Column: Famous On Politics & Race In Bermuda

August 31, 2016

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

It seems whenever the OBA is looking for votes they begin speaking about the need to engage with the community.

What they really seem to be saying, in obvious clumsiness, is that they are trying to appear to care about and subsequently appeal to the black Bermudian community.

On November 18, 2011 then Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier waxed ever so eloquently about racism and the need to not just speak but to act on ways to combat racism in Bermuda.

“Despite what many people want to believe, history shows that racism has been responsible for more sickness, death, poverty and crime than any other single injustice…There have been many who have tiptoed around the issue of race in the political arena and it has hurt their public credibility and, I’m sure, the integrity of their souls. I cannot follow that route.”

Craig Cannonier TC

A few months later on radio, then Deputy Opposition leader Michael Dunkley stated that the OBA had no position on addressing racism and that was merely Craig’s own views and not the party views.

After being elected by a narrow margin on December 17th 2012,the OBA then go on to exert their agenda with several noticeable actions over their first few years in power which have had negative effects on black Bermudians:-

  • Elimination of Term Limits which primarily benefits non-Bermudians.
  • Slashing millions from public education budgets where the vast majority of students are black.
  • Threatening to cut government jobs where the vast majority of workers are black.
  • No pension increase for seniors where the vast majority of seniors are black.

Fast forward to June 25th, 2015, Senator Jeff Baron states that Bermuda urgently needs a frank conversation about race relations. As expected, he is lauded as having the courage to bring about this conversation.

Jeff Baron OBA 2015 TC

However, subsequent to that there is not a word more about this “conversation”.

Massive showdown

February 5th, 2016, Senator Michael Fahy, with full support of the OBA cabinet, including; Senator Jeff Baron, Premier Michael Dunkley and Senator Lynne Wooldridge,unleashed the draconian “Pathways to Status” legislation.

Legislation which the vast majority of black Bermudians found as a retrograderacist piece of legislation that would do harm to untold generations of born Bermudians.

Yet despite the constant pleas from hundreds of black individuals, many black churches and most unions for them to halt this legislation,the OBA totally ignored the black community and pressed forward with their plans.

The result was an unprecedented show of solidarity by thousands of black Bermudians of every age by occupying parliament for a total of 5 days until the OBA was forced to back down.


A few days later in a seeming effort to exert damage control the OBA released a statement that they would reach out to the black community with Premier Michael Dunkley stating this on March 17th, 2016: “When you have critical issues like this they get very emotional and divisive and this one has done so along racial lines to a great extent. So that is what we will be concentrating on and that is why we are working so hard and listening to those who are protesting against it to find the best way forward for all of Bermuda.”

Subsequent to that there was once again silence from the OBA on racial issues affecting black Bermudians.

July 1st, 2016 then OBA MP Shawn Crockwell reveals that the OBA is nothing more than the UBP in disguise and has continued its historic pattern of economic demonization of black Bermudians.

He then promptly resigns from the OBA to sit as an independent thus reducing the OBA from 19 to 18 seats in a 36 seat parliament.

Repeated Patterns

July 15th, 2016 it is revealed that Senator Fahy, in his new Ministry of Transport, had put forth legislation for rental cars without any public consultation, with full Cabinet approval.

This sent immediate shock waves amongst nearly 1,000 black taxi and mini bus drivers who see this as a clear threat to their livelihoods.After massive protests by these taxi drivers, the OBA once again is forced to pause on their agenda.

July 25th, 2016 Senator Jeff Baron states, “If we are to break the cycle of antisocial behaviour and violent crime in Bermuda, we need to have honest conversations and recognize some ugly truths.”

Perhaps coincidentally on July 27th, 2016, an Omnibus survey is revealed showing that only 16% of black Bermudians would support the OBA.

Taking a look back at their track record over the last 5 years, it is clear that,whenever caught in a jam or looking for votes,the OBA can always find nice platitudes to appear as if they care about the black community, yet their track record of actions show a distinctly different pattern.

So these questions must now be asked:-

  • A: When will the OBA finally start this conversation on racism?
  • B: When will the OBA stop putting out policies that hurt the black community?

- Chris Famous


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  1. inna says:

    So now that the history lesson is complete, what will you be teaching us?

    • Factual says:

      He needs some MATHS lessons! His whole idiotic diatribe is based on “where the vast majority are black” argument. Dude, you are talking about Bermuda, where the vast majority of the population is black so ummmm, yeah, your argument is null and baseless. Do you seriously not understand this??? Do you seriously not understand the way math works?
      Sit down.

