PLP Holds Public Meeting In Warwick

January 31, 2012

Approximately 100 people turned up at the Warwick Workmen’s Club last night [Jan.30] as the PLP hosted an open public meeting.

The panelists were Minister Marc Bean, MP Dale Butler, Senator Jonathan Smith, PLP candidate Lawrence Scott and Lt. Col. David Burch. All five panelists spoke for a few minutes, finishing at approximately 8.10pm, and then took questions from the audience.

Those in attendance included MP Walter Roban, MP Randy Horton, MP Alex Scott, PLP Chairman Anthony Santucci, Minister Michael Scott, Minister Wayne Furbert, Rolfe Commissiong, and Larry Scott.

Answering the first question about the court system, Minister Bean spoke on marginalization of fathers from children and personal responsibility that fathers must carry for their children.

He said there is a need to review the laws, and in his observation and experience the “construct of family court is skewed towards mothers.” Minister Bean went to say that some laws seem “anti-family,” earning applause from the audience when he said “laws should enhance family, not divide.”

Lt.Col.Burch also spoke on the topic, saying every man in the country can do something to help — whether they are fathers or not — through volunteering and mentoring young men.

He said if we look to solve crime “solely for enforcement, we will fail,” which received applause from those in attendance. The former National Security Minister said legislation and punishment cannot entirely solve the gang problem, and that prevention is key.

Rather than “just weeping and wailing and giving an interview to the media after they are killed,” those in the community should focus on helping young men who may be heading into a bad direction he said. The Colonel also noted that the vast majority of young people in the island doing really well.

Another audience member spoke on the role of fathers in preventing young men from falling into a life of crime, earning applause on two occasions. Saying he himself is a father, he said  it seemed that some deadbeat dads had money to spend on themselves, while not supporting their children.

He said in his opinion some deadbeat dads have very nice cars, and called for men behind on their child support to not be able to register their cars at TCD.

He also said that they should be given a grace period and various warnings, and if they still fail to financially support their children their vehicles should be impounded and sold, with the money going to cover their child support debt. “We are in desperate time, and need desperate measures,” he concluded.

Larry Scott spoke after that, saying he did not agree. He said those measures would be “punitive,” comparing it to seizing a car if a small business owner falls behind on payroll tax. Mr Scott said although he was not on the panel, he could “not let the statement go without contrary opinion.”

Another audience member addressed the issue of deadbeat dads, said it stems from black men being oppressed. He went on to say that husbands not being able to provide makes them “lose their manhood” and “causes family breakdown.”

He also spoke about personal responsibility, saying that women have been carrying the weight and men have come up short, and called on men to “get it together.”

He finished by saying that to address the gang problem we have to address the truth — the war on drugs has been a failure. Senator Smith replied, and speaking on the topic of legalizing drugs, he said people have to make sure their voices are heard.

He said legislators do what the people indicate they want them to do, so while one man saying drugs should be legalized may have no affect, many speaking may. The country needs to speak on issues that are important, he said.

He also said, that as mentioned in the Throne Speech, the sentencing framework for minor drug possesion will change due to young men being stop listed and having their educational opportunities restricted.

Senator Smith — the former Police Commissioner — also said that there are approximatly 600 gang affiliated people [mostly men] and that we in the community vastly outnumber them and can all lend a hand to help prevent and deal with crime. “It’s a 99 to 1 issue,” he said, going on to speak about intervention and prevention.

The Senator also said that there is new legislation to target gangs, and that the police have been targeting gang members, many of whom are now sitting in prison. He said while there is clearly a significant amount of work to do, legislation and targeted police efforts have made an impact

At 8.55pm each panelist gave a one minute summary to end the evening.

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  1. Cancer says:

    Only 100 people showed up huh! There were 5 speakers there. Everyone in the area was invited. That’s an average of 20 persons per speaker. This shud be telling the PLP support something. The support for this party has fallen and more and more people are seeing the light. The people are tired of the lies, and scandals. It’s just a matter of time! Cog please call the election. The longer you wait the more supporters leave! You need not emarrass the PLP too much more.

    • Yup says:

      PLP supporters will do better under an OBA govt. Ironic, but very true.

