“If Sea Levels Continue to Rise, BDA Will Perish”

May 27, 2010

A video report courtesy of the Bermuda Environmental Alliance [BEA] shows the effect of sea level rise on Bermuda, showing a cedar tree which was found rooted in the ocean floor in about 22 feet of water – indicating the sea level has risen at least that amount.

The video, featuring Teddy Tucker, indicates that the sea level has risen over the thousands of years effectively placing the entire tree underwater. The tree is estimated to be 7,000 years old.

A world class marine explorer, Bermudian Teddy Tucker is internationally considered one of the most preeminent in his field. Through his decades long career, he worked with the National Geographic in the Marshall Islands and New Zealand, and is widely credited with creating the field of study known as underwater archaeology.

According to Teddy Tucker sea level rise has already shrunk the island, explaining that 30,000 years ago Bermuda was 300 sq miles.

Commentator and BEA founder Sangita Ayer ends the video clip by saying “He predicts if this trend in sea level rise continues, Bermuda will eventually perish”.

[As not to be alarmist, Mr Tucker is referring to tens of thousands of years in the future, it is not a matter of us all waking up next Thursday floating about in the sea.]

The BEA is a recently launched organization which seeks to educate and highlight local environmental issues. This video is a short snippet of “Global Warming”, one of their 13-part EnviroShorts series. The series was very well received, having been awarded the inaugural DeForest Trimingham Award from the Bermuda National Trust and was also commended in the Senate and the House of Assembly.

Watch below:

The possibility of a large portion of Bermuda to become submerged was also mentioned in “The Impact of Climate Change on Bermuda”, written by Dr Anne Glasspool. For a series of diagrams showing the exact effect on Hamilton, St George’s and the airport click here.

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  1. RaRaRaMan says:

    If you look at the graph on the video, you will notice that the sea level rise rate has actually been decreasing in the last few centuries. This is exactly the opposite of what Al Gore has been saying.

  2. Bermudas’got 12….countem …twelve parishes….your point is?

  3. Yes but will that effect our socio economic wherewithal adversely?….because I mean….er ….umum….

  4. Interestngly enough (underwater tree),I have been studying on line ever since I discovered the internet.All things are of interest …some things are well… you have to pick the bones from some intake….that being said everythings chicken but the gravy….there are many things underwater….and I mean many things…..go to Belair in California ….there are colums and a huge entraceway that lead underwater right the way inland and you would not believe where….cities and structures…technology existed in ancient egypt indicating electricity,there were jar batteries ,and the pyrimids wasn’t a tombe but an energy source,built to contain electricity….its’design is proof in an of itself,one incorperated hydro electricity from underground rivers,the capaciter was said to be the ark of the covenant,which was said to have left with Moses….Egypt fell apart as a world power soon afterward.But ,it seems that the underwater structures indicate several things….one would be that there were several ice ages…..

  5. Grab all the factual information and dissertate …

  6. The truth is stranger than fiction,fiction has to make sense.