Teen Girl Fight Videos Appear Online

June 21, 2010

Three videos appeared online yesterday featuring teenage Bermudian girls punching, slapping, kicking, and dragging each other around while screaming profanities. Two of them are set on school properties, one a high school, and the other a middle school and the videos clearly show the teen girls faces and are also labeled with the individuals first names.

The most violent one appears to be set in a school classroom or bathroom, with all parties visible in the video wearing the school uniform of a local high school. The video began with one girl wearing what is colloquially known as a “scully,” screaming “Get your #$@$^ hands out of my face” to another girl, at one point appearing to look directly at the camera. The fight then commenced with the scully-wearing girl throwing the other girl to the ground, where she repeatedly hits her and attempts to kick her. The girl on the ground attempts to get up, and is then dragged about again and put in what appears to be a chokehold. In the video there are approximately four bystanders visible, with one female student running around appearing also to be filming the fight, moving in during the chokehold time to get a closeup, and in the background a male voice can be heard shouting “Shut the $#@% up you b##ch“.

Another, set in what we believe to be a Middle School, lasted for 1:08 seconds, and shows a fight in which one girl appeared to have the upper hand laying what we counted to be 16 blows in the segment shown. One girl is shown being restrained by other school students, with a fellow student saying repeatedly “You already #$@%^@ her up, what more do you want to do?“. Despite being restrained by other students, the girl still seems irate and eventually a male student steps in to assist.

The third one, which was the least violent, is set in what appears to be the Washington Mall walkway. The girls are all dressed in street clothes, and appear to be in their mid teen years. They were exchanging words, and one girl raises her fist and it appears she is cheered on by approximately half a dozen teen girls standing by. The fight then begins. The video lasted for 36 seconds.

Due to the age of the persons involved [many appearing to be under 16] we made the decision not to add the videos or screenshots to Bernews, not to report identifying information such as the schools involved, or the names of the individuals and also to not post this article until the matter was handled. The videos appeared yesterday, and all but one was removed by the website in question this morning.

Update 5pm: The third, and final, video has also been removed.

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  1. Judy says:

    Damn Shame this place is getting so much like the States

  2. Wake up... this is NOT new. says:

    If you look at the pages of school age children on facebook, you’ll find a LIBRARY of fight vids!! I mean some VICIOUS fights!! I think Bermudians in general, are really BLIND to what’s going on with today’s youth. Dig a lil’ deeper and you’d be surprised to see what you come up with. This story would be front page news!!

    Side note: Stop blaming the states for everything, these kids have BERMUDIAN parents and live in BERMUDA. It’s time we start owning up to the type of children we are raising!! *Not my child…. IS YOUR CHILD, WHEN YOU’RE NOT LOOKING!

  3. Thomie says:

    JUST A CLUE:- If you get your children out of the TV and video games and spend some quality time with them they wouldn’t pick up this type of crap and try it at home. Also teach your kids that TV and video games are just entertainment not ‘TRY IT YOURSELF’ Ignorance breeds Ignorance!!!!!

  4. Kennette J Burgess says:

    I dont know what videos they are. It is interesting that you are not mentioning the school’s name because the RG usually does especially when it is Berkeley or CBA.

    I found some more:

    I would never have did this when I was in school. IDK what these kids are thinking. I know we use to play fight, but some of these play fights were extreme and we would have NEVER posted them at least.

    • FALL WAAAY BACK says:

      I dont see why you would put a link to a vidoe of kellon hill on here seeing he has passe dlike what is really worng with you??

      • bernews says:

        I doubt the poster knew it was that Kellon, she was merely making a point. There was absolutely no disrespect to him intended….all references to Kellon on this site have been very respectful, I have personally known the Hill family since before Kellon was even born, and they are all incredibly nice people. A very sad situation all around…


  5. bernews says:

    The videos we wrote about are deleted, as we expected. They were knock down drag out screaming fights…the first one was especially violent. They were very different from the ones you posted, although that shows this “uploading fighting videos” thing appears to be pretty normal. We had not seen those before….?

    We didn’t mention either school on purpose as we would rather err on the side of safety when it comes to young people. We were worried about tarring all the students with the actions of a few.

    We did record the names of the girls fighting and take screenshots in case anyone official needs it to help deal with the problem. We have already passed the info onto one official entity.

    • Lou Matthews says:

      Thanks for this. Can you email me names and schools. I will make sure this is dealt with.

      Lou Matthews
      Director of Educational Standards and Accountibility

      • bernews says:

        Thanks for the post, and we have done so…

        • Frustrated Teen says:

          If i might inquire i personnaly know all the students involved and feel the need to let every one know that all of theese fights that were described have all been delat with by both the schools resulting in suspension and all students involved were disciplined i assure you so do not get he wrong message!

          • bernews says:

            Thanks for your post, and that is good to hear…

  6. FALL WAAAY BACK says:

    I dont see how you are gong to get any one in toruble with this as every one of thoose fight s have currently been dealt with so kindly Fall Back yuh?