    • Onion Juice says:

      And Dunold Trump is trying de same S!@#.
      But you will always have a % of Blacks that support an organization that dont support their cause. Back in de day they were called ….. …….. !!!!!!!

      • Noncents says:

        @Onion Juice

        I agree- there are massive parallels between CF and Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

      • Full Fuulish says:

        Oh boy, here we go again with “back in de day”! Stuck in the past. Typical! Hanging on to every word you’ve ever heard by someone who lived in a different generation than we did. What you think that if you don’t bring it up on every comment thread on this site that we will all forget??
        Come out de past bie! Were not going that way!

  2. Unbelievable says:

    I can agree that the OBA have lost a lot of ground on race matters but I can also come to the conclusion that TCF always says things that are leading and speculative.

    • smh says:

      He and his cronies will say whatever it takes, particularly stoking the race issue to get back at the trough “by any means necessary”

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      These lectures are getting predictable and boring. The author should try his hand at knitting or crocheting.

      • Onion Juice says:

        The Truth is an offence but not a sin.
        Keep exposing them, eventually you MIGHT convince de swing voters, de Trump supporters will ALWAYS hate.

        • hmmm says:

          Trump supporters, i.e. supporters of the PLP.

        • Zevon says:

          The PLP is Bermuda’s right wing racist tea party. Hating people and foreigners is the only thing they stand for.

      • steve says:

        I wonder if fans of CF get tired of listening like the way i get sick of even my favorite song after hearing it a thousand times.

    • inna says:

      And, according to Famous, out of the islands 766 taxi and mini bus drivers (, 1,000 of them are black!!

      • Factual says:

        Exactly! Need I repeat my call for him to learn some MATHS??
        Again, CF, go sit down. Stop doing this to yourself. #embarrassedforyou!

  3. Double S says:

    Given the fact that blacks are the majority any decision made will effect them more than any other demographic.

    - Term limits drove companies from our shores leaving many locals unemployed; this was confirmed to the PLP via legal opinions which stated that Term Limits does nothing for local jobs; why does Famous defend such destructive legislation? Does he hate jobs?

    - The education budget in 2011, under the PLP, was slashed $14 million; yet no cries of ‘racism’ from Famous; all budgets have been hit as the OBA try and close the $400 million deficit left behind by the PLP; why does Famous never want to talk about our financial malaise left behind by his beloved Party? Does he not understand what would happen if we don’t get our finances in order? Does he not believe the consequences are real and potentially devastating?

    - Civil servants salaries/benefits consume at least 60% of Govt revenues; coupled that with the near $200mn per year interest payments on PLP incurred debt that ratio moves closer to 70% to 75%; those numbers are simply unsustainable and will be our eventual downfall; and what Famous fails to acknowledge (by design) is that not ONE civil servant has been made redundant while the private sector was losing jobs hand over fist

    - Pension increase freezes again was also necessary due to the financial situation inherited in December 2012; but Famous fails to mention that pension increases were recently enacted; why can’t Famous make the linkage between sustaining a bloated civil service and the inability to pay other costs (i.e. pension increase)? Does he not understand basic finances and economics or is he being his normal partisan zealot self that is willing to omit pertinent facts and spew half-truths?

    - Famous and the PLP complain about out ‘one pillar economy’ but then rail against initiatives designed to boost our tourism pillar (i.e. rental quads). Where was Famous when the PLP issued numerous mini-bus licenses? Did he not care about the taxi industry then? And why did he fail to include the bit where the OBA granted the taxi industry a 25% increase to taxi rates? Were they racist then?

    - Regarding his, and others, stance on the immigration legislation, their objections to such is no different than Trump and his supporters. Trump says that immigration is harming Americans while Famous says that granting status to people who have been here for ate least 25 years will ‘do untold harm to unborn generations.’ Famous if you were American you would be solid Trumper/republican.

    Famous, you are part of Bermuda’s problem. Your zealousness and spewing of half-truths, mis-truths and omission of certain facts makes you a simple minded political zealot that places his party miles ahead of his own country.

    • smh says:

      BEST COMMENT EVER!!! I wish I could “like” this more than once….like they do at Alaska hall in the evenings

    • Terry says:

      Agree Double S.

      Who pays him.


