Dennis Rahiim Watson

Dennis Rahiim Watson is a motivational speaker who has received hundreds of commendations, including ones from notable names such as President Barack Obama, President George Bush and Secretary Hillary Clinton.

From Ord Road Paget, he is the son of Mrs. Eula Watson-Stewart. He attended school locally, dropping out of Robert Crawford School for Boys in Devonshire.

He went back to school, attended university and became the CEO of the Center for Black Student Achievement and Chairman of the National Youth and Gang Violence Task-force, both located in the USA.

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He has lectured at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Mr, Watson has also spoken in numerous African nations; Africa; Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa.

He has received literally hundreds of awards including multiple White House citations. Dozens of American cities have declared a “Dennis Watson Day”.

President Barack Obama [then Senator] said:

We know what our young people need, especially our boys. They need education and opportunity, and strong role models who can lead them toward responsible adulthood away from the temptation of gangs and making a quick buck.

You have been such a role model, working tirelessly in high schools, colleges, churches and prisons and many other places where there are people who needed to hear the message that they can do well for themselves and be a blessing to their neighbours at the same time. For over three decades, you have been a strong voice for good in our communities.

In a letter from the White House, President George H. Bush said:

Word has reached me that you have established an outstanding record of community service. I congratulate you on your achievements.

Some of the most important values on which our nation was founded are duty, commitment, acceptance of personal responsibility, and respect for every individual, a respect that is expressed through direct or consequential action.

Efforts such as yours show that these values are still embedded in the American character.

Barbara joins me in wishing you every success as you continue to set a fine example for your friends and neighbours.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [then Senator] praised Mr. Watson for:

His tireless efforts to encourage and inspire black youth to be responsible citizens by promoting peaceful solutions to conflicts.


The video below shows Mr. Watson being interviewed on ‘Perspectives’, a New York based television program.