Cereus Flowers: Once A Year Bloom

June 26, 2010

A once a year event occurred on the night of June 16th 2010, when a bunch of Night-blooming Cereus flowers could be seen in full bloom in a garden at the intersection of Pitts Bay and Fairyland Road in Bermuda. Night-blooming cereus, also called Queen of the night, lunar flower, and moon flower are said to bloom on only one [max two] nights of the year, normally in May/June/July.

Photos taken in Bermuda on the night of June 16th:

Nightblooming cereus

Time elapsed view from 2007, showing 12 hours of a night blooming Cereus:

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  1. Alan Silvercrest says:

    Awesome pictures! Well done.

  2. nelly says:

    i was searching for the name of this flower, and found your post. i read in different places that this flower only blooms once a year. Ours blooms all year its crazy i have several pics of the 2 that bloomed today.