    • Johnny says:

      The design of the shackles has changed but the attitude towards Black Bermudians remains the same. This is why some of you feel free to dismiss our greviances, because you feel we have no rights to anything. You think we should be happy to bust our butts 24/7 for pennies so that you can live your happy life. It is not just a Bermuda problem.
      I will ask you the question a woman asked hundreds of People a while back –
      Do you wish to be treated like a black person is treated? Not one of those people in the audience raised their hand. I suspect all of the white people that read this question will answer NO!!.
      And just by answering no means that you know racism is alive an well, yet many of you will still deny it.

      • hmmm says:

        Do you treat a white person and black person equally. I do.

      • Absolutely says:

        I know of many black people who have a good work ethic, live responsible lives and have a respectful outlook on life.
        I would be happy to be treated like them.

  4. smh says:

    When will Chris Famous take ownership of the $2Billion in debt the PLP created?
    When will Chris Famous come up with a workable solution to combat racism rather than use it for political gain in the hope that he can get back at the trough?

    • Unbelievable says:

      He won’t and the PLP won’t. To do so is to admit you messed up.

      The blinkers are firmly attached and the memory is highly selective.

  5. smh says:

    Is this the same Chris Famous who is vehemently against Immigration reform as a solution to our declining population. Self serving much?

  6. Auntie Zuzu Bouche says:

    Very good piece, Chris – thank you!

    • Ridley says:

      Why has this guy even got a voice?

      He’s got one script, one angle and never has any solutions other than re-elect the PLP.

      The one thing I am yet to see in several years of PLP opposition is solutions.

  7. LostinFlatts says:

    If we are to have a serious discussion, actual facts need be used, not evocative terms, soundbites and race-baiting.

    Several points are raised, in simple, race-only focus:
    1. Elimination of Term Limits which primarily benefits non-Bermudians.
    In actual fact, the PLP’s changing of term limits infringes on the UN human rights guidelines on long term residency, which the Bermuda courts – not the OBA – agreed with. The OBA were forced into acting on something politically they wouldn’t want to touch with a 10 foot pole.

    2. Threatening to cut government jobs where the vast majority of workers are black.
    Every single Bermudian I know – even those in the public sector – acknowledge that our public sector is bloated, and the single largest burden on our economy. In incredibly simple terms, we cannot afford a public sector as large as we have, so what is the government to do? Because of the PLP’s huge borrowing streak, the OBA literally cannot borrow more money to pay the public sector. Suggestions welcome, Mr. Famous.

    3. No pension increase for seniors where the vast majority of seniors are black /and Slashing millions from public education budgets where the vast majority of students are black. – Again, in a wonderful, pre-Brown/Cox Bermuda, we simply could have used our historic government surplus, or borrowed, in order to help finance these programmes. Instead, our $3.5m A WEEK debt repayments mean we cannot afford to. It’s really that simple.

    Bermuda does very much need to have an honest conversation about the plight of Black Bermudians, and the feeling of resentment, abandonment and despair faced by many. But that is not even remotely what Mr. Famous is offering here. This is purely political. Half-truths, (5 years of OBA?, 1000s of taxi drivers?) deliberate avoidance of the true situation (again, $3.5m a week thanks to the PLP – just interest payments), evocative language…it has it all.

    People like Mr. Famous do not want a discussion about race. They want an election about race.

  8. hmmm says:

    The pathways to status was not draconian. Draconian would be to prevent a pathways to status purely based on misguided fears and ignorance.

    The OBA care about 100% of Bermudians. The PLP care about winning power.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Hey dreamer its draconian against the Bermudian people.

      • hmmm says:

        Once again…the impact is minimal, your fears are based on ignorance and hate.

        Some of these people have lived their whole lives here. If you are religious you could argue God decided they be in Bermuda.

        They are farmers, labourers, teachers, charity workers, mothers, they are not executives of huge international business. they are like you and me.

        the only thing holding Bermudians back is themselves, stop making excuses…(Marc Bean would agree with this)

        • hmmm says:

          I am a Bermudian, I learned not to make excuses for my failures, but accept them as my fault and learn and grow from them.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        OK , OJ . You want ‘a conversation ‘? Well here’s your opportunity .

        Explain how the immigration reform proposals were draconian against ‘The Bermudian people ‘.

        And please don’t waste your time rattling on about the black vote , because we ALL know that that’s what it’s about .

        Black Bermudians will never be stopped from being able to vote and unless something strange happens there will always be more black voters here than white .

