UBP Unveils Candidate Devrae Noel-Simmons

November 10, 2010

The UBP hosted a press conference this afternoon to formally introduce Devrae Noel-Simmons, their candidate for Constituency 26, Warwick South Central. A graduate of Howard University, Mr Noel-Simmons has a strong background in both physical training and security.


The bye-election will be held on December 15th to fill the seat vacated by former Premier Dr Ewart Brown. The PLP has put forward former Senator Marc Bean to contest the seat, and the BDA has put forward political newcomer Sylvan Richards as their candidate. Mr Noel-Simmons is pictured below with UBP Leader Kim.Swan:


On his campaign website Mr Noel-Simmons says “Like many people, I had lots of ideas and opinions, but never had an interest in actively serving in politics. I was more interested at the time of experiencing life in different countries and cultures. However this attitude was dramatically reversed when I was first introduced to politics in 1999 by a young , energetic and inspirational Bermudian by the name of Keith Young, (the United Bermuda Party candidate for constituency 16, Pembroke East Central), whose sheer commitment to his community inspired me to look closer at my own sense of worth as a Bermudian, and what I could do to help my fellow citizens.”

Mr Noel-Simmons has a previous conviction for cocaine possession in 2008, for which he received an 18 month suspended sentence. He says he is “not without guilt” and has made every effort to turn his life around. He joins fellow candidate Sylvan Richards of the BDA in voluntarily undergoing drug testing and providing the media with proof of testing, as shown below:


Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

Update: Mr Noel-Simmon’s statement in full follows below:

Like many people, I had lots of ideas and opinions, but never had an interest in actively serving in politics. I was more interested at the time in experiencing life in different countries and cultures. However this attitude was dramatically reversed when I was first introduced to politics by a young, energetic and inspirational Bermudian by the name of Keith Young, (the United Bermuda Party candidate for constituency 16, Pembroke East Central), whose total commitment to his community inspired me to look closer at my own sense of worth as a Bermudian, and what I could do to help my fellow citizens.

The passion that drove me to search out more than what I thought my life could and would be has always been enforced by my mother, Relda Simmons-Wellman, my grandmother, Winifred Simmons (Oct 30th1925-June 2001), who stayed alive long enough to watch me, her first grandchild, graduate from not only Anderson Jr. College in South Carolina but also from Howard University in Washington D.C.. Despite any shortcomings that I may have, I, Devrae Noel-Simmons, realized that I could make a difference.

In the United Bermuda Party I found people from all ways of life who are committed to making Bermuda a better place for all Bermudians. In the United Bermuda party I found that I could make a difference and bring about positive change for Bermuda. I am honoured to be chosen to represent the Party in this election and I look forward to meeting in their home the voters of this Constituency to discuss with them their issues and concerns.

I like many other young Bermudians have made errors in judgement I am not without fault; I was arrested on December 31st 2008 and was given a suspended sentence for possession of drugs. Thankfully that served as my personal wakeup call because since that time I have been determined to change my attitude and become a better member of society and NOT be part of the problem or end up a statistic like many young black men in Bermuda, whether educated or not. I knew then and there that I had to strive to come up with solutions to help solve the growing problems facing Bermuda.

After listening to voters in this Constituency they have a number of concerns…

Public Safety the #1 concern

The public have the right to feel safe in their own homes and neighbourhoods and we must deal with and over come gun violence.

The Public have a right to go to work for the day and know that when they return to their home it is the same as when they left it.

I understand the issues around escalating crime and social misbehaviours from both sides of the equation. I have worked as a security and event supervisor both overseas and in Bermuda for over 18 years and have noticed a steady increase in violence not only in the bar and nightclub scene, but around the island in general. I have noted that the criminals appear to be getting younger and exhibit a ‘No Fear’ attitude and lack of respect for authority, family and community.

National Debt:

As responsible parents we should not allow our children’s children to start off their lives in a poverty stricken island because the present government could not control unnecessary spending. We need to reduce this debt and control government spending.


These tough economic times we need to believe that if we come together as Bermudians not as individuals with our heads in the sand and isolated, but work as one community, we can stop the…’negative trickle down’ effect’ that effects us all. This includes sustaining our tourism industry and getting back our national Pride and respect.

