Video Circulates, Police Probe Fight In Hamilton

April 13, 2015

Following the circulation of video showing two girls fighting in Hamilton, the police said they are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the fight to contact police on 295-0011, and also asked the public “not to pass on the disturbing video as the distribution only further magnifies the problem.”

The video, which Bernews is not posting for obvious reasons, shows young girls who appear to be in their early teens, walking in Hamilton when another girl attacks one of the girls walking, screaming “you wanted to f****** fight me” as she punches the girl.

She then continues to scream profanities as she continues to hit the other girl, and the fight is then broken up by what appears to be an older male,  with it all taking place in front of an elderly couple who also happened to be walking along the street at the same time.

A police spokesperson said, “The police are aware of the images of the young girls fighting in the city of Hamilton and inquires into the matter is on going.

“The images are disturbing and police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the fight to contact police on 2950011.

“We are also asking the public not to pass on the disturbing video as the distribution only further magnifies the problem. If you receive the image or video simply delete.”

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  1. Creamy says:

    Typical yobs.

  2. Regina says:

    Classy, real classy. Parents should be well proud.

  3. concerned says:

    When will we be able to bring this foolishness to a halt? I have listened to young girls talking about how they would beat up others if they did this or that to them. When I know the girls I speak to them about being young ladies but it doesn’t seem to hit home. And the girls I’m referring to don’t wish to be gang members they just think that this is how they should act.

  4. damn.... says:

    The girl who blind sided that one girl is a COWARD! I hope she feels like a waste of life because that’s basically what she is. Her parents should feel like major let downs…you have failed at parenting

    • JahBless says:

      Only losers would like this comment. It is not always the parents fault. Typical judgemental people on this island. Let see if your kids are perfect or if you have any at all.

  5. JLPS says:

    I stand to be corrected but I am told that there were more then one fight between girls yesterday?? Another in the park. The first thing I find disturbing is that this was being video from the beginning. So this was all set up in both fights that I have seen. Also fighting in a public place is against the law. This is not hard to find out who these girls are. Bring them in front of the courts. Be sure that their picture is all over the news and the papers. Don’t allow them to cover their faces. They did not care when they did this knowing that they were being recorded. HOW PROUD THE PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS MUST BE. No Respect.

    • Student says:

      The Video in the park (as well as many others that are being circulated by immature adults ) is well over a year old. Just goes to show you how out of tune people are with the youth. And you all want to close schools and make more counsellors redundant.

      Good luck to you lot and our understaffed student services Smfh

      • raise 'em right says:

        How about the parents actually being responsible for their children, instead of relying on the Government to raise ‘em right?

        Government isn’t a nanny or parenting service.

  6. Just a thought says:

    In my opinion it’s clear that it was a premeditated attack on the young girl because the girl who instigated the altercation was talking to the person filming the event just before she attacked.
    I have 3 suggestions:-
    1. Make an example out of this incident. If it means imprisonment then so be it. It’s clear she wants attention or to be famous which is why she had it filmed, so grant her wish and prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. A line has to be drawn somewhere. Tourist appeared to be walking by. Is this the country we are promoting?
    2. If it can be proven that the person filming was involved, then prosecute them as an accomplice. You had no problem filming the event and posting it on social media but you didn’t have the decency to discourage the girl from carrying out the act in the first place. To me you are just as guilty and you should stand beside her when she is being charged. If you are found guilty then you should be fined heavily and the money given to the family of the victim for pain and suffering. You clearly did it in an effort to try and embarrass them. The victim should be compensated for it.
    3. If this is your child carrying out these acts, the parents should be fined. Why should the good people of this wonderful country have to always pick up the tab for the unruly few? No!! Let’s put it back in the parents hands. If your child is ungovernable then it should be the parents responsibility to pay for their disruptive behavior.

    These are just suggestions. If you think that it’s not your problem because it’s not your child just remember bullies don’t target other bullies. They target those who they perceive to be weaker then they are. If you want this behavior stumped out then hard decisions have to be made.

  7. Foolish says:

    I understand it to be 2 seperate videos circulating!
    (one in the park)
    (one near Gibbons Co.)

    BOTH were premeditated/with recording evidence!

  8. Vote for Me says:

    It is definitely a problem with the fight taking place, it being recorded and then circulated incessently.

    Notwithstanding, we should let the investigative process take its course to ensure all relevant facts are known.

    I agree that parents should be accountable for their children but again, let the process take its course. All of us are very aware that our children sometimes get involved in behaviors that are completely a surprise to us because they would not dare to do it in our presence.

    Rather than being punitive, I hope the situation is used as a learning process for all of our young people.

  9. Yes I says:

    Girls will be girls lol….Well this is pure wofflesness!