Photos: Start Of End to End Comet Race

June 20, 2011

[Updated] Over 100 people gathered at the West End Sailboat Club in Sandys this morning [June 20] for the start of the 68th Annual Edward Cross West End Sailboat Comet Race, which saw at least three boats capsize within minutes of the start and at this time has only one boat remaining in the race.

Eleven boats went to the start line, however only ten crossed the start, after two time winner Howard Simmons sailing ‘My New Mary’ with Arthur Isaac came into contact with Anthony Smith and Zaniko Hendrickson, thus ending their race before it started.

As of 1pm there is only boat remaining in the race, all others have capsized or broken down. Most have returned to the west end, while three boats stopped at Spanish Point Boat Club. The last remaining entrants – Rockal Evans and Benn Smith – have capsized and are in the St George’s area trying to get their boat back up now.

Update: Evans and Smith finished in 2:37.00

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  1. Terry says:

    All these years and nothing has happened even close to this. It’s the bloody UBP’s fault………..either that Rudy Bailey and Steve Dickinson sawed through their masts………….

  2. LMAO says:

    No, its the OBA Fault they inherited the faults & baggage of the UBP.

  3. Bigus says:

    You could blame senator Furbert she hates everything LMAO

  4. LMAO says:

    She loves the PLP and former Premier.