Employment/ Job security:

As a small business owner of 2 businesses, I know first hand how tough these economic times have been on our country’s hard working men and women. Since 1992, I have provided many individuals with work opportunities. I believe in training my staff as this adds value to the abilities they have making them more marketable. I recognise the challenges that come with the increasing taxes and the affordability of healthcare.


We owe it to our young people to give them the best start in life and to provide them with personal value through education and social guidance. I have always tried to educate and influence the young people I come in contact with as a personal trainer, professional athlete, security supervisor and fraternity brother.
Through education we can empower our young people to become our future leaders and help to protect this beautiful island we all love so much

“To allow a child to see their potential mentally and physically is always the ultimate challenge. The raw and uncultivated talent is amazing but to be expected. The reward is getting them to see the vision that they want for themselves and they then achieving it”

Update #2: Full 15 minute video of press conference added here.

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  1. Call as it is says:

    It’s MR T to you!! Sucka!!

  2. Lisa says:


  3. Missy says:

    Mr. Marc Bean has committed endless hours to helping our community, this community, BERMUDA. While being a part of the community he is also willing to step in and make change, while witnessing first-hand what our island is going through. What has Mr. Devrae Noel-Simmons and Sylvan Richards done for Bermuda? If it was up to me Mr. Devrae Noel-Simmons will not represent my community, my country looking like his a few dollars short of a haircut. I’m all for giving a person a second chance, but I think he will need to start somewhere else. He was on a suspended sentence for cocaine recently, an illegal drug that’s destroys, harms and rips families apart. Mr. Sylvan Richards can travel the world to make change but what about at home??? Mr. Marc Bean gets my vote, in the community, for the community, a better community.

    • 4 change says:

      That may all be so…bu Mr. Bean was part of the Government that got us to where we are and they should all be accountable for that, we don’t need to add to PLP numbers ! Mr. Richards has the qualification and experience that Bermuda needs and as someone who had the guts to leave the PLP clearly has integrity…I hope for all the best for the new Premier for the sake of Bermuda but come election day they cant have my vote again…and UBP becomes a bigger joke on a daily basis it seems…we need fresh faces…PLP turn is up and I think Mr. Richards and his crew can bring the freshness that the Country needs not the same ol same old! We should give him a chance !!!

      • Missy says:

        Mr. Bean is not just a part of the party that runs our Government, but has a mind of his own, allowing him to make his own decisions and standing up for what he believes in. He does not just stand there and agree with all that has been said. He would be an asset to any party not just the PLP. So that makes him a great member to our community. Someone that is willing to stand up for what they believe in, stick to their morals and still allow themselves to be open to learn from others is what Bermuda needs. Mr. Richard may be a great man, but he has stated nothing but the obvious in his speech. Yes Bermuda needs more jobs, sort out affordable housing, tackle our violence, and better our education system and more. Ask anybody we can all say just that, but what is his solution. It makes no sense to come to the table without a solution to any of our problems. You say PLP’s turn is up, but remember in order to expect a solution; you need to be a part of the solution. Once the Bermuda Democratic Alliance has more possible solutions to put forth to the table, then we can discuss giving them a chance in power. All the best for wanting a better Bermuda, but majority of Bermudians are fighting for the same thing. So until then my vote still stands for Mr. Marc Bean, in the community, for the community, a better community.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          So what has Marc Bean stated in his platform that is so fundamentally different from Mr. Richards?

          Maybe you are referring to how he allegedy stated that all white people are neo-fascists that want to lock all black people up?

          Or maybe when you stated that MB is willing to stand up for his convictions you were referring to the time when he berated his party for failing on education and then promplty doing a complete u-turn, after being spanked by Dr. Brown, the nex week by stating that it is not hos party’s fault but the racist, white supremacist party that has been out of power for over a decade….wow what a mind of his own…

      • Obvious says:

        Richards is a hypocrite…He wears a big Bob Marley tatoo on his arm but yet talks about he is drug free….sounds confused…

        • UncleElvis says:

          What does one have to do with the other?

