Police Update on Colford Ferguson Murder

February 7, 2011

Police Conference Mirfield Pedro Bermuda Feb 7th 2011-1_wm[Updated] This morning [Feb 7] the Bermuda Police Service held a press conference to address the tragic shooting murder of 29-year-old Colford Ferguson that occurred this past Friday. Speaking today were Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield, and Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro [pictured].

Around 2pm on Friday [Feb 4], Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the area of Somerset Road and East Shore Road in Sandys parish.

The Police described the shooting as a gang style shooting, however said they do not believe the victim was a gang member.

The shooting took place inside a building, and Police said they do not believe anyone else was in the building at the time of the incident.

There has previously been discussion about the time the Police took to respond, bystanders we spoke with reporting it seemed to be around 15 mins, and other reports suggested it was 30 mins. The Police said today that they received the first call at 2:08pm, and the first officers on scene arrived in 14 minutes.

Mr Ferguson was found inside in a non responsive state, and pronounced dead on scene by an on call physician. The Police also said an autopsy has been done, and confirmed that Mr Ferguson’s cause of death was from multiple gunshot wounds.

Police officers spent time over weekend in Somerset canvassing, and are especially interested in speaking with a man in dark clothing seen in the bus layby opposite the scene.

The Police had previously asked for the person who took a photo of the victim dead at the scene to come forward to assist in the investigation, and had no comment today whether the person had or not.

There have been no arrests made in relation to this case of yet, however Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crimes Unit on 295-0011 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update: Official Police statements added…

Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield:

The Bermuda Police Service sends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Colford Ferguson.

Shortly Detective Chief Inspector Pedro will address you directly as to the progress made in the investigation, however before that I would just like to speak to the progress we have made over the past year in our fight to tackle gun and gang violence.

You will be aware that this is the first death since August last year relating to gun violence, that will clearly be no comfort to Mr. Ferguson’s family and I do not wish to minimize the impact it will have on them and his friends.

However the Bermuda Police Service has made significant progress in bringing offenders to justice:-

* Six (6) persons have been charged with murder, and will appear before the Supreme Court in the next six months;
* Eleven persons have been charged with attempted murder, and/or firearms offences;
* Seven (7) convictions in a row in the Supreme Court since January 2010;
* At least 9 other persons will stand trail for firearms related offences again in 2011
* During recent trials for gun related offences persons have been sent to prison for over 60 years including a single 25 year sentence.

While it is crucial to catch and convict those responsible for gun and gang violence we are also working extremely hard to prevent the violence escalating and to keep our communities safe, you will know from the figures recently released that we are arresting more people, (+11.5%) we are stopping and searching more people (+153% 9,400), we deploy visible uniform presence to the areas of most community tension.

Our efforts are greatly assisted by the support of individuals who are prepared to come forward and assist our investigations. It is clear that the people of Bermuda want to help the police; that could be by giving direct evidence relating to a crime; supplying information in person or indeed anonymously or just passing on personal views, all of which helps the service tackle criminal activity.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro:

May I start by offering my sincere condolences to the family & friends of Mr. Ferguson on behalf of the investigating team.

At 2:08pm on Friday 4th February 2011, several calls were received through ‘911’ suggesting gun shots were heard in Somerset Village. The investigation has revealed that persons in the village went into the identified crime scene at #2 East Shore Road, Sandys, and found the victim in this matter, Mr. Colford Ferguson. The first officers arrived within 14 minutes of receiving the first call. The scene was immediately preserved and cordoned off for forensic exam.

Mr. Ferguson was in a non-responsive state and was subsequently declared dead by an on duty physician.

An autopsy has been conducted by an overseas forensic pathologist, which determined that Mr. Ferguson died from multiple gunshot wounds.

A full investigation into this incident is underway. A complement of detectives from the Serious Crime Unit and our Forensic Support Unit has examined the scene to collect evidence, and witnesses have been sought, and interviewed. There are a number of lines of enquiry being carried out by the investigating team and significant progress has already been made.

Officers have been in the Somerset area over the weekend interviewing witnesses, and canvassing for other evidence.

The investigating team would still like to speak with any person that may have seen or heard anything related to this incident – however irrelevant it may seem.

Whilst the Police will actively seek out witnesses and collect all available evidence, we encourage anyone with pertinent information to come forward. Again, this information can and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 299-8106. Alternatively anyone with any information can contact the CONFIDENTIAL & independent Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477 (TIPS).