        And if you try to switch it over to ‘jobs’ , they’re already here and have been for a long time so they’re not taking jobs away from anyone .

        Now it’s your turn .

  9. hmmm says:

    “Despite what many people want to believe, history shows that racism has been responsible for more sickness, death, poverty and crime than any other single injustice…”

    All the above is due to ignorance and fear encouraged by divisive people. People who intentionally seek to gain power by playing on differences seek to perpetuate difference for their own gain. Those people are truly the sick minded people who need to change……They are breeding hate for money.

  10. Chris Famous says:

    Interesting comments as usual

    Yet not one of the critics can point out when and where the OBA has actually followed through on having the conversation on racism.

    After all it is they that said that it was needed correct?

    • Double S says:

      But you’re not genuine in your desire to have the conversation either as you dismiss other people’s experiences with the subject out of hand. You are one of the biggest promoters of racism in this country. Your article the other week about white people and cup match is a prime example.

      You’re a simple Trumper. Point blank.

      But either way, why do you feel it necessary to spew so much half-truths and omit certain facts?

      Do you have no respect for your readers, or do you believe them to be idiots who will believe all the tripe you write?

      PS: Was the OBA racist when they gave taxi drivers a 25% fare increase? And was the PLP ‘racist’ for slashing the eduaction budget by $14 million in one year?

      PPS: I am sure you won’t answer the above, because the answers won’t fit your twisted narrative.

      • Concerned says:

        Famous would bring his shouters, hooters, protestors right into the meeting so nothing could get discussed.

    • smh says:

      “A conversation on race” what with you as the moderator for say a $100k/year contract. What will a conversation really solve? So an official apology is given, then what? How about reparations? How much? To who? Will that solve the issue. You keep harping about the issue yet offer NO viable solutions other than conversations. You sound like Eva with no workable solutions just excuses for failure

    • Call the election says:

      Hi Chris stop wasting time talking to these oba clowns. As a swing voter I can tell you they will never get my vote again. I really wish the BDA party had not merged with the UBP to form these jokers now called the ubp/oba.

      • hmmm says:

        People are talking and addressing Chris regarding his topic he wants to talk about, not you wade in and tell him to ignore people.

        Perhaps it is you that needs to be had a conversation with.

      • smh says:

        and your life will miraculously be better under the PLP? Let me know how that works out

      • Toleratate says:

        That’s unfortunate because as a swing voter….. I feel the complete opposite…. While I base my vote solely on what is best for Bermuda and my children’s future…. black, white, PLP, OBA don’t come in the conversation.
        You must have felt that way at one time if indeed you are a swing voter… OBA clowns… ubp/oba…. I’m lost… have you looked over the PLP roster lately….the fact you can entertain a Party in complete disarray as am option to lead Bermuda amazes me…. PLP is soooo far from even being an option right now…anyone thinking they are… need to have their head examined.
        I am NOT an OBA member or supporter… but the PLP is NOT an option for Bermuda at this time…FACT….
        People need to take the emotion out of their decisions… OBA is not perfect… but a “2025 Plan” that outlines NOTHING but an attempt for voters to commit to the PLP for the next TWO election…. does NOT cut it….
        Wake up Bermuda….

        • Stop the BS says:

          Why did the OBA change their name since it wasn’t about black vs white and vice versa?

          Keep it REAL!!!!

          • Toleratate says:

            so your argument is about a supposed name change and YOUR belief on why they changed it (because you obviously was in the room when/if it was decided)… with the current PLP make up you would accept being referred to as the PLP/UBP/PC/BIU….
            you’re not getting it.. read above..”black, white, PLP, OBA don’t come in the conversation”….the NAME means nothing……my vote is with what is BEST for Bermuda…

            • Billy says:

              Shut up if the name didn’t mean anything they wouldn’t have spent so much money changing every label and shirt. lol

              • Toleratate says:

                Ohhh Billy, Billy Billy… when you can’t argue against logic you resort to “shut up”… what are you five…. read again…..”black, white, PLP, OBA don’t come in the conversation”…. like Stop the BS and Onion Juice below… try READING….I DON”T CARE OF A NAME…. I am NOT going to waste me time arguing on a name change…I will let you fixate on that…I know it’s hard for you to get it…. but I vote for what is BEST for Bermuda and my children’s future…and at this point in time…IT IS NOT THE PLP….that may rub you the wrong way… but you’ll get over it….

              • hmmm says:

                A new more inclusive party was formed. All the rules, bylaws and constitution is different. It is a party started from scratch.