          He’s been tested and IS drug-free, contrary to your allegations.

          Your defamation is getting more and more desperate.

  4. Im Clean Sucka says:

    UBP is desperate! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. VOTE FO ME SUCKA! Epic fail UBP! I aint doin no dope sucka!

    • Viewers says:

      you are a SUCKA to suck up to the PLP…ride on SUCKA while the BDA debt escalates & your granchildren are have a debt contend with before they are born. So Sucka keep on keeping on, on your SUCKA PLP trail.

  5. What's crackin says:

    2008 is a little too close for my comfort. He needs to have stopped playin de pied piper for at least 5 years before I’ll believe he that he’s not a second away from slamin his nose into de baby powder. Addidcts look like a million bucks when they are clean and then before you know it you’ve voted for a crackhead.

  6. Pitbull says:

    SMH UBP is really DESPERATE :(

  7. 4 change says:

    Where were all the UBP Members of Parliament for the roll out of their new candidate? Saw the no talent group there….looks like all the brains in the group are leaving a sinking ship….except for a “Swan” song! lol

    • I'm Voting UBP! says:

      Typical don’t make fun of Dev’s hairstyle, its the same way you all make fun of people who look different. Remember how people years ago were treated that had dread locks. A pity that you have to stoop so low to try to bury the UBP. Gibbons, Richards, Munoz and Swan have done a great job to keep the party afloat, to the dismay of most, it’s the only ligit party. Vote UBP all they way Dec. 5!

      • Dragging A Lure says:

        I’m voting UBP,
        No one is stooping so low to bury the UBP. The party buried themselves without the attendance of a Minister, Undertaker and pallbearers because they still believe that the Earth is flat, and only they can save us folks from falling over the edge. By the way, what’s happening on Dec.5! UBP’s new leadership contest.

        Your comments sounds like you’re trolling. Hogwash. Wish you the best.

        • I'm Voting UBP! says:

          Dragging, stop dragging, I am hoping to vote early on Dec. 5 to make sure I cast my vote for Devrae!!!!! I’m sure Swan can take on the challenge, sour grapes and milkshakes don’t go together. The undertaker will be taking out the others, wait and cee. You still believe Bermuda is another world but it isn’t eh? Attach the issues mate, not the messengers.

  8. Peace and Love says:

    I am baffled by all these negative comments…for weeks in the news there have been cries for some form of solution to the recent gun crimes, education, unemployment etc..here we have a young man who is willing to put forth the time to bring in his ideas and thoughts to remedy the situation and he gets blasted for his haircut and past convictions (which by the way he readily exposed himself) here is someone who has turned his life around (I don’t care if its been for 5 mins, 1 hour or ten days) he has made a committment to the island of Bermuda..that is what I find wrong with MOST(if the shoe doesn’t fit than don’t wear it)Bermudians, to so quickly down someone for their choice of hairstyle is VERY SHALLOW!!! and lets not get into the fact that other politicians have “blazed” at sometime or the other in their lifetime…two that I know off personally and we have voted for them and they are currently in house as we speak…at least he came forward and admitted his short comings..I don’t know him personally but he is willing to take a stand on issues that are affecting the community…where are you? (other than posting negative comments on bernews) if he is not the one than why don’t you run for the seat? or do you have skeletons in your closet? If we are all for the same goal and have common interest in getting this island back to the old Bermuda than STOP being so negative and cynical!!! everybody deserves a chance!!!

  9. Clear View says:

    The selection by the UBP clearly shows that they are not serious about winning this bi-election nor the next general election. It shows that they do not intend to fight for seats, but rather have the party survive as the offical opposition on their “safe seats.” Mind you, these may also be in jeopordy as the BDA are starting to field formidable candidates.

    UBP- The end is near.

    • Viewers says:

      Dream on, obviously your view is cloudy. What’s the % of Bermuda that voted UBP last elections? BDA has how many UBP seats and illegitimately sitting in the house on those seats? The make believe PEPSI party is a joke.

  10. Way To Go says:

    Is that your best ???

