Princess Royal Stops By Chewstick

June 5, 2011

The Princess Royal landed in Bermuda last night, and this morning [June 5] stopped by the Chewstick Foundation’s Headquarters on Court Street for a briefing on community issues. She is shown below being greeted by former Premier Sir John.Swan.

princess anne bermuda 2011 (2)

She is visiting in her capacity as President of the Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue, a programme for Caribbean, Canadian and Bermudian leaders of tomorrow, drawn from the public and private sectors and trade unions. The Princess Royal attended a Financial Services briefing earlier this morning, and attended a reception at Government House last night.

princess anne bermuda 2011 (1)

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  1. Terry says:

    Well, this should make my old friend Dale feel good. He may look stoopid to some in his Captains hat but what the hell have the rest of you done .

    Said in jest but irony is ‘White people still come to the area and not to just buy drugs to to help rid.

    A blessed day to all.

  2. d reader says:

    john swan on d block huh

  3. RME says:

    When was the last time John Swan was on Court Street???

    And notice how clean that street looks!? Not even a piece of paper on the ground! And where are the people? Court’s never empty. I see one dude way in the background. They must have cleared that block out or something…