should contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. Slow Down says:

    How does that even happen on that road…..

  2. Rada Gast says:


  3. Bubbles says:

    These lot need to slow down bie. Everyone thinks it’s a joke until it happens to them. Sort ya lives out bruv, this isn’t a joke and take life more seriously. I pray that everything goes well with the injured persons. And that it’s a lesson well learnt! Take your damn time!

  4. Paul Revere says:

    maybe just maybe, the driver of the car, tried to avoid the cycle and over steered causing the car to mount the embankment. It would be very hard for that car to overturn if he was travelling up the hill

  5. Just a thought says:

    Does there seem to be a large amount of accidents on tee street recently, or is it just my imagination?

  6. Shush says:

    It would also be VERY hard to overturn a car doing 35kph

    • Buck-a-Roo says:

      You are VERY WRONG!
      A vehicle can be unstable at ANY SPEED given the right conditions!

      See below for a simple application of highschool physics:

      - Can you calculate your vehicle speed in feet per second? (multiply mph by 1.47. For example, 60 mph = 88 feet/second.)
      - Can you square that number? (like 882 = 7744.)
      - Can you estimate the radius of a curve in a road? (like 250 feet).
      - Can you divide the first by the second? (like 7744/250 or 31). This gives the LATERAL ACCELERATION of the vehicle. (like 31 ft/sec2 or 0.97 G).

      Then you already know nearly everything you need to know whether your vehicle will roll over in that sort of turn!

      You DO also need two measurements of your vehicle. One is called the Track, which is the distance between the two tires on an axle (like 60″).
      The other is called the height of the center-of-gravity (like 30″).
      You then take TWICE the second number and divide it by the first (like 30 * 2 / 60 or 1.0) and multiply that by the acceleration you had gotten above. (like 31 ft/sec2 * 1.0).
      IF that number is ABOVE 32, the vehicle WILL roll over. If it is BELOW 32, it will not.
      This example (31) would be extremely close to great danger.
      There IS the possibility that the tires might not have enough traction to the road, so the tires could break loose and slide straight, which could change the problem from a rollover to the vehicle going out of control.
      Pretty simple, huh? But that is essentially all that is needed to calculate an APPROXIMATE idea of whether YOUR vehicle is stable or not at any speed and around any turn! There are some additional factors, but they all make the situation worse and never better.

    • Billy Boy says:

      Nah not true. I flipped my car in the air to its side on an embankment just like that on Burnt House Hill While in traffic that crawling between 30-35kph

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonder if the driver had his foot on the brake as he slid, inverted, down the road? Good crash. Those SUV wanna be’s are far from being the most stable vehicles on the road & hitting that embankment must have been like hitting a springboard at a stuntshow.

  8. tru says: