Pearman: ‘Dangerous, Relentless & Controlling’

January 31, 2011

Jermaine Pearman bermudaIn the process of sentencing confessed murderer Jermaine Pearman today [Jan 31], Justice Carlisle Greaves referred to him as  “controlling”, a “relentless abuser” and a “dangerous man.”

Justice Greaves reviewed points of law and points of contention between Mr Pearman’s defence attorneys and the Crown prosecutors. In his lengthy judgment, Justice Greaves, made several particular judicial observations.

On several occasions, in the course of giving the reasons underlying his sentencing, Justice Greaves said that on the evidence presented, he had found Mr Pearman to be a “relentless” and “controlling” person.

That he had found him a “relentless abuser” of the victim. That he found that the victim had not inflicted any injury on him.

Justice Greaves said he found the defendant to be a “dangerous man” who warranted substantial punishment, and that women must be protected from him.

Sentencing him to serve a life sentence that is to be a minimum of twenty-five years of imprisonment before he can be considered eligible for parole, Justice Greaves said that Mr Pearman should not be released without substantive remediation having taken place.

Earlier this week Mr Pearman, 37, pleaded guilty to killing 23-year-old  Shakeya DeRoza but denied a charge of premeditation. Mr Pearman attacked Ms DeRoza at her Paynter Lane home on July 10, 2009, using a knife to slash her throat and inflict wounds to her heart.

Ms DeRoza staggered out of the house following the brutal attack, but collapsed and died on Middle Road. Police arrested Mr Pearman later that same afternoon following a stand-off on the Railway Trail in Somerset.

Mr Pearman has a criminal history dating back over 15 years, including prior convictions for assault with intent to commit bodily harm, unlawful carnal knowledge of a teenager and drug possession. He will be eligible to be considered for parole in 2036, when Mr Pearman will be 62 years old.

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  1. Terry says:

    Justice served.

    • Call as it is says:

      Say that crap if it were one of your Loved ones!!

      Justice has NOT been served!!

  2. percival says:

    Peeps think drugs are cool but this is how it affects some people in society.
    Im praying for the children of that relationship because in 25 years they will have to face the man that took their mother, unfortunately he will still be named daddy…possibly a perfect example of getting high….wonder whats nxt in store for us…o yeah….well done to the police and well done to bernews

  3. Speechless says:

    Justice will NEVER be served as long as this man breathes!

    • White Jesus says:

      I agree! Eye for an eye! You murder you die! Simple as that.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    I wonder how many women are considering their positions with abusive partners tonight?

    • Copy Cat says:

      I’ve told my daughters about guys like this… Their remarks where ” OH DADDY YOUR SO OLD FASHION!!” Now they have kids and are no longer with these losers. Behind every strong woman there’s a strong man.

      • itwasn't me says:

        consider your girls lucky. so many of these smart hardworking women are hooking up with non working low life idiot boyfriends who have no ambition other than scronge of their ‘women’ ….. juggling 2 or 3 chicks is even better. Cars, food, booze, clothes, bikes, bling, etc etc etc. how can college educated women be so stupid

        • junior burchall says:

          wrong question. instead, ask yourself, “why are WE (men of all colours and classes in bermuda) emotionally and physically abusing and murdering girls and women? how is it that college-educated (as well as not-so-educated) MEN have become so violent towards girls and women?


          • itwasn't me says:

            um…..single parent ‘families’ run by ‘I don’t need a man’ dominant type Alpha split personality women that think that can be mommy and big daddy all rolled in one.

  5. Terry says:

    Jesus, I thought you were clour blind and forgiving. I still believe in you.

  6. What am I missing says:

    Um, what am I missing. Were there drugs ever mentioned in this case?

  7. itwasn't me says:

    what r u missing? weed = psychosis…… lots of guys go to MAWI because they only smoke weed.

    • UncleElvis says:

      But where was the evidence in this case?

      Not all pot smokers are psychotic and not all psychos are weed smokers.

      Correlation does not equal cause.

  8. From My Prospective says:

    He got what he deserved. They should lock him up and throw away the key. Life should be Life!!!

    Freedom of speech is my right! – Don’t hate or discriminate!

  9. Allan G says:

    The unfortunate abuse of this case and the Dill case capitalizes that there is a big problem on island with abusive men. Instead of spending millions of dollars on capital projects Bermuda needs to plug money into the social ills that are becoming the norm…