  11. shirlely Richardson says:

    I had to look twice at the ubp’s candidate Mr Simmons, to be convicted of drug charges in 2008, is not a lot of time for recovery,plus that haircut is just plain crazy looking.revealing ones drug test, does not convince me that they should be representing the country, question, is he on the stop list? For Mr. Richards of the BDA, Sir experience does count, Mark Bean in my opinion is the better choice. he has proven himself, as a man who is committed to the enlightment of the country, even when he disagree with his party, he is not afraid to stand for what he believes in. Mark Gets my vote.

    • I'm Voting UBP! says:

      If you are saying that a past drug user should not serve; how does the candidate you are supporting fit into your expected profile? Yes Bean did disagree with the Brown administration but coward down & took it back within 24 hours. The UBP candidate is tranparent prior to being asked.

      • 4 change says:

        Was the UBP candidate arrested for drug possession OR DRUG DEALING…UBP better look a little deeper at the facts of his arrest maybe if Voting wants to talk transparency cause that will bite you in the @#@ ! Expalin why nearly all the UBP MP’s were absent from the roll out? They don’t want to be near him or Kim Swans nonsense ! Drug test is bogus if you’re a dealer!!!

  12. Always Wondering says:

    People bitch and moan about the Government, the former Premier, etc. However, the quality of the opposition is key to keeping the Government on their toes, this is why the PLP came to power in the first place. For me, the UBP is finished as a credible alternative to the Government and this latest news makes this crystal clear. Come on, they don’t have someone else to put forward for this seat? They’re finished… dead in the water and would be wise to just pack up and go home!

  13. LIMEY says:

    UBP is not bringing much to the table and the only thing BDA said is that they can pee in a cup BDA hasn’t spoke once on the issues in that community. PLP’s Mark Bean has spoken on the community issues and his work with the mirrors programme is excellent….. You choose

    • Gombeys on Island says:

      @Limey by “much” I take it that the you agree that the UBP is bringing something to the table. Please have a reread at Devrae’s press statement. PLP Bean can speak of lots he has done in the community because he was on the government’s payroll. Tax dollars paid for all the extra exposure of community service. In my opinion there is only one party in Bermuda that has shown proven integrity the past 12 years and its the UBP.

      • Obvious says:

        Its OBVIOUS you do not know Marc…he has been active in the community long before he was a part of government…a true Gombey would know that.

  14. Vern says:

    If he wants to represent the bermudian community i agree also he should at least have a presentable hairstyle that is not professional and not appropiate in my opinion. Will not be taken seriously like that. what is his explanation for this is there a intelligent reason he is doing this?

    • Roslynn says:

      ok! David Burch has both his ears pierced…acceptable by you I guess? but not by others…since when does anyone’s appearance have to do with their performance? Dreadlocks are acceptable by some and not by others…but we have those with dreads in all fields..suppose one was to object on that particular style of preference? we have a couple of PLP MP’s that sport that particular style (no objection here) should they be ousted or ridiculed? Like give me a break….give the man a chance..you don’t know what he has to offer..and yes Mark is the ideal candidate but he too is not without flaws! are we reduced to this that if you are not sporting “an acceptable” hair do then your not worthy?? if that’s the case than ladies in the house look out! you better keep on top of those perms and make sure that “kitchen” is straight! and let’s not forget about
      “Miss Clairol” or “Mrs Dark and Lovely” or the “hairdo police” will be gunning for you next…Bit ridiculous if you ask me that you are going to judge someone on their outward appearance..I was always taught that “Beauty is only skin deep”…..Mark has worked his butt of and would deserve the vacancy..I wish he would come “home” and run in his own area but never the less let the cards fall where they may..he (UBP Candidate) might not look the part but he may be able to play the part…stop being so shallow….like wow !!! so many issues plaguing our island and someones haircut is presently taking top priority? are you serious….At any rate hats of to the PLP, UBP and BDA may the best man win…and don’t forget to trim those beards or you might lose a couple of votes!!!

    • PEPPER says:

      This man looks like a crook ..geez is the calibre of the U.B.P. who the hell picks these @#$%^&* ????????

