Two Shootings Tonight, One Person Arrested

November 28, 2018 | 13 Comments

One person has been arrested after police responded to two shootings this evening [Nov 28], the first involving two men on a motorcycle shooting at a residence in Warwick, and then 20 minutes later two men on a motorcycle shot at a man walking in the Happy Valley Road area – with the police confirming that there are no reported injuries from either incident.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service responded to two firearm incidents tonight. The first incident took place on St. Mary’s Road in Warwick at 7:46pm when two men on a motorcycle shot at a residence in the area, no one was injured and the suspects left the scene.

“The second incident took place at 8:05pm on Happy Valley Road where two males on a motorcycle opened fire on a male who was walking in the area. The suspects in this incident also left the scene.

Happy Valley Bermuda Nov 28 2018

“It is unclear at this juncture whether or not these two incidents are related, and an active investigation into both of these incidents are now underway.

“Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen two males on a motorcycle acting suspiciously to contact police on 2950011 or call the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

Update 9.27pm: The police confirm that “one person has been arrested in connection with tonight’s firearms incident.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Pardon me but this is BS. There is nothing that I can do about this and there are people who know the who, what and where and they should have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

    • Trufth says:

      100% agree.

      Hurry up and get this chicken farm up and running so these fine lads have jobs. That’ll fix everything. C’mon Arbitrade, it’s all on you because we obviously don’t know how to stop this BS.

  2. Justasuggestion says:

    There needs to be thorough and in depth investigation to allow no right of appeal at sentencing. 30 years min for any sort of gun or bullet. With no visitation rights to such people. Behave like an animal be treated like one. Some poor citizen is soon to be caught up in the crossfire.

    Over what? Nothing can account for such actions.

  3. Dread says:

    Bunch of idiots!!!!

  4. We are fast becoming the Drive-by Capital of the world .It is time for another gun amnesty .It might be worth paying to get the guns off the streets .

  5. Fool me once says:

    The farm will rehabilitate them.

  6. Carlton says:

    the downward PLP run country has begun and getting worse rats violence robberies fighting equality for our people etc on and on more spending giving money away to friends and family WTH we voted for jokers

  7. Deborah says:

    We are 22 miles long and approximately 1 mile wide and guns galore! Make me understand that! Hummmmmmm!!!

  8. Deborah says:

    We are 22 miles long and approximately 1 mile wide. GUNS galore! Make me understand that! These criminals with guns are evidently smarter then the force that is supposed to be protecting us! Something real wrong here! Hummmmm…..

  9. It is IMpossible for Reverend Leroy Bean to have success with all adult behaviours. Some of the shooter’s behavours are well beyond redemption. Some of these violent persons MUST be caught by the police and put in jail for LIFE.
    Small wonder, these violent persons choose to attack at night. Innocent people are facing sheer distress from these violent episodes.
    We, the public, play a significant role here. Remain vigilant, spotting these nasty behaviours. Then , quickly involve the police. Get these creeps off of the road and away from a functioning society!!

  10. mumbojumbo says:

    You know something???

    Yes you do.

    You know it you just don’t realise it…

    Not one woman has ever shot another…

    They simply aren’t that stupid…

  11. Keepin' Real!...4Real! says:

    It’s been a minute since I last commented on here…and guess what…nothings changed…same textbook dialog…I guess it’s the pacification of the Nation…long ago my solutions were presented…only to be chastised and deemed ridiculous…The lack of acceptance that it is your Bermudian family/families members that are terrorising our own…now it has unfortunately gone past “getting a handle on it”…its out of control and needs to be terminated before multiplying any further…We have WhiteCollar crime families which take your belongings and we have StreetCrime families which take your life…The choice is yours to prioritise..✌

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