Update #2: Video…

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  1. Jays says:

    That man in dark clothing seems to do all the crime in Bermuda, if only we could catch him..

  2. Andrew says:

    14 minutes to respond seems like a long time. I can get to Somerset from Paget in 14 minutes. Perhaps officers on patrol are spread too thin.

  3. Boggle says:

    It took them 14 minutes to come 100 yards?!

    • BermyLove says:

      Yes it took the police 14 mins to respond after it took the residents in the area 30mins to realise a crime took place and report it!

      • This is Crazy says:

        For all the people who think that it took the RESIDENTS IN THE AREA 30 minutes to call the police allow me to correct you… the police where called when gun shots were fired, not 30 minutes after the fact. So where ever you got your information from it is in fact FALSE. I am one of the residents in the area and i know for a fact that the police were not called that long after shots were fired!

        • BermyLove says:

          I read it on the RG website but even if they are giving false information, 15 mins is not a long time if there are unarmed officers in the area.

    • Reality Check says:

      LOOK!!!! I am tired of the excuses for the BPS!! The excuses are BS!!! I don’t care if its 2mins 5mins! Are u telling me the station has NOooooooo officers on guard! There is a jail there so I kno there are officers there armed or unarmed, OK! The station should AUTOMATICALLY go on lock down until further notice! Its amazing how I HAVE SEEN the police come out in FULL FORCE! With guns, bullet proof vest, pepper spray, paddy wagon, a big ass white wagon, etc in less than 5 mins when a FIGHT breaks out at numerous occasions!!! It has been noticed and I can’t seem to wonder how or why when there are GUNSHOTS the PO PO are not around!!??um jus sayin!!! And don’t give me any BS about doing ya JOB or askin for others to come and apply. Cause YOU offered to take on the responsibility and didn’t DREAM about bullet bullet bullet, did you? Its about MONEY, str8! This is why bermudians will eventually take things into their own hands regardless of the BPS..Time will prevail….

  4. Terry says:

    No it did not Boggle. Let it go.

  5. Consider the Option says:

    If i was an officer, without a gun, with pepper spray and a baton in my hand, with a family at home, I too will either take 14 minutes to attend, or wait until armed officers attend.

    I don’t care how close the police station is, if an officer is not armed he should not put his life in jeopardy and the lives of others that he can not protect.

    These gun men are more equiped than the police and until police are equiped in all vehicles than I commend any officer who takes his time attending a gun crime scene.

    Consider that these officers have families too.

    • Ammerjean Raynor says:

      I agree 100% with you.

      • Reality Check says:

        Do some work will u, it’s funny how ones can assume others are not doing work but have time for FB, Bernews, Myspace, etc during work hours!!!..or change your name..LMAO..CD n P I think u made the wrong ones REDUNDANT!

    • BermyLove says:


    • chris says:

      So when do I get my salary? I have a family, and didn’t respond out of fear for my life.

      • Consider the Option says:

        Do you risk your life daily like the man and women of the Bda police Service? This isnt a joke, these are real people who go to work on a day to day basis with the sole intent of doing a good job. Why don’t you sign up to be a Police Officer, maybe then you could understand what they go thru.

        • chris says:

          So the only difference between myself and a police office is… That they’ve signed up to do nothing? Because that’s what you are implying…

        • Reality Check says:

          And be 4real..do u really think the shooter is hanging around the scene of a crime!?? LET’s be 4real here. The BPS should have been there in less than 10mins. Even it was to monitor the area until armed officers where on the scene! SMDH

    • Bermudian at heart says:

      Well fortunate for us you are not a police officer. The same reason you state for an unarmed officer not showing up to the crime scene is the same reason for witnesses not reporting what they saw. The difference is that an officer is paid to do so and a witness is not. But we all still aspect for a witness to come forward and state what they saw. I am surely not asking for an unmarked police officer to confront these gunmen at the scene but I would like an unmark police officer present at the scene to not only protect the surrounding community that were presently there and witnessed it but also to prevent others from contaminating the scene. That is all. I don’t care if they parked at the post office in mangrove bay and awaited for their armed colleagues. I am not blaming police for this incident to happen but if all these gunmen know that it takes 15 minutes for police to respond to a incident that is in close proximity of a police station than it clearly gives them motive to keep doing it.

      • Consider the Option says:

        With all do respect, the police attended and did the job that you stated that you would want them to do.

