Photos: Airport Security Training Exercise

October 23, 2010

An group consisting of many of the island`s emergency services have been conducting an emergency training session over the course of this weekend, causing some panic stricken Bermudians to think something of a nefarious nature had happened in the East End.


The training involved airport personnel, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, varoosu units of the Bermuda Police Service, and personnel from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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  1. Pte. Conscription says:

    With all this personnel, can someone again remind me why we need the Regiment? $8 million spent per year for Warwick Camp and all the public get are street cleaners and the ability to watch hundreds of young men forced to march for a reason they don’t even understand.

    Less toy soldiers, more trained professionals.

    • D says:

      Such beautiful words. Few things embarass me more as a Bermudian than the Regiment. As a fellow conscript it pains me when people try to defend the Regiment’s existence.

      The poster below is an example of the type of person that defends something just because it exists. There is a shortage of supplies and even a shortage of food. During two week camp there were two occasions were my platoon was refused a meal. The regiment soldiers are clearly toy soldiers, I’ve heard Sargeants admit it. I scored higher on my rifle training exercises than my Corporal.

  2. LA says:

    send correspondence to your politician with your grievances and maybe the decision could be made to disband the regiment.

    your toy soldiers comment is pretty childish and probably reflects your level of commitment if you were ever forced to serve this island.

    budget is actually under 8 mil

    take care.

    • D says:

      @ LA

      Why would you expect someone that is ‘forced’ to do something to commit. There is nothing about the Regiment worth defending. Every channel of the local government has been contacted and the issue was ignored.

      Some officials say that there is going to be a change in the future. They have been saying this for years, in the mean time our young people are being abused for irrelevant reasons.

      Some people argue that the Regiment helps during natural disasters. This depends on your definition of help. When the regiment was clearing up the parks after Hurricane Fabien, the Parks officials had to then go and correct their work. What can you expect from cheap labour.

      Regarding the Regiment’s budget. Yes it has been reduced, futher proof that is the Regiment is just for show.

      The Regiment also does not screen it’soldiers. Some of the men that I did two week camp with decided to use their marksman skills on the public.

      Former regiement soldiers are killing our brothers and sisters. So maybe you are right, they aren’t toy soldiers, LA.

      • LAP says:

        @D, i’d be interested to know what the percentage of persons doing the killing have actually served in the regiment, a couple of names mentioned have served in the past but it no way supports your point about former soldiers killing our brothers and sisters.

        Those that don’t take it seriously do become toy soldiers, however there are some highly trained soldiers up there as well.

        as far as your platoon being denied food, i find that very unlikely.

        BAD would surely appreciate your words of wisdom.

  3. Call as it is says:

    Who’s NOT so good idea was it to use yellow on the side of the Airport Security Police?
    It might (not known) be high viz at night time…but try reading what it says during the day up against a silver vehicle.

  4. Douglas says:

    Its great to have a pre-planned training session where all concerned can make sure all their necessary resources are available and ready. But wouldn’t it make more sense to have such an exercise without so much pre-planning so that they can see the actual response that might occur?

    Emergencies rarely give notice and do not happen on sunny Saturday afternoons when everyone is awake and prepared to respond. I’m just saying…….

    • Jo says:

      @ Douglas: One of these drills happens every year and this is the first year in last few that it has happned during the day. One of the things that was being tested this year was how the UCC handles a large volume of patients.

      As for the planning of it. Unfortunately because of the number of personel and resources needed, in order to run a drill like this, that much pre planning is necessary. Espeically when using the airport grounds, due the potential security risk.

      Ultimately, the only way a country can know if they are ready to respond to a major disaster is to have one happen, but running these drills does help, even if they are far away from the ‘reality’ of an actual event.