Police Investigate Armed Robbery In Devonshire

August 21, 2011

On Friday [Aug.19] two men committed an armed robbery at a Devonshire home, with both suspects wearing full face helmets. They escaped with a quantity of cash after demanded money from five men socialising at the residence.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 10pm on Friday, police received a report of a robbery at a residence in the Tribe Road #1, Devonshire area.”

“It appears that around 9:30pm that day at least two unknown men, one brandishing what appeared to be a firearm, entered the garage area of the home and demanded money from five men socialising there.”

“The suspects are described as two black men wearing full face helmets.”

“They made good their escape with a quantity of cash. No one was injured. Officers with the assistance of a K9 unit made a thorough search of the vicinity for the offenders but they were not located.”

“Enquiries are underway and detectives are appealing for any witnesses to this incident or anyone with any information to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Sounds like another one of the Gaglio jobs. Bastards………

  2. On track says:

    After a week of distractions thanks to industrial disputes , now back to our regular programming .

    btw , weren’t full face helmets banned or has that yet to go through ?

    • PEPPER says:

      So how did they gain entery to this house ? news reports said it was through a garage entrance !!!

  3. Chad Clarke says:



  4. Terry says:

    Only if your not carrying a gun…..simple dood……..damn………

  5. Jaws says:

    When your son comes to my home and tries this BS, I really hope none of his family members come on here and says “my boy was a good boy why did you have to hurt him so bad he was already on the ground”. All while crying like a fool on ZBM ch 9.

    Sorry but if your son breaks in my house I will not be responsible for his safety!!!!!

    • Right On says:

      i cannot be held responsible for the safety of anybody who comes in my house while i’m sleeping, away, or with out my permission. He put himself into a dangerous environment due to residence in which he decided to trespass upon.

      Hmmm that sounds just about right. What Do u think BERMY????????????????

  6. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    They were heartless , to think they struck during a strike . What is this world coming to ?

  7. Feel the LOVE says:


    I feel you on that one! It takes a village to raise a child.

    They can get a pepperin’ from you and then from their parents (doubt that).

    Feel the LOVE.

    • rolls eyes says:

      Oh please , can the ‘it takes a village’ crap .. we’re decades past that point. No-one dares to take their life into their hands any more risking correcting someone else.
      The belief of ‘I can act any way I want’ and the inability to recognize totally antisocial behaviour is so ingrained now that the ‘village’ of old has retreated into their barricaded houses.

      Try to be ‘the village’ the next time someone almost kills you on the street with thier tarmac terrorism and see how effective it is . You’ll be lucky not to get a gun pulled on you .

  8. whistling Frog says:

    Sounds like an inside job to me….

  9. Family Man says:

    Sounds to me more like the makings of a couple of future government consultants.

  10. LOLA says:

    This is crazy I live right on the street ……. Sigh this really needs to stop…. I dont see how no one saw this as the house/garage is very viewable from the road side. I feel sorry for those guys cause that’s there hang out spot, sad that it was that close to home.

  11. KARMA says:

    While we are so quick to say beat these bastards, as soon as somebody steps up to the plate and tries to “nip it in the bud” before it escalates to this point, they get hammered by the same people saying “it takes a village.” Oh the irony….
    But yes, agreed, I think they need to be beaten breathless and left dead.

  12. gary brangman says:

    let me guess the suspects were black right?

  13. gary brangman says:

    If you take a look at westgate theres a bunch of inmates there… that went to berkely and cedarbridge the same idiots creating problems in school are the same ones right now creating problems in society…. it’s rare to see a kid that went to lets say M.S.A or Saltus caught up on situations like this… it happens but not to the level of black students from public schools in Bermuda

    • Shaking my head says:

      Wow, you really had to go there, didn’t you? So what’s your point, are you saying that if they went to M.S.A. or Saltus then it would prevent this type of behavior? Well let’s see, statistically most crime stems from poverty – and if you’re poor I doubt you’d be attending any of those private schools no matter how many jobs your momma has to work each day. And speaking of having to work several jobs to make ends meet, I doubt these kids are lucky enough to spend any quality time with a parental figure to model the behavior that we expect them to uphold. It’s socioeconomic, not racial my friend.