        The point here is that Police are not equiped to fight these gun man, there will come a day when the public will have to address that issue. Police should have guns and then they will be able to effectively carry out their jobs, attending the crime scenes quicker and maybe apprehend offenders

        • Bermudian at heart says:

          Honestly in all due respect, I do not believe that an officer being armed has anything to do with attending a scene. It is merely an excuse for an officer not doing their job. Just as though it is a point in time where police require guns, there would be a point in time when an innocent person is killed from their gun. It is inevidable.

          • :-( RIP BRO says:

            Bermudian @ Heart do you live here?? That point in time HAS COME… IT is NOW that police need to start carrying guns. And the point in time where an innocent person has to die for people to start realizing that THEY are no longer safe HAS COME IT is NOW. Colford was an innocent man mistaken for someone else.

            The time has come… The police need to step up their game.

            Everyone said.. “wait til they kill someone innocent”… well here you go!

            Now people are going to have to start watching who they sit next to and who is living next door…

            • Bermudian at heart says:

              Yes I do live here. My statement also has to do with my life experiences. My belief is that an officer being armed has nothing to do with the time. My opinon about guns is my belief and I’m sorry if it does not agree with yours, but to me it does not justify an officer attending the scene 15 mins after the call was placed when it is within 2 miutes of walking distance. I do believe in police having armed officers (as we do now), but I totally do not believe that every officer should be equipped with guns at all times. As for innocent people dying, do you believe that less innocent people will die due to police having guns. I’m sorry but if he was innocent and these fools were shooting at someone else, what does an armed officer have to do with the situation especially if they arrive 15 minutes later..

              • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                In that case guys, the BPS shouldn’t even show up with guns at all if we all know that the gunmen have already fled. It just seems like a publicity stunt to show that the BPS are being proactive. And when they show up they are harrassing the people that are there like they committed the crime!!! Where is the common sense?
                Every police car, be it unmarked or not, should have at least two guns in a locked case in the trunk, just like in the US. And every police car should have a least one officer who is trained in handling a gun. These are the times that our BPS needs to be prepared for, NO EXCUSES! Every officer, in my opinion, should be trained from when they are a recruit to handle a gun. That way, when a situation like this presents itself the BPS can be there within 2 minutes armed and ready to do there damn jobs!

                On a side note, why hasn’t the commissioner taken the liberty of spliting the armory up?? He knows that with the increasing gun crime that their current gun carrying officers cannot get from Town all the way up or down the country in time, so why not take a portion of the armory and send it to St. Geo and another part to Somerset and keeping the bulk and main portion in town. This would insure a faster response and deter a few people from their open displays of disregard for the BPS and life itself. I’m just saying.

  6. John Smith says:

    With all the expertise that the Bermudian Taxpayer is paying for in all the special taskforces, training the ERT teams, First Response Armed teams, and the Class A driving to speed up and down the road, wouldn’t you think Bermuda should be crime free. Yet when I open the daily turn on a radioor tv, all i hear is alot of lip service to the Taxpayer about how we are canvassing or still investigating the crime. The ENTIRE island knows there are a hand full of these so called gangster that are perpetuating this out of control crime wave. If you (the BPS) get out there and squeeze harder and make it inconvient for those supporting them and for the criminals themselves then someone will talk or better yet give up the individual or individuals that are the cause for this. But until that day happens and the people of the BPS are not afraid to arrest there friend, cousin, brother, or mother then we will continue to have the problems we do.

    • Consider the Option says:

      squeeze harder with pepper apray? or a baton?

      • Bermudian at heart says:

        ‘Consider the Option’ What you fail to release is that this is their job. Even though most people feel that their current tools inadequate for their job, they still applied for it knowing what tools they are equipped with.

        • It Is What It Is? says:

          Thank you…they knew what their jobs would entail as dangerous as it may be…they didn’t join the force and expect to bake raisin bread during their shift..that’s the job that they chose to do and yes sometimes danger and risk come with the territory…I know that they do have an Emergency Task Force..are they just deployed from Hamilton? wouldn’t it make sense to have them at every station? Not sure how it works…..

  7. Terry says:

    Is that you Retired Commissioner?

    If it is, what’s your axe. Enquiring minds want to know.

  8. Nurse N says:

    As a nurse I kno what it is like to be scrutinized for the publics opinion of our actions. So I command these officers for doing their job, regardless of how long it took!