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        You PLP supporters are the biggest hypocrites in this island…

        in ’98 when a group of UBP supporters stated that they wouldn’t want a dread as finance minister, in the form of Deleay Robinson, you all jumped up and down and shouted racism and white supremacy from the roof tops.

        Now you all are sitting there and judging the man by his looks and hairstyle.

        I have never heard such hypocrticial nonsense in my life…jokers

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      If a white person siad that…it would be racist…

    • Viewers says:

      What’s a “presentable hairstyle” in your opinion? He should be taken seriously by what is in between his ears, which is what I am using to cast my support for Devrae Noel-Simmons. Get out of your cave and welcome to the 21st cent

  15. Vern says:

    Or better yet why has Kim Swan allowed this?You couldnt take this man to the side and have a converation about his professional appearance.

    • Viewers says:

      We the branch for the UBP chose Devrae to represent us. We feel the is willing to respresnt us, say not to GPS and address crime which is on top of our punch list

  16. Seriously ! says:

    Well everyone knows how well those with ‘professional’ haircuts have served the country … in both parties.

    Here is a (relatively) young black male attempting to step up and make a contribution and nothing but negativity… He may not have experience but everyone starts somewhere. Give him a chance to gain some ! Be real people the UBP are not going to be returned in the constituency that elected Dr Brown any time soon regardless of who their candidate is.

    As for Marc Bean, he is a smart guy. He made statements about what he believed probably knowing he would have to retract … but despite the retractions, you still know what his true feelings are. He may actually have shown more integrity than people are giving him credit for.

    Good luck to all of the candidates and regardless of which individual wins, hopefully Bermuda will be the winner !

  17. R U Serious?! says:

    Okay. The UBP is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates. First Tillman Darrel now this guy?! I remember him form his stripping days at Clayhouse. This is a joke…right?

    • Smithy says:

      R U Serious? Can you recall all your skeletons as well or those of your family? We all have skeltons, most unlike Devrae don’t and won’t reveal them. I admire Devrae and think its better the devil we know than the devil we don’t which always gets us into problems up on the hill. RU serious, the joke is on you, because if he had agreed the other political parties would of snatch him up, but he was not for nor on SALE.

  18. Kristin says:

    Congrats to Devrae for putting himself out there. It is not easy by any means.

    For those who say Sylvan/BDA hasn’t said what we would do for the community, that is not the case. We have released platforms on Crime, Education, Economy, and St. George’s. Our Youth and Women’s Platforms will be rolled out within weeks.

    And to those who wonder what Sylvan has done for the community? Lots without any fanfare or headlines… of course when you are not in the public eye, you very rarely get the public accolades – but he is a mentor, advisor, and supporter of young children, college students (who he has financially supported when they couldn’t afford tuition), and adults in the insurance industry. He’s done alot for years to help his community. There are many people out there, I’m sure you can think of them, that do alot for Bermuda, and nobody knows about it. Not everyone has a major PR machine behind them, pushing out messages about how great they are.

    Sylvan is a quality candidate. I hope that 26 will give him a chance…

    • I'm Voting UBP! says:

      bring out all the skeltons. How about cheaters, wife and husband cheaters are they considered credible to run for political office? If so quite a few would have to back out of the political arena?

      Lets stop trying to show his short comings and Lets focus on the country, Devrae will address the criminal positions of the country alongside the economy. He’s smart, educated and a real family man.

  19. Watcher says:

    If the old guard Dunkley, Richards and Gibbons are not supportive of Noel-Simmons, it just goes to show that they don’t want change and are beating down Swan, Moniz and Pamplin. I notice that Dunkley and company don’t support UBP functions, Personally I would be happy to see him removed completely because he is cocky and always seems to be beating down anything the PLP and UBP does that is positive towards young Black men

  20. Fed Up says:

    All jokes aside . . . I hope Mr. Simmons drug test included more than street drugs and included the gym drugs!!!! What a role model!!! You all should check his history. He may have unveiled his conviction, but let’s look deeper at his character . . .

  21. PEPPER says:

    Kim Swan is a joke !!! I wonder if my uncle who was convicted of rape has a chance to be a member of the U.B.P. after all he has turned his life around for the last year… Kim we had a lot of hope for you….but you suck….