      • Onion Juice says:

        And its swing voters like you is why we are in the position we’re in.

        • Toleratate says:

          Go away troll… you offer NOTHING to any conversation….

        • hmmm says:

          We are in a good position and taking positive strides climbing out of the hole the PLP put us in.

    • JohnT says:

      I would imagine that it is because no one (OBA or PLP) knows what that converation looks like. Where does it start? Where does it end?

      It’s obvious that in Bermuda the overwhelming majority of people in poverty are black and that white people, for the most part, economically enjoy a better standard of life. This the legacy of a slavery, segregation and racism. Most white people won’t deny this and will openly acknowledge this. Does that change anything?

      What next? A grand public apology to the black community from the white community? Again what does this change where do we go next?

      Affirmative action? What does this look like? How far do we take it? Is this requiring companies to interview x amount of black candidates or should they be required to hire x amount of black candidates? Should banks be required to provide x amount of loans to black new business owners irrespective of the quality of the business plan? Should compensation be paid to the black community? If so how much? Who pays?

      Perhaps the OBA haven’t started this conversation but I’ve not seen the PLP haven’t tried to engage or steal it either. The OBA may be issuing sound bites to gain black votes but the PLP still look to divide and conquer. Until both parties and all people engage with each and look to seriously address this topic for the better of Bermuda then he conversation won’t start.

    • serengeti says:

      It’s not much of a “conversation” when you start from the perspective that a black person cannot be a racist.

  11. doggystyle says:

    WE DON’T NEED a CONVERSATION ON RACISM CHRIS We need a conversation on fixing everything that went wrong when the PLP were in Gov. Look at the US under the OBAMA ADMINSTRATION! GET REAL CHRIS race HAS got nothing to do with it. Just incompetent people that are clueless to the facts.AND IF WE WERE ALL BLACK OR ALL WHITE NOTHING WOULD CHANGE EATHER.

  12. takbir Sharrieff says:

    I have one answer to both Questions….Christopher Famous asked two questions of the O.B.A. Government….Answer :When the rubber meets the road as it did in 1970 and the….

    • inna says:

      So rioting is your solution??

    • smh says:

      Of course, violence and shuttin’ dawn the island will solve all our problem and the $2Billion we all now owe will just disappear. I love it when people talk about blowing a hole into their own life boat as a solution.

    • Unbelievable says:

      No one even knows what you are talking about.

  13. count says:

    Do you know what the word “draconian” means?

  14. Chris Famous says:

    So let us review shall we:-

    The OBA via various ministers have claimed that they wish to address racism in Bermuda.

    The OBA never addresses racism in Bermuda.

    It is pointed out that the OBA has never followed through on their claims to address racism.

    OBA supporters take an attitude and deflect instead of admitting that the OBA has never followe through on addressing racism in Bermuda.

    So either:-

    A There is no racism in Bermuda and the OBA made up another promise for no reason.

    B There is racism but the OBA and some of their supporters will deny it till the next election.

    In any regards the replies on this thread have been predictable.

    Thanks again

    • Double S says:

      Why do you fail to answer questions that rebut your assertions that all OBA policies are designed to hurt black Bermudians?

      That was what your whole article is about.

      Let’s try again:

      a) Was the OBA racist for granting a 25% fare increase to taxi driver? And was the PLP racist for opposing this rate rise at the time (see Lawrence Scott comments)?

      b) Was the PLP racist or seeking to harm black Bermudians when they slashed the education budget by $14 million in one year?

      Don’t be scared to answer truthfully for once. I know it will be hard.

      • Just asking says:

        Why do you keep missing the point? The same thing you are accusing CF of is the same thing you are doing. Stop dancing around the issue and address why haven’t we had the real conversation. Surely you must concede that there is a divide in our country that needs addressing. Forget CF for a moment. What is your solution?

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          Why hasn’t the PLP/UBP touched on the issue/conversation then, even in their time in office?! Same thing you’re claiming is what you’re doing as well. What are your solutions about the divide in our country?

        • serengeti says:

          Double $ is not missing the point. He is pointing out the logic fallacies in Famous’s article.
          It’s actually you that is missing the point.

    • Stop the BS says:

      Ask them a real question and listen to the crickets.

      Why do only 13% of black Bermudians support them and what do they think about the 87% that don’t support or trust the oba aka UBP!!!!!!

      • A few queries says:

        Because they’re racist?

