Man Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession

November 1, 2011

At this morning’s [Nov.1] Supreme Court arraignment session 26-year-old Gladstone Eugene Butterfield pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing a 9mm gun on 25th July 2011, but pleaded not guilty to possessing three rounds of 9mm Winchester ammunition on the same date.

His guilty plea was accepted and Chief Justice Ground convicted him on that plea. The second charge will remain on file and will not be proceeded with at this time. Mr Butterfield will have an social enquiry report prepared on him and he will return to court, later, for sentencing.

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  1. Terry says:

    Good on him. Wise move. Sing a song of 9mm and get the hell out while you can young man.

  2. US Observer says:

    Why not question him as to where the gun came from and back paddle on that intel.

    • Real says:

      @ US Observer, Do you really think he wasn’t asked where he got the gun from? If they got an answer do you think the Police would put it on Bernews. SO stupid. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say , then don’t say anything!!!!

    • richard says:

      I was lol about to say the same thing US Observer lol

    • richard says:

      Oh and by the way US Observer the only reason Real is coming at you like that is because your not Bermudian I will never under stand why so many Bermudians hate Foreigners so much it a good thing your tag name wasn’t Jamaican Observer lol then all hell would let lose on you lol lol.

  3. MinorMatters says:

    um, how many murders were committed with that gun?

  4. In Mark's opinion says:

    He pleaded guilty , why the need for social enquiry for gun crimes .

  5. shocked says:

    lets get the social inqiuiry so that the appropriate sentencing including programsd to be taken in prison can be dealt with.