    I wish people would STOP complaining about the time it took the police to arrive. What people have to realize is that when you call 911, your not calling a police station directly. The 911 dispatcher asks whats your emergency, and then sends the needed help. Even if the police got the call @ 2:08 people have to think about it, alot of things may have factored into why it took 14mins for the police to arrive.Seriously, these people seemed to be preoccupied in taking pictures instead of helping! When situations like this arise, people are more concerned about who is it, do i know them, or “oh its just another shooting! Wake up people and be more proactive. Help find the cowards that are doing this and maybe we would see more justice and less crime! Since people have so many problems with the police, why don’t they join the force! That way the can be apart of the solution! I’m just saying!

    Exactly! I totally agree with you! @Consider the Option

    • Consider the Option says:

      Thank you,

    • Bermudian at heart says:

      How can you as nurse make a statement that one does their job regardless of how long it took. Maybe I maybe just too ignorant to know any better but isn’t time a big priorty when it comes to emergencies. To me that is most important part of attending an emergency. If not then why is it called an emergency instead of a job. That statement coming from a nurse is very frightening. Mercy!

      • Nurse N says:

        I believe you missed the point! Time is very critical when it comes to emergencies, don’t get me wrong! I know all about the importance of time! However, i feel as though people will always complain about the police (bermuda in particular!) and their response, especially when they don’t understand the whole story! The important to remimber here is the police did respond as soon as they could, and went straight to work! Fine they didnt get their at the snap of the publics finger, but they got their as soon as they could! I dont believe in any way that they were “taking their own sweet time”! And if you read other news mediums you will see their response to responding in 14mins.

        • Reality Check says:

          Lmao..when there are disturbances at night clubs the BPS are there in less than 5mins and I am living testimony!!! And yes I am aware these are times when the police maybe more alert however the station during this moment is 1minute away with a JAIL included. There is officers on guard armed or unarmed. Had they been there on time no one would have been able to take pics of the victim! That there is absurd!

        • Bermudian at heart says:

          I am not disputing that the police arrived there as quick as they could. My problem is that their quickest time was 15 minutes when it is just around the corner from a police station (the only police station in the western parishes). We all know the western parishes (Somerset) has the most occurances of these crimes and we do not have an armed unit that is ready at a moments notice to be deployed from that station.

    • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

      Actually, to correct you on your statement ‘Terry’, when you call 911 you are calling the police station. The dispatchers office is located where…….o thats right, its located at the Prospect station where the police armory is kept and the impound is housed. Lets not forget the trainging facilities and the interview rooms and a whole bunch of other stuff that is BPS related!

  9. Boggle says:

    According to a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta police were the slowest to answer high-priority emergency calls among police departments from seven similar-sized cities. The results were part of a survey of police response times. In Atlanta last year it took, on average, 11 minutes and 12 seconds from the time a high-priority 911 call was received until an Atlanta police officer showed up at the scene. The response times reported by the El Paso (Texas) Police Department were only one second quicker than Atlanta’s, with an average of 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

    The Denver Police Department posted a response time of 11 minutes flat. According to the Journal Constitution story, police in Tucson, Ariz., responded, on average, in 10 minutes and 11 seconds.

    Police in Kansas City, Mo., and Oklahoma City posted average response times of less than 10 minutes. In Nashville-Davidson County, police recorded average response times below 9 minutes.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution compared police departments responsible for similar-sized populations in comparable-sized areas. The cities compared had to have similar-sized police departments and similar definitions for high-priority calls.

    • enough says:

      Is there are point coming?

      I do understand that the topography here should realise a nice, quick response time but a call of this nature should not and apparently does not allow for general patrol units to arrive first. Atlanta, Kansas et al are all armed patrol units so can attend and look after themselves just fine.

      There seem to be an undercurrent of suggestion that the men and women of the BPS are chicken…well, I’m chicken too if I’m unarmed and the foe is sporting a gun that he/she has just proved willing to use.

      I need only refer you to the case of Omari Gordon where officers chased a man who shot at them. There was another case whee officers grappled with amna trying to shoot them…on Court St maybe, can’t remember.

      That notwithstanding, I can guarantee that internal police protocol will mndate that short of happening upon a scene like this, unarmed officers will not attend. This is common sense and good practice. What they can do is position themselves on arterial routes and take number plates etc or if backed up by armed units, use the legislated stop/search powers.

