Three-Day Roadblock After Discovery of Body

August 9, 2011

police cars orange vallery parsons lane devonshire bermuda 11 (1)Three days after the discovery of a deceased teenager on Parsons Lane in Devonshire, police continue to remain on scene, restricting access to the road.

At approximately 9am on Saturday 6 August, the body of 19-year-old Jahmeiko Perkins was discovered by a passing female motorcyclist just west of the Pure Water facility on Parsons Lane.

Police roadblocks have remained at both sides of the road for three days since then, with officers still on guard this morning [Aug.9]

The police said the exact cause of death is not yet known, and officers from the Serious Crime Unit are investigating the circumstances of his death, which is “being treated as suspicious.”
The issued a statement, part of which said, “Anyone who may have seen Mr. Perkins, or who has information concerning how he may have died is urged to make contact with the Serious Crime Unit on 29-50011 or the confidential Crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

When asked police declined to give specifics of why they have restricted access to the road for this length of time, however police are expected to give an update on their investigation in the death of Mr Perkins later today.

Update 4:20pm: Providing an update on their investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro, Officer In Charge of the Serious Crime Unit, said: “It is the findings of the Forensic Pathologist that Mr. Perkins injuries are consistent with a road traffic collision, and not circumstances that led him to find that this was a murder.

In relation to the roadblock he said, “Additionally, the scene was preserved by Officers since the discovery of Mr. Perkins through to today in order to ensure that the best evidence was obtained. Police Officers have maintained a physical presence at this location throughout.” The road was opened today.

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  1. Foxtrot Oscar says:

    Interested to see what the Police have to say. I can’t recall a serious traffic accident, crime scene or major incident being blocked off to the public for such a long period of time.

  2. 80s Sonesta Kid says:

    gotta watch who my kids keep company with. whose bike they ride on, who they kicking ball with, where they hanging out on weekends, most of all, who are the parents of their friends… you love your kids, then network, network, network people!

  3. john says:

    police are lying

    • Dianne says:

      Why would they lie?? They held the scene until a forensic pathologist arrived here so that he/she could examine the scene before the autopsy is performed. They were not sure if it was an accident or not.. Its the forensic EXPERT who made the determination and it was the forensic EXPERT who informed the young mans family of his findings. The kid was a few seconds from home leaving a party at Ocean View Golf Course.. So I guess the Expert is lying too?? If this was foul play, then all of you people speculating need to cough up what you know.. Cause you all seem to know everything.

  4. john says:

    just mentioning bike,,ok,, the way i heard the bike was damaged he was probably rammed from behind