‘Regiment Night’ At Warwick Camp

December 9, 2011

Lieutenant-Colonel Brian Gonsalves said the island’s soldiers can be proud of all they achieved in 2011, adding the Bermuda Regiment is better for having faced and embraced change.

The Regiment’s Commanding Officer [CO] was addressing his troops as they mustered for their annual end-of-year Regimental Night on Wednesday [Dec.7].

The CO mentioned how the Regiment’s Boat Troop was working with the Bermuda Police Service, utilising skills learned while working with US Marines at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. He also touched on the numerous promotions and commissions earned by the men and women of the Regiment over the last 12 months.

A highlight of the evening were the long service awards given to the Service personnel who had reached milestones in their soldiering careers; 14 awards in all for those who had completed from five to 25 years of service to the country.

“The Regiment has faced many challenges during the past year, but their Senior Officer praised them for their tenacity, esprit de corps, selflessness, and similar attributes that separated them from their civilian counterparts,” said a Regiment spokesman. “And it was plain to see that this wasn’t just rhetoric or empty words; these were men and women who were extremely proud of a year of service to their country.”

Although the Christmas “Regimental Night” is the symbolic dismissal until the New Year, Warwick Camp’s Full Time Staff [FTS] continue their duties until the end of the year.

And yesterday [Dec.8] the 29 FTS donned their uniforms to tend to their next annual duty — taking place at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

“However, this duty was far from patrolling the waterways or repairing the island after a hurricane — they were off to sing Christmas Carols to the patients on Children’s Ward and Continuing Care Unit,” said the Regiment spokesman. “Led by the Director of Music, Major Dwight Robinson the team gave a heartfelt performance of numerous Seasonal favourites to the cheers and applause of the patients and staff in the units.

“Major Robinson is better known to the public and visitors for leading the Regiment Band at the Beat Retreat ceremonies and numerous other musical performances throughout the year and was one of the officers promoted this year.” T

The visit to Children’s Ward was a fitting balance to the duties of the previous day when Warwick Camp opened its gates to assist the Warwick Parish Council host the not-so-young members of the community for their annual Senior Citizens’ Lunch Party. Approximately one hundred older Bermudians enjoyed the mid-day meal which was enhanced by excellent music.

“A few hours after returning to Warwick Camp from KEMH, the Regiment hosted a visit by Alan Gorbutt who was representing the Committee of 25 — the Bermuda children’s charity,” said the Regiment spokesman. “Throughout the year –- on the last Friday of the month — the FTS are permitted to participate in their equivalent of ‘dress down day’ which the soldiers call ‘civilian dress day’.

“Although they are always proud to wear their uniforms, the break from their daily wear — which they pay $5 to do -– is greeted as a pleasant opportunity. Over the year they collected $1,000 which will go to the help the charity’s on-going projects and routine work.”

The CO commented that he was extremely pleased at the efforts of the soldiers and officers while carolling for the patients and was humbled at the generosity of his staff.

Finally, Col. Gonsalves said would like to wish “Happy Holidays” to all of the members of the Regiment, their friends and family, their employees, and all those who have supported the Regiment over the past year.

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