      If it was the shooter or an accomplice that took this photograph then that’s one thing, if that was taken by a ‘member of the public’ and circulated…..that tells me all I need to know about that person and I hope they are caught and sent to jail. Imagine that was your child taking his/her last breaths and someone did nothing to help but snap a photograph…utterly disgusting.

      The vitriol shown here should be directed to YOUR brothers, sisters, friends, cousins that know something but stay mute or to the criminals themselves that carry out these heinous, cowardly acts.

  10. :-( RIP BRO says:

    How the hell can you say that the amount of time it took for them to respond is acceptable when a LIFE is on the line? I truely believe that if someone ANYONE- civilians, police whoever would have done something.. acted faster.. HELD HIS F#%#IN HAND he would have been able to hold on. Instead some sick individual took a pic of him and sent it around to their friends… HE HAS A FRIGGING FAMILY. As if everything about this murder isn’t bad enough.

    Here are somethings you need to know & somethings you should think about before you “commend” the police for their GREAT work in getting there in 14 mins.. COMMEND THEM WHEN THEY FIND THE A$$ THAT STOLE HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) This man is innocent- Yes he did have a passed but he has been doing really good lately, working on bettering himself and being a father to his baby girl. He was killed in cold blood… BY ACCIDENT… This little F###IN PRICK KILLED Colford THINKING HE WAS SOMEONE ELSE!!!! They didn’t even wait to see his FACE!!

    2) It is a natural assuption (and I used to think like this) that the people involved in the shootings are people involved in some way to gang related drama. My question is… did the police ASSUME (like the public) that Colford was another gangster getting taken out?? Is that maybe why they didn’t act faster? (Yes that thought passes through your mind)

    3) The police reports say that he was unresponsive when they got there and he was pronnounced dead after 3pm.. was there any efforts to revive him?? What EXACTLY is unresponsive… no pulse, heartbeat? They said they cordoned off the scene and secured it but there was no mention of efforts to revive him.

    4) I’m sorry if you get mad at me for saying this… but just plain and simple the police are NOT prepared… STILL to deal with gun crimes. It’s just not acceptable that the Somerset police station didn’t have armed police available… WHERE have all the shootings been lately? SOMERSET AND TOWN. I totally understand that it was for the safety of the police but they should have armed police at all the police stations.

    IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE… and being told that, isn’t good enough when that is your brother, cousin, father. Put the shoe on your foot… this family never thought in a million years that they would have lost him especially not to gun violence.

    I hope and pray they find the coward little prick who did this!

    Smith Family & Family & Friends- God Bless you. Words cannot begin to describe the pain you are feeling with the loss of your baby brother, cousin, nephew and father. God is good, and he will take care of him.

    • Nurse N says:

      I am not saying that 14mins is totally acceptable! But they had to work with wat they had. Please have a listen to the press staement made earlier, and listen to their response. I understand that you may be frustrated and all but Like many pokey Bermudians you are feeding off of hear-say and emotions! Nobody knows when the shooting are going to happen. We just have to keep the confidence in the BPS, do our jobs as community members (giving up information that we know), and let the system do its job!

      • :-( RIP BRO says:

        Nurse – I am not feeding off of hear say everything I have said is true and I’m not being pokey I am a family friend. The police took 14mins to respond because they had to come from town. The armed tasks force is in Hamilton.

        In firearms situations the ambulance and EMTs cannot get on the scene until the ARMED police are there and have it secured (which I am not complaining about). My issue is that we only have a select few officers that can respond and they are all in town. It just doesn’t make sense. If that’s the best the BPS can do then the public isn’t going to stay very confident for long.

        There is literally a police station around the corner… Had there been armed police officers in the vicinity they may have had better chance of catching the shooter and saving Colford.

        • In General says:

          Just a thought – the police are there for the crime – why is it that the AMBULANCE did not show up until after the policy arrived. I think the medical professionals are the ones that can revive someone.

          • :-( RIP BRO says:

            Did you read my comment? For safety reasons- in firearms situations EMT’s and the Ambulance cannot get there until AFTER the ARMED police arrive to secure the area.

            They took 14mins to get there so the others could not get there until after that.

  11. Terry says:

    Well, on response time. Unfortunately the guy was shot dead. Ok..jump on me.

    Response time in Bagdad is 2 hours. Kandahar, 1 week, Somalia a month,….

    If it looks like a cop, walks like a cop it’s a cop. Blow his ass up and everyone else in the area.

