Dr Michelmore: ‘A Solid First Performance’

December 18, 2010

Dr Katherine Michelmore, Deputy Leader of the the Bermuda Democratic Alliance [BDA], said the party “wants a new Bermuda for all Bermudians, where our core values and leadership principles can be openly embraced by the majority.”

She continued on to say that “Our share of the vote came close to that of a much longer established political entity, and was a solid first performance.”  In the recently held by-election the BDA’s candidate received 70 votes [15%], to the UBP’s 78 [17%], and the PLP’s 310 [67%].

Dr Michelmore said “With regard to negative comments regarding our MP’s at the by-election, this is a non-issue. The BDA did not have the luxury of determining the date of the election, and 2 of our MP’s were off island on pre-arranged commitments which could not be rescheduled. Our 3rd MP had extenuating circumstances which made it impossible to attend.”

“Sylvan Richards was strongly supported throughout the day by our leader, myself as deputy leader, our chairman and other key members of our Caucus and by BDA volunteers. Perhaps the detractors should be recognizing how many “unpaid” individuals were willing to sacrifice time and energy at personal expense, to support our BDA candidate in his desire to create a new Bermuda for all Bermudians.”

Mr Richards, and supporters, are pictured below at the polling station:

Warwick South Central Dec 15 10-1-3

“Real change in Bermuda is needed but many in our Island find it difficult to acknowledge that. It is a reflection of human nature to cling to old habits, old rhetoric and old doctrines because that makes people feel comfortable, even when it is not the best option. Of course we respect the choice made by the electorate, but we believe Sylvan Richards represented that opportunity to send a message – that all is not well with the Country right now and that the Official Opposition is unable to rise to the challenge to make real change,” said Dr Michelmore.

“We realize we will need to capture more hearts and minds to effect the change we desire, and we are committed to working to realize that goal. It is our belief that the UBP has been floundering as an opposition party, and it is clear that this impression galvanized the BDA founders to step forward to offer an alternative. Sadly for the UBP, despite many capable and effective MP’s, the UBP has become enmeshed in its negative historical legacy, and as it currently exists cannot offer Bermuda a viable alternative. Kim.Swan has criticised us for being of this opinion, but that is because it is a message the UBP leadership does not want to hear but many have said.”

“Ultimately the BDA wishes to change the Government, and is prepared to work with those who recognize that real change is essential and are willing to recognise the obvious. We have not gunned for the UBP as Mr Swan is saying, but there must be severe disappointment in the UBP that forty odd years gets you eight extra votes over a one year old entity. Nevertheless it is important that the Government is held to account and that the country is given a strong Opposition. We will work towards that goal. Given the large numbers that did not vote, political parties have lots to do to enfranchise every voter.”

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  1. Watching says:

    You can start by having the 3 sitting in the house step down and earn their way back in with a by election. You win those seats back then you are making an impact. If you do not, then all you will ever be is the seed of the UBP. And reading the article above, it sounds as if the BDA are spoiled children that moan because they did not win. Again, arrogance to think that your candidate would be chosen. Soon there will be no opposition.

    • Dueane Dill says:

      Where in the article does it “sound as if the BDA are spoiled childred that moan becasue they did not win”? How is it “arrogance” to think that our candidate would be chosen? Why wouldn’t we expect our candidate to be chosen? Isn’t that the whole reason one puts forward a candidate?

      • RME says:

        If you actually expected your candidate to be chosen, how is getting only 15% of the vote considered “a solid first performance”?????

    • OK says:

      Explain “watching” why the PLP told their candidate to shut up and not debate anyone? Beneath the sheets there is nothing. Every PLP MP needs to earn their way with the Bermuda people and explain why they make any impact. Hey “watching”, how much do you want to make a bet that Paula Cox will agree to debate the leader of the BDA. It will never happen. She will get smoked.

  2. Eye in the sky ... says:

    Until we have an educated electorate who understand what’s going on , an electorate who can put their misplaced hate to the side , the UBP and indeed any new party is going to face a loosing battle.

    It should be obvious that anyone who, after 12 years of what we’ve had, still whines that there’s no viable alternative is never going to vote against the current government.

    The real ‘change’ needed has to come from the voting population of the island.

    But as it is , there’s NO room for both the BDA and the UBP

    • smith says:

      maybe they don’t hate the opposition..maybe they think that they will be no different.. history is a great teacher..

  3. Common Sense says:

    Far from being “spoiled children” it strikes me that the BDA is a new and enthusiastic political party made up of dedicated young people, both black and white, who are just on the first steps of the ladder to success in party politics. Yes, history is a great teacher! It took the PLP 30 years to gain power so the BDA has lots of time to improve on that record. History teaches us that any political party that abuses its power or takes the electorate for granted will eventually lose their power. Bermuda is in for very difficult times.

    The BDA is NOT a divisive force and I suspect that they will grow steadily and continue to move forward in the coming months and years.

    • Obvious says:

      It’s a shame that Common Sense is not at all common these days.

  4. Watching says:

    Read the 3rd to bottom paragraph carefully, to suggest that voters are not ready for change JUST BECAUSE they did not vote BDA sounds like a child who threw their toys out of the crib to me! And as I have said before, have the 3 BDA reps currently sitting in the house step down and seek re election under the mandate of the BDA, then and only then will I personally have respect for them. Soon there will be no opposition. Not too long ago, the majority of those that are in the BDA where all singing the praises of the UBP! How can you fault the voter for not being convinced or trusting? And Paula Cox has the respect of all sectors of the community. She does not have the time to debate so that the BDA and the UBP can prove they are good debaters, she only needs to run this Country. Proof will be in the work she does.

    • History Repeating says:

      You sound like an angry, UBP politician 23 years ago.

      • Watching says:

        Well you would be surprised! If anything makes me angry is the way our system is failing us and then to watch as the BDA claim they are an alternative when they have 3 MP’s sitting in the house using the banner of the UBP to get there really irritates me….Now I see where the quote..”I had to deceive you” came from!

        By the way, I would have voted for Marc as he is a very hard working and dedicated individual.

  5. Mello Yellow says:

    Until Bermudians stand up in sufficient numbers, they will continue to have the same Government.

    You get the Government you vote for!!!!!!!!! So stop moaning!!!

    Mello Yellow

  6. 60% Off says:

    Shouldn’t the question ALL parties be asking is WHY 60% of the registered electorate chose not to vote ? [Not even going to ask what percentage of eligible voters are not registered !]

    All parties should be out pounding the beat and asking why the people preferred to stay away than exercise their democratic right !! If they dont ask that question, then they are all guilty of accepting the status quo !

    The PLP whould probably worry why 60% chose to stay away in a ‘safe’ PLP seat.
    The BDA and the UBP should be wondering if they have the opportunity to convince those that are not yet ready to vote outside of party lines or those who are just not convinced any party has their best interest at heart.

    Congratulations to Marc. I have heard him speak and he is articulate and dedicated.
    Congratulations to Sylvan – first time out, good show.
    Congratulations to Devrae – you are brave to put yourself up, knowing what the detractors are going to say !

    Sadly, all three are part of a new guard who are ready to step up for the benefit of Bermuda. Shame they are pitted against each other.

    To the people of Warwick South Central, for shame if you didn’t vote ONLY because it was raining or inconvenient ! People fought hard for the right of all to vote – remember that !