    • Question says:

      How many people attended the most recent OBA meeting? Oh yea…

    • Passion says:

      Let’s see, September 1, 2011 OBA held a town hall meeting at Penno’s Wharf and according to Bernews approx. 50 people attended. Panelist: Bob Richards and Criag Cannonier. That’s works out to be 25 ppl per panelist.

      On August 11, 2011 OBA held a town hall meeting at St. Mary’s Church hall. Panelist: Bob Richards, Patricia Gordon Pamplin, Dr. Grant Gibbons and Craig Cannonier. According to the RG around 50 ppl attended, that works out to be 17.5 people per panelist.

      This should be telling the OBA something!

      • Passion says:

        Oops, it should be 12.5 ppl per panelist for the town hall meeting on August 11.

  2. haha says:

    Cancer – that’s what you want so bad but you will be sadly disappointed on Election Day.
    There were many more than 100 people there and the atmosphere was very positive and supportive for the PLP. I expect a sweep of the 5 constituencies for the PLP. Watch and see!

  3. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    The photo doesn’t look as though the meeting was very full at all – how sad. PLP has obviously lost some of its support. Perhaps even the most staunch of supporters has finally listened to soundbites such as ‘we had to deceive you’ and ‘we don’t care what you think’. Cog must decide whether to call the election now while she will still get a few votes. Waiting a few more months might be a total disaster for the soon to be out of power PLP. My sincere condolences to all PLP supporters whose party will soon be the official opposition. Think of all those otherwise unemployable hanger’s on who will be joining the ranks of the out of work. So sad.

  4. Cancer says:

    Dream on fella – dream on! OBA will be putting out new young candidates this week We plan to take this country forward – without the corruption!’ Your core base has diminished. Accept that!

    • haha says:

      Haha funny. Young candidates are good. But they have to be quality candidates as well. And they have to have some experience to base decisions on. And then you have to put them in a winnable constituency.

    • specialgirl4you says:

      OBA/UBP were the “Grand Master”, how you think they got what they have today. Suddenly they have drop their shields? Stop the Spin. They will continue to engage in practices to protect white privileged. It whites believe white privilege is under treat they will react.

      • Barracuda says:

        I’m White , and the harder I work , the more privileged I get.

    • Honestly says:

      You say corruption? Joke on some people fail to recognize what took place under the UBP candidates now OBA! Blah blah. U r all being used for what you are! The leader is phony with fake followers. All they do is critise no suggestions or recommendations. Stop complaining and contribute in a positive way.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    A meeting for 5 constituencies. Maybe 100 in the room. Subtract media, panel, party comittee members, a few party hacks who attend all meetings to show the face, whats left, maybe 15 voters from each constituency?

    Looks like a UBP meeting in its final days.

  6. STAiNED_PARADiSE says:

    A business just let 12 ppl go this morning apparently….and more will be let go in march….its just no end in site to the madness this island has reached….something must GIVE asap!!

    • Legal Reasons? says:

      i understand you might not want to mention names, but what industry is this business in?

      • ganja mon says:

        doesnt matter..of those 12, 1 is probably Bermudian..

  7. ganja mon says:

    Instead of acknowledging what was said in the meeting all the OBA fans are out query how many people were actually there. Typical of people who hear what your saying but are not listening to what is being said..

    • Think About It says:

      Please don’t confirm that you are as stupid as I always thought you were. The OBA and their supporters do not want to hear/listen to what the PLP has to say, nor do we care what they have to say. The PLP has RUINED this country. Period. End of story. Anyone who cannot see or acknowledge that is a truly lost and unintelligent human being.

      A vote for the PLP and Paula Cox, is a vote to send Bermuda to the grave.

  8. Union Member says:

    Party please have Bernews or someone stream your townhalls…your meetings are dividing the population as high school children or families with kids cannot participate due to the time. My kids are 9 and 12 and this would be a perfect opportunity for them to learn about governemnt and hear from MPs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tap into your Youth Wing and get into 21st Century.

  9. Cancer says:

    Ganja mon – we the people are tired of listening to the PLP gibberish and broken promises! Were also tired of the lies so other than what Bernews reported were not interested in what else was said! Enjoy the 35 percent hike in duty….

