Fundraiser: Inflict Pink Flamingos on People

April 24, 2010

pink_flamingo22009-09-03-1251994248 In an innovative fundraiser, you can order approximately 20 bright pink flamingos to be strewn all over an unsuspecting person’s yard or office for 24 hours.

The Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] will have members of their “Flamingo Flocking Crew” arrive at the “victims” house or office with a bunch of bright pink flamingos, where they will take up residence for 24 hours.

The cost is a donation of only $50 for residential, and $250 for corporate, with all donations going towards education and conservation efforts.

If you are one of the 99.99% of people who don’t like tacky pink flamingos all over your garden, you can purchase “anti-flocking insurance” which will guarantee your lawn will remain flamingo free for the entire month of May. BZS say this is available for the “low low cost of $50″.

This opens up a range of possibilities due to Bermuda’s small size which creates an ease of finding out someone’s address.

Will someone have Premier Dr Brown’s yard or office taken over by flamingos? Is Senator Dunkley’s yard or Minister Burch’s office safe? Will someone be brazen enough to order a flamingo-attack of Sir Richard Gozney’s garden, the Government House grounds themselves?

In addition to residential flockings, the BMZ is also offering “corporate flocking” for a fee of $250, where a flock of flamingos can migrate to just about any corporate lobby during the month of May. The BZS is encouraging you to “Surprise your business competitor with a lobby full of bright, pink flamingos!

When you order a corporate flocking, approximately 20 bright pink birds will arrive at the unsuspecting office where they have been directed to roost.

The BZS’s “Flamingo Hotline” is 293-4464 ext 130, you can email to order a flocking and you can download order forms from their website. The fundraiser will run for the entire month of May.

Should you, or anyone you know, be “flocked”, please feel free to email photos to, so we can record the Flamingo’s travels.

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  1. Kathie Daniel says:

    This is brilliant!!!! Can I steal this idea????

  2. Ree says:

    I would LOVE to see this. I can’t wait for May. i hope a lot of people do it!