    Soon to come to ‘Young and the Restless’ tv screens in Bermuda.

    Welll…why didn’t they call the Regiment……………………

    There in London appealing…………………………………………..

    You all worry what the Police are doing.

    You should be more worried what your neighbor is NOT doing.

    • :-( RIP BRO says:

      Sorry Terry but your reference to Bagdad, Kandahar & Somalia are irrelevent… Why would you even want to make that comparison??

      The object of the BPS is to SERVE & PROTECT and if there are only equipt enough to do so in Town.. What is the point? They need to have officers trained & prepared in Somerset & St. Georges as well.

      The public will always be worried about what the police are doing… I am not saying they could have prevented this or protected him in this particular case but they could have done more.

      PS.. you dont know that he was “shot dead”.. he died as a RESULT of the shots… basically he could have been alive all that time while ppl snapped pics waiting for the police to arrive

  12. Boss Lady says:

    Sorry to beat a dead horse… but 15mins?? Seriously?? …and there are 2 banks just a few feet away?? so basically you are telling criminals to come up Somerset and rob banks. All you have to do is buss a few shots first and you got plenty of time to get away! #Ridiculous

    • them banks hve been robbed like twice in the last 15yrs says:

      see my name, NUFF SAID. police visibility in somerset is low to begin with, and gets lower once you go past the station down 2 mangrove bay and beyond

    • Sheriff says:

      This is it Boss Lady! very true!

  13. Terry says:

    You hit the nail on the head there “Boss Lady”.

    Whats your stats on the area’s where all the other murders have taken place. Churces, Schools, Grocers, Post Offices, Day Care Centers, Nurserys, Houses et al.

    People don’t rob banks anymore. Too hard. Now shoot the bugger thats taken away your drug prophits easy peesee…just don’t get in the way.

  14. Nicki says:

    So now the excuse is the public took too long to call them AND the police weren’t properly equipped to respond to a firearm incident.

    Let’s review this, we’ve had how many firearm incidents this year so far and last year? How many people died last year because of it? Don’t they think its about time they have police capable of handling these situations, on hand ready to go at the police station? No they are too busy giving out tickets for not wearing a seat-belt when we all survived all these years without that law. Next it will be they don’t have enough officers to do that yet any given SUNNY DAY 5-10 officers are giving out tickets in ONE AREA. ONE PERSON dies in a car accident and they made it law. Over 100 firearm incidents in 2010 and countless murders yet they aren’t properly equipped to respond. One day they will get it right. 2011 and Bermuda is years behind other countries, as usual.

  15. Terry says:

    Nicki. Spot on.

    Our best product was “years behind”. Now it’s…never mind.Pathetic….’keep dem ponies rolling raw hide’………….

    Yah now what they say…..If yah can’t own a hill….take it……bwahaaaaaaaaa

  16. The Truth Hurts says:

    I bet the same people that moan and groan about police response time would be the same ones that would complain if the police spent all their time at the station. Police Officers don’t police like a fire brigade. They go out all day as part of their duties. When the crystal ball arrives that can predict crime, then im sure it will make things easier. If we as the public want to get a on soap box, let’s discuss budget cuts in the essential services that make it more difficult to put more officers on the road.

    • Nicki says:

      Well what’s a priority right now? Giving out tickets for seat-belts, a ridiculous law that we lived without for years and years or the public’s safety from gun toting trigger happy thugs? That excuse of not enough officers and budget cuts is like I said nothing but an excuse. They can have officers out and about giving out tickets so where is the logic?

  17. BermyLove says:

    I agree The Truth Hurts. As far as I’m concerned, we should be lucky that the police responded at all because in some countries they don’t!! I have a better idea, why doesn’t the whole police force quit their jobs and leave it to the people to solve since some think they know so much and are willing to put their lives on the line…ONO but witnesses rarely speak up about what they know…let’s not forget that someone took a picture of the victim at the scene and sent it around so where are he/she and why haven’t he/she contacted the police???? Just a thought….

    • Nicki says:

      Be lucky? I’m sorry but Bermuda isn’t a third world country. They are paid to do their jobs and protect and serve the public. It’s what THEY not US are paid to do! They always beg for the pubics assistance but are quick to disrespect and harass the public. You sound like a police officer. So what if they took a picture! Maybe they don’t know anything! Maybe they hmmm took it AFTER the shooters were gone! No one is going to stand around while shots are ringing off! Not every incident has witnesses! Imagine if the U.S. solely relied on eye witness accounts, nothing would be solved. The police CANNOT be this clueless to what’s going on. Do some damn investigating!

      • BermyLove says:

        Yes LUCKY, the police don’t have to show up to the crime scene just because they “get paid to do it” just like some people that don’t feel like doing their daily job and surf the net or find something else to do. The only difference is the police try “to do their jobs” the public don’t appreciate their efforts and cry “harassment” or mouth off to them. And your are wrong, I do not work for the police, I just appreciate what they do despite the constant criticism. Your anger and resentment the police seems to be clouding your judgement…how is it that someone was able to get close enough to take a picture of the victim at the scene and leave unnoticed before the police got there? How can the police do a proper investigation and not ask if there are any witnesses to the crime??? Don’t you think witnesses are key to any crime including this one? The shooter shot into the building 4 times, how much evidence u think they will get if no one saw anything? Everyone that new the victim said he was a great guy and wasn’t involved in gang life. With no witnesses it will be a little difficult to find the shooter don’t u think? I’m not a cop but I think for myself and come up with my own conclusions.

        • :-( RIP BRO says:

          Bermy Love you sound ridiculous! We are LUCKY that police show up? How LUCKY would you feel if that was your brother, cousin, father… YOU THINK HIS DAUGHTER FEELS LUCKY RIGHT NOW CUZ THE POLICE SHOWED UP?!?!?

          The whole point is they didnt have ANYONE capable of handling the situation in Somerset. How can that be if the majority of shootings happen in SOMERSET and TOWN??

          I give the police a lot of respect, they have been doing a lot lately… But you cannot deny that the fact that they have to come from town is absurd.

          I believe they will catch the shooter. And my problem with them taking so long is because the EMT’s and Ambulance could not arrive on the scene before them…

          • BermyLove says:

            Of course I empathise with the victim and his family and especially his daughter, I was just trying to make a point that the public needs to show a bit more appreciation to the police. I do believe that there should be armed police in hotspot areas. On the other hand they cannot predict when a crime is about to happen and for all we know maybe they were in the area just not that close to the crime scene. I apologise if I came across as being insensitive. Its hard to explain my point of view in writing without sounding cold.

  18. Terry says:

    Well apparently certain Senators are on the “soap box”.

    Screaming, shouting down news coverage.

    Maybe just a confoozeed negro.

  19. Terry says:

    BermyLove….Great idea.

    Too hell with it. This brings a new meaning to “Devil Island”. Quo Fatat Furunt”…

    Wherever the Meat May Lead Us. Circa 2010……………………

    Carrots anyone…..An Onion? Onions…….

  20. WOW says:


    • Brasco says:

      I’m sure the Police have Blackberrys or IPhones, they can read all this during their Donut break and before they get deployed to their favorite Stop Signs.

  21. pay attention says:

    BERMUDIAN PEOPLE if you want the shootings to stop then START TURNING THESE DUDES ASSES IN TO THE POLICE!!! Blah blah blah on here and then dont give the info to the authorities when they need! WHY would u want a murder roaming free among you anyway?!?!

    • Brasco says:

      I understand your frustrations…damn, I have them too but be a little more realistic….Like the shooter will go to his aunty or uncle and say, Hey I just shot this guy in Somerset, let me stay at your house and watch cable….

      We Need Camera’s on every light pole in Bermuda!…..the Police Force we have really and trully isn’t that sharp to handle all this violence.

      • Sheriff says:

        Brasco- I hear you>> we need M3 , Digicel and Cell1 to get with the times with technology and find who was in the area snapping pics… What is wrong when we have to beg the PHOTOGRAPHER TO COME FORWARD?..No – probe into the cells going off in Somerset and pick their a$$es up… What are these towers for? They have a timeline -DO YOUR JOB!!

  22. Very inconsiderate says:

    I don’t under stand how someone enters the crime scene, takes a picture, leaves the scene with out being notice. This person contaminated the scene and went in for one thing. They are just as bad as the shooter. Them n the shooter need to be tied up down flag pole and let me whip their ASSES. R.I.P COLFORD and I dnt want to see any damn response talking about it like looking at an accident on the road or people capturing footage of 911. It’s not the same this MF went into the building of a crime, what were their intentions. This murder wasn’t outside for everyone to this person literally went in building stood over dead body and snap took a picture… WTF… They both have to answer for their actions on JUDGEMENT DAY.. Smith Family I Love U N We Will Make It Thru. Jah grant my family the serenity to accept what has happened and what we can’t change, the courage to change what we can, n the wisdom to know the difference. (tears,tears,tears) We Love U COLFORD, u will definitely be a miss.