  10. Ole says:

    Problem with your theory Cancer Guy is that ‘ we the people ‘ are most likely not sufficient in numbers to oust the PLP at the polls.

    Enjoy your life in another altered state or states for that matter


  11. Crystal-clear says:

    Real talk! This island is in turmoil! For those that want to turn a blind eye, keep going. Who cares how many people turned up for a meeting? Really, ALL of us are to be VERY CONCERNED. Beautiful Bermuda looks like a dump with our disgusting roads, trash everywhere, speeding and loud bikes, people living with no electricity, businesses closing left, right, and centre, children roaming the streets with no discipline, etc., etc., and you lot want to argue about the numbers of people showing up at a meeting?! Now, why is the trash being collected at 8:45 at night, why hasn’t Dunscome Road in Warwick not been paved for years and years, and the list goes on, but unanswered! People don’t care anymore, especially those who continue to keep their heads buried in the sand! Go ahead, continue arguing over the attendance at Town Hall Meetings, and see how far it gets you, or how long it will be before you lose your job, home, car, bike, etc. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    • Legal Reasons? says:

      went to Elbow Beach for a walk this weekend, the place is a dump with all the seaweed laying around… and it’s the start of College Week in less than 3 weeks?! spectacular first impression for the visitors. good luck with that!

      please use W&E or inmates to clean the shores.

  12. Cancer says:

    @0le I have to disagree. The PLP won the last election to a now defunct outdated UBP by only 600 votes. With the amount of lost jobs (over 3000) because of the PLP policies, the unrented houses, flip flopping policies, unethical behavior along with the experience and new blood the OBA will rolling out – there will be a change in goverment. There are too many upset people out here and now we have lost Green Lantern restaurant. People are tired of having a government that doesnt have a clue on what it’s doing! There will be a change !!!

  13. sticky says:


  14. Red Flag says:

    The PLP Meeting last night was very positive with a lot of good discussion taking place from what I hear. The funny thing is you can count on the OBA haters to try and take the attention away from the talks and focus on the number of people in attendance. It is really funny because the OBA have yet to hold a public meeting with as many people in attendance as the PLP do. The OBA are not interested in hearing what the PLP candidates have to say because they are not interested in sharing in dialogue to come up with solutions for the issues we have on the Island, their only interest is to divide, mislead and use people in an attempt to win the Government.

    OBA= Obstructing Bermudas Advancement

  15. Bermy's Finest says:

    I actually attended the meeting and it was well attended. This is normal for these meetings for any political party. Bermudians never show up as they should and as a voter you should try to attend meetings for the PLP and OBA and not make up your mind through the media. That is my objective and at this point I do not know who I will be voting for…..

  16. I see nothing written here about a broad vision for turning Bermuda around. Sadly they seem to look very much like the Government that lost the 1998 election (even the audience), but change is not a bad thing, especially if one is willing to embrace it.

  17. Itsaboutallofus says:

    I thought the meeting was well attended and well delivered. I am a resident of Warwick West where Jonathan Smith and Jeff Souza are running. Jonathan has my vote hands down. I was pleased to see all 5 PLP representatives for Warwick on one panel fielding questions and comments. I didn’t see 5 individuals as much as I saw a team ready to work for the parish of Warwick.

    I think many OBA supporters feel that just because all they see is doom and gloom in the government, that all people feel that way. But they are mistaken. Most people realize (1) that a government is not perfect, and (2) there are often factors out of one’s control that can affect outcomes.

    Premier Paula Cox is trying her damndest to ensure Bermuda’s survival. She is a woman of intellect, ethics and courage. What I find so interesting is that in 2009 some of her most ardent haters now, were clamouring for her to overthrow Dr Brown. Now they dont want anything to do with her. I think that is more to do with the disingenuous nature of these people. Whoever the PLP Leader is, they automatically are programmed to hate. I wonder why?

  18. jt says:

    Any tough or probing questions asked?

  19. Cancer says:

    That’s because the PLP have destroyed this island with unethetical behavior, lies, deceit and coverups. The Cog knew what was going on in the past and continues to ignore those facts. Now that the country is in a depression yes depression all you PLP bloggers along with the Cog want the OBA ideas to get us out of this mess the PLP created with their flip flop policies. Best thing PLP can do is P lease L eave P olitics…