Photos/Video: Air Force In Bermuda

February 17, 2012

At approximately 1:00pm yesterday [Feb.16], the east end was awakened with the loud sounds of arriving military aircraft from the Royal Air Force.

Four fighter jet type aircraft parked on the north ramp and a large Royal Air Force aircraft parked at the main terminal. Military personnel were seen removing bags and luggage from the Royal Air Force plane.

The large plane appeared to take on fuel before departing the island a short time later. The jets also received fuel and were secured as the crew left the airport.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Tornados flying down to the Falkland Islands.

  2. reality check says:

    saw them they look cool! i wish they had tours or sumthing

  3. Eastern says:

    For those persons that live in the east end this is not news.

    These aircraft pass through Bermuda about every other month. I believe that they are either returning to England from a Royal Air Force base in Central America or travelling to their base in Central America from England.

    They are always accompanied by a refuelling plane; usually a VC-10

    • