Videos: Missing Man’s Family Appeals For Help

June 2, 2016

The mother of Jevon Daniels — who has been missing for two weeks — made an emotional appeal to the community for information about her son’s whereabouts, imploring the public to come forward with any information they may have.

Mr Daniels, 35, has not been seen since May 16th, and the police said today that “this is very concerning and raises more suspicions that something untoward has happened to him.”

Speaking at a press conference today, Gloria Daniels said, “My son Jevon Daniels has been missing for two weeks. His son hasn’t seen him for about two and a half weeks.”

Missing Man's Mother Appeals For Help, June 2 2016 2

“I’m here imploring you that if you have any information as to where my son is – please, please, please give it up. I want you to think about something: if it was your son, brother, daddy, or any of your loved ones, how would you feel?

“Wouldn’t you want to know what’s going on? Wouldn’t you want to know where they are? Wouldn’t you want to know whether they are dead or alive?

“Wouldn’t you want anyone that could help, to help? Every night I lay my head down, but there is no rest. I go through every day wondering will today be the day that I find out all the answers I’m looking for.”

Missing Man's Uncle Appeals For Help, June 2 2016

“I appreciate that some of you might not be willing to give information that I am sure some of you have, for one reason or another. But I am begging you: if you know anything, please let us know.

“If you do not want to be identified, you can call the police [Crime Stoppers] hotline which is 1 800 8477. I want you to know that when you call this number, there is no way you can be identified.

“The call is not answered here on the island. So please, if you know anything, please call us. A lot of time has already passed and we need everything you can give us.

“I ask you again to put yourself in my place, in my grandson’s place, in my other son’s place. A mother and a son and a brother wants their daddy and their son and their brother back. Please, please, help us.

“Let your conscience guide you to make the right decision. My family would be eternally grateful.”

Mr Daniels’ uncle also made a plea to the public, saying, “I love my nephew. Like my sister said: if you know something, say something. A lot of you from that area know me from different circumstances. This is what I am asking of you…if you know something, say something.”

Also speaking at today’s press conference was Detective Sergeant Jason Smith of the Serious Crime Unit who said, “We are calling this press conference today to continue our appeal to the public for information on the whereabouts of missing person Jevon Daniels.

“You will recall that on Saturday the 21st May, 2016, I informed you that Jevon was missing and had not been seen since Monday 16th may.

“Two weeks has passed and Jevon still has not been seen or heard from. This is very concerning and raises more suspicions that something untoward has happened to him.

“Today, we are making a further appeal for information that will assist in locating Jevon and reuniting him with his family.

“The Sandys community is a very tight knit community and Jevon’s circles of friends are even tighter. One of you knows where he is and what has happened to him.

“Anyone that saw or heard from Jevon the week of the 16 May, we want to hear from you. Where you saw him is very important to this investigation.

“The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Jevon are suspicious and today we are making a joint appeal with his mother Gloria Daniels to get the public’s assistance in reuniting Jevon with his mother, son, girlfriend and friends.”

Anyone with any information is asked to please contact the Serious Crimes Unit on 717-0864 or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 800 8477.

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  1. Verly says:

    As a mother, this was painful to watch. I know I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep not knowing where my child was.

    I’m not usually an emotional person, but this video had me in tears. I pray that this mother can find some answers. If anyone knows something, please speak up. This has to be pure torture for his family.

  2. Thinker says:

    So sad no one has the courage to do the right thing!!!

    • PhD. says:

      Exactly! Someone knows something. Stop being a coward and make the call to Crimestoppers.

  3. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Impossible not to fill up. please help this family.

  4. Terry says:

    Sadness all around.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Gloria, I’m so sorry. :( Our prayers are with you and your family. Cheryl

  6. Silence is Cawardly says:

    The sadness I felt soon turned to anger because SOMEONE knows something!! From the beginning the police said his disappearance is suspicious! Obviously someone knows something!Lets put the pressure on any person whose name is circulating. Test for his DNA on every piece of property he/she/they own example: car,bike,home,clothing,shoes etc. if any(DNA)of his is present, they need some explaining to do!
    Blessings to the family

  7. Glenda R. says:

    Praying for and with this family!

  8. Heartfelt says:

    Praying for this mother and the other two mother’s that have had their sons go missing and never found. This is so very sad.

  9. Silence is Cowardly says:

    This is Bermuda people…You cannot have “beef” with someone without anyone knowing and telling someone else, that tells someone else and so on….If anyones name is circulating, let the authorities know even if it leads to nothing, that’s for the authorities to decide!! This bull ship has got to end! People like to gossip about others business, well lets gossip about something that’s of importance!!

  10. Truth Teller says:

    This really hurts deeply as I did not know who Javon was. But now seeing my childhood friends from Southampton on camera crying over the continued disappearance of a son and nephew breaks my heart.

    God bless you both.

    Please if anyone knows anything speak up and help end this family’s torment.

  11. Legalgal says:

    Prayers. Come on someone speak up.

  12. Pastor Syl says:

    Gloria, my prayers are with you and your family. My heart is full and there are no words.

  13. Widget says:

    Been there and know all to well the pain associated with this sort of tradgity.I pray for the this young mans safe return.

  14. high road says:

    Please help this family if you know something.

  15. takbir Sharrieff says:

    I pray that Allah-sub Hanna-wa -ta Allah surrounds the family with peace.I pray that the outcome is rewarding and conclusive. I pray that all the circumstances of Jevon being missing come to light.I pray that the public can handle it in a positive way.Peace.

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