        I mean that’s the explanation given when discussing why whites don’t support the PLP in droves.

    • Point boy says:

      What did the OBA do? What did your plp do. NOTHING.

      Ignorance is bliss. I’ve heard

  15. smh says:

    So let us review shall we

    The PLP and their paid bloggers never address racism in Bermuda nor present any workable solutions.

    The PLP will use race, slavery, plantation history and any other vile historic facts to stir their support base prior to deflect from their horrendous track record in order to win the next election even by any means necessary including spreading misinformation

    Chris Famous will do and say ANYTHING to ensure the PLP get elected. The heck with racism then, huh Chris?

    • Just asking says:

      Why do you keep missing the point? The same thing you are accusing CF of is the same thing you are doing. Stop dancing around the issue and address why haven’t we had the real conversation. Surely you must concede that there is a divide in our country that needs addressing. Forget CF for a moment. What is your solution?

  16. asampson says:

    Just as predictable as your little story

  17. Point boy says:

    Now??? Who’s the one?.? That just says anything for a vote!

    I hate to admit that I read most of YOUR opinion pieces. But it always stinks of whatever agenda your after.

    Still think the ppl did a fine job? The facts speak for themselves! We don’t need or want your propaganda

    • Just asking says:

      Why do you keep missing the point? The same thing you are accusing CF of is the same thing you are doing. Stop dancing around the issue and address why haven’t we had the real conversation. Surely you must concede that there is a divide in our country that needs addressing. Forget CF for a moment. What is your solution?

  18. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    The conversation on racism would strike non-Bermudians as odd. The majority of the population, by a very significant margin is not white. The overwhelming majority of elected officials in the House and appointed officials in the Senate are not white. The civil service is not white. The union leadership is not white. The judiciary is overwhelmingly not white. Appearances would indicate that there is an absence of overt racism. Which brings the concept of structural racism and white privilege into play. Could it not be that racism is being confused by some, perhaps by Famous et al with income inequality? Income inequality is not racism. Successful countries typically embrace multiculturalism and plurality. Consider what that means in the context of Famous’ rhetoric.

  19. Chris Famous says:

    So again if there is no racism why would the OBA state on multiple occasions that there needs to be a “conversation” on racism?

    • M.C. Beauchamp says:

      Clearly in response to those, like yourself, Sir, who call race on most every issue under discussion. When the IB, expat population, all of whom have no voice in Bermuda affairs, beyond their very obvious economic float are removed from the equation, the white population is comparatively small relative to the not white population. Since 1971, when Sir Edward Richards became Bermuda’s first black government leader, legislative control has progressively rested with not white Bermudians. That’s 45 years ago. Unless the pictures lie, you can pretty much count the white elected representatives of both political parties on one hand. I neglected to mention in my earlier comment that the police force is overwhelmingly not white, as is the Bermuda Regiment. The Human Rights Commission is largely not white. We have economic problems, no doubt about that. These economic problems exist in many other places than Bermuda. Income inequality can be the product of racism, but it is not the case in Bermuda.

      • Juicy Onion says:

        Yet CF and others will keep on banging on the race drum because it’s the only argument they have. Quite sad really.

        • Juicy Onion says:

          The amount of black wealth in Bermuda is staggering, and obviously well hidden. Otherwise nobody would entertain the constant race baiting on every last issue.

  20. LostinFlatts says:

    Mr Famous is clearly able to read the comments here, and yet each of those responding to specific points he has chosen to raise in HIS opinion piece are being ignored, and he’s reducing this entirely to the OBA not having held big conversations on race.

    I assume that’s because those points have been so roundly refuted as to be not worth discussing.

    So let us move to the one thing he is still insisting on. Mr Famous. What is this conversation? What are the goals to be achieved? If you want to have a conversation, great. Let’s do it. As others have posted on here, white Bermuda knows very well there is demonstrable evidence that black Bermudians – notably males – have much lower economic outcomes than their white counterparts. And that some of this was by malicious design at various points in history. I’ve not run into more than a tiny hand full of extremely biased, sheltered people that would believe anything else in all my years.

    So now what? Do we have a white only tax? Black only positions or quotas? What about mixed race?

    For me creating solutions that are specifically designed to advantage one race above another seems rather like just making the same mistake again, but it’s your conversation too. What do you suggest?

  21. Terry says:

    His mandate from his handlers is to keep the wounds open and strengthen the divide.

    He is well prepped and fuel’d for his role.