Bermudians Seek Support For YOUNGA Event

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A group of Bermudians has unveiled an initiative to secure support and funding to represent the island at the upcoming YOUNGA World Conference in Dubai during COP28.

A spokesperson said, “In a remarkable endeavor to champion the youth and the future of Bermuda, a group of passionate Bermudians is seeking support and funding to represent their island nation at the YOUNGA World Conference in Dubai, held during COP28 [Conference of the Parties]. This delegation aims to bring Bermuda’s unique perspective and challenges to the global stage, promoting solutions and fostering international cooperation.”

Noelle Young said, “Our island’s size may be small, but our contributions to the world don’t have to be.”

The spokesperson said, “Noelle Young, Bermudas first female YOUNGA Youth Delegate, has been granted the opportunity to extend her personal invitation to the YOUNGA World conference to other local young change makers, further expanding the collective impact of Bermudian representation at this significant global event.

“She has extended invitations to more than ten local young innovators to join her initiative, but due to financial constraints, only two of them are currently part of the delegation, notably, Zayne Sinclair and Malachi Symonds.

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The Opportunity

“The YOUNGA World Conference offers its participants exclusive access to private events and workshops, where they engage in productive discussions on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], explore innovative opportunities, and collaborate on innovative solutions. The event extends its impact beyond COP28, striving to create a positive global influence.

Organizations They Will Collaborate With

“The young ambassadors of change will collaborate with renowned organizations such as Disney, Netflix, World Health Organization [WHO], Girl Up, UN Women, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN [FAO], United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs [UNOOSA], Global Entrepreneurship Network, United Nations World Food Programme [UN WFP], International Labor Organization [ILO], and many more.

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Request for Travel Funding

“Collectively, the group has successfully pooled $7,500, and they are determined to reach their target of $25,000 by December 1st with the generous support of sponsors. BridgingTheGap Ventures, the founder of YOUNGA, has facilitated affordable all-inclusive travel packages, covering flights, a 14-night hotel stay, meals, and incidentals. This approach significantly reduces the financial burden and ensures their active involvement in the events.

Why Bermudian Attendance is Essential

  • “A Voice for Small Islands: The young Bermudians will represent the distinctive challenges faced by small island nations.
  • “Universal Framework: The delegation aims to contribute to the establishment of a global framework for addressing critical challenges.
  • “Setting Targets: By defining specific goals and advocating for international cooperation, they aim to create meaningful change.
  • “Global Partnerships: Encouraging cooperation and partnerships is at the heart of their mission.
  • “Youth Engagement: Acknowledging the vital role of today’s youth in shaping the future, including the future of tourism and food security, is a priority.

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“This important opportunity directly aligns with the objectives of the Bermuda National Youth Policy. Furthermore, their funding request aligns with advocacy for a new sustainable development goal, SDG18: Youth Equity, which Noelle, as a globally recognized YOUNGA Youth Delegate, has diligently worked on in collaboration with The Global Futurist Initiative.

“The proposal will be submitted to the UN and Bermuda’s national leaders for approval in due course.”

Ms. Young said, “My purpose is to drive significant change, fostering inclusion and intergenerational collaboration. I advocate for global youth equity, STEM education integration, sustainable terrestrial and aquatic farming, and raising awareness about the critical importance of global ocean preservation.”

Zayne Sinclair, another emissary, said, “My mission is to increase the number of islanders globally who engage in sustainable practices. Through circular business modeling, I aim to be a champion in sustainability, influencing and motivating others to shift towards a more eco-friendly, conservative, and regenerative lifestyle.”

Malachi Symonds, the third member of the delegation, said, “Sustainability and food security are global imperatives. This opportunity will allow me to network, meet investors, and be exposed to the newest ideas and technology to make Bermuda a more sustainable nation.”

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Sponsor Benefits:

The spokesperson said, “Sponsors of these remarkable individuals will receive several benefits, including recognition on the YOUNGA World website and during COP28, special acknowledgment in YOUNGA’s official program, branding in social media posts, an opportunity for virtual speaking, digital resource placement in YOUNGA’s Next-Gen Opportunity Hub, and public acknowledgments from the delegates.

“To support Bermuda’s youth and be part of this transformative journey, please contact Noelle Young at or call [441] 799 – 4411.

“The link to their complete Sponsorship Proposal document can be found here.”

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