  23. Winnie says:

    14 mins on secne from the time of the first call totally unaccepatable under any circumstances. I know they are not responding from the station which is nearby. If we have officers out on patrol and they are not going to respond because its a firearm incident, then by all means we need at least 1 officer per car thats armed….. When the Royal Bahamas Police Force started arming officers thay made sure at least 1 officer per patrol unit was armed. So I in my humble opinion think the BPS needs to review their MO. Having some patrol units with unharmed (firearms that is)officers only is defeating the purpose….. Yes I know everyone wants to go home to their families at the end of the day, however the dynamics of policing in Bermuda have changed over the past 2 years, therefore officers know what the job entails. If officers are not willing to respond to dangerous situations then they are in the wrong line of employment….. NB I did not say foolishly throw/expose your self to danger, firemen know when they sign up there’s a great possibility of things getting hot, it is what it is. RIP young man, my condolances to the family. God bless the BPS and God bless Bermuda.

  24. In General says:

    Ok – So people are ripping on the police. There responce was slow yes – but if you look at the previous article on the crime the ambulance is showing up with an established police presence there. Meaning that if it took police 15 mins to respond it too the Ambulance MORE than 15 mins. Lets be honest – when a 911 call is made ALL emergency responce units are dispached. The long and the short of it is perhaps there needs to be a review to police responce to crimes, AND in order to save lives the medical professionals need to get there a hell of a lot faster!

  25. Winnie says:

    I’m def not ripping the police they do and continue to do a wonderful job, however at times situation arises that may highlight certain short comings….. When taxpayers fork out millions for a 400 plus man/woman police service for 60 plus thounsand population, I think they should be held to the highest standards, I challenge anyone to take a drive from say Barnes Corner to Somerset pharmacy and time yourself….. Now imagine if you had access to a siren which allows you to go at a faster speed. 14 Mins response time UNACCEPTABLE of course the purpetrator(s) of these wonton acts of violence and blood shed won’t hang around waiting for BPS to show but Christ we live on a 22sq ml island……We are all in this together

    • navin r. johnson says:

      ok so would 5 minutes make everyone happy? 3 minutes? the shooter would still be long gone if that is the inference. seems like the focus of this forum is all wrong as The Police did not shoot Mr. Ferguson..there were apparantly witnesses who I trust gave a description or saw something and hopefully they were not the same witnesses who took 30 minutes to call the Police in the first place…perhaps his life could have been saved if the witnesses response was quicker

      • Bermudian at heart says:

        I understand that the perpetrator was long gone. My problem with the police taking so long is not only does it give these shooters the idea that the police take long to show up at these types of crimes, but it also allows more time for the scene to be contaminated by nature or humans. If your grevience is with the bystanders taking so long to call the police, so be it, I cannot confirm if that is true. But it still took the police 15 minutes to attend the scene after they had recieved the call which was stated from their own. My biggest fear is that if it takes the police 15 minutes to respond to an incident close to a prominent police station, how long would it take for them to arrive at a scene near to my residence?

  26. Winnie says:

    @Navin its the response time from the call was made to the time BPS showed up on scene, we can’t sit back and say its OK that’s fine it is not, they BPS are having a retreat and i’m sure something like this will come up.

  27. Terry says:

    Winnie, the retreat was held 3rd/4th February.

    Therein lies the irony.

  28. ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

    In my opinion the Bermuda Police Service need to re-arrange their action plan ASAP. Too many ppl r being shot and this is a fact. Meanwhile the public are being told that ONLY a particular group of qualified officers can attend a shooting incident and it takes them a certain amount of time to get to the crime scene. ok so now what s wrong with changing that for the sake of the public? Protect and Serve!!!!

    Not saying that the police r at any fault either but we the public need to see a better effort being made because they r paid a decent dollar to do their job

    • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

      p.s also if the police arrived sooner there would be no person contaminating the crime scene or snapping photos

  29. Very inconsiderate says:

    Morning Bernews do you know what they arrested the 26yr old at Charing Cross for

  30. ms. says:

    this so said!!!!!