May 24th: Police To Maintain High Visibility

May 19, 2011

Supported by the Bermuda Reserve Police and the Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Police Service said they will be “conducting high visibility patrols” and are “intent on deterring those members of the public that might seek to disrupt the holiday with acts of violence and criminality.”

Superintendent Martin Weekes also spoke on water safety, road closures due to the May 24th races, loud music, road safety and asked for the return of the No Parking cones.

The full statement from Superintendent Martin Weekes is below:

The Bermuda Police Service takes this opportunity to advise the public on a number of matters to ensure a peaceful and safe time during this year’s Bermuda Day holiday weekend; the actual Bermuda Day holiday will of course be celebrated on Tuesday, May 24th.

High Visibility Patrols

The Police Service will be conducting high visibility patrols throughout the weekend with the intent of making Bermuda safer.

In line with our strategic intents to reduce problems associated with guns, gangs & violence, the Bermuda Police Service are intent on deterring those members of the public that might seek to disrupt the holiday with acts of violence and criminality.

Patrol units assisted by their colleagues from the Bermuda Reserve Police, will be paying particular attention to incidents of public disorder, weapons possession and public drug misuse. Certainly, those persons who are not deterred by the presence of the police and commit these offences can expect to be promptly arrested and delivered to the Courts.

Road Traffic

Over the holiday weekend and into the public holiday on Tuesday, another concern will be the volume of traffic that will be on our roads. We are asking the public to exercise care, caution and courtesy while driving, especially when considering the high volume of collisions that seem to traditionally occur on holiday weekends.

Additionally, we encourage members of the public not to drive if they have consumed any quantity of alcohol; even if they think they are below the legal limit. This approach by the public will go a long way to reduce collisions and keep our roads safe for everyone. We would ask the public to think about this Bermuda Day weekend and do their best not to spoil it for everyone by drinking and driving and being involved in road traffic collisions.

Loud Music

Loud music complaints are also a problem associated with this Holiday and we accept that the celebration of Bermuda Day brings with it a party atmosphere. We ask two things of the public: patience and tolerance on the part of the complainants, along with a display of respect and courtesy on the part of the subjects. We encourage members of the communities that they live in to work together to keep the peace in the neighbourhood and avoid the involvement of the police.


Bermuda Day traditionally marks the start of the boating season in Bermuda and we expect, weather permitting, that our waterways will be very busy. A full compliment of officers from our Marine Unit, supplemented by the Bermuda Reserve Police and the Bermuda Regiment will be on patrol in our waters to deal with marine incidents. We would like to remind the boating public to ensure that their vessels are registered; that a current 2010 decal is prominently displayed on the starboard side of the vessel; that they ensure that all required safety equipment is on board; that they are carrying enough fuel for the intended journey. It is also recommended that they file a float plan if they intend to go offshore.

Additionally, speed is an issue not only in maritime collisions but in the general nuisance factor that is experienced by boaters at anchor near the shoreline. The boating public is reminded of the need to exercise care and caution around other vessels and to be on the lookout for swimmers. To this end, the 5 knot – no wake areas will be strictly enforced in order to calm the marine traffic. We also encourage that persons do not mix any use of alcohol with power-boat operating or sailing.

Races & Parade

The public is reminded that on Tuesday a number of roads from Somerset to the City of Hamilton will be closed and they should plan alternate travel routes accordingly. The Bermuda Police Service will endeavour to reduce disruption of the motoring public to a minimum however all should be aware that there will be necessary road closures.

It is particularly important from a safety point of view that the road closures in the west end on Tuesday morning are adhered to. The main road will be closed at Barnes corner from 8:30am. This year’s race will see an increase in cyclists from previous years. A total of 80 entrants have been received. The cycles will be travelling at high speeds coming out of Somerset and even one vehicle pulling out onto the road at that time could have severe consequences and risk serious injury to the participants. I ask the public to follow the directions given by police officers and marshalls on the junctions and to avoid driving onto the routes from private driveways and side roads during the events.

The routes for the Races are similar to previous years however the Parade route has been changed and will this year run from Bernard’s Park finishing at City Hall. The complete route details are being publicised by the Bermuda Government.

No Parking Cones

In the move to the new police station, following an equipment inventory it was realised that a large number of the large yellow Police No Parking cones are no longer deployable. We are aware that in addition to those that are broken and no longer serviceable or thrown into hedges and behind trees following previous parades and races, a large number are in private hands being used by individuals and businesses to control parking in their roads or outside of their businesses. As we need these cones urgently in order to properly control parking on May 24th I would like to appeal to the community to return these cones at this time. If you know where some of these cones are please call your local police station and we will pick them up. If you have them in your garden shed or in the back of your truck please drop them outside your nearest police station as soon as possible so that they may be utilised on Tuesday.

Our final message this year is to encourage everyone to exercise patience, tolerance, caution and good old fashioned common-sense to help the Bermuda Police Service to do our job.

We appeal to the public, and in particular to those persons in the community who are involved in violent crime or have friends and family involved in these crimes, to think about the Bermuda Day holiday and what it means to their community and to not spoil these events for the whole community as has happened on other occasions.

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, I wish the entire community a pleasant, enjoyable and safe Bermuda Day.

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  1. Anyone says:

    To Bernews I’ve just received this email message:

    “Hey All,
    Just wanted to let you all know what happen to a friend of mines son this morning. He was on his way home driving near BAA when a guy on a bike sped up cut directly in front of the car in the process he somehow banged the car, he thought he had struck the guy, he said he was forced to slam breaks and stop the car he said he put his head down on the steering wheel thinking oh no I struck him, he said as he pulled his head up and turned to get out of the car to see if the guy was ok the individual stuck a knife to his throat demand his wallet, then proceed to ask him how much change was in the cars ashtray. He gave him the wallet and emptied the change from the ashtray and the guy jumped on his bike and sped off. Fortunately he was able to get a good look at the person and he got a good look at the bike he was riding. All of which has been reported to the police. Thank God that he was not hurt, he is very shaken but Ok .

    So please be very Careful when you about driving.”

    Can you confirm this is actually factual. Looking forward to your response.

    • bernews says:

      Thanks……we should have something official on it later today….

  2. Bermudian says:

    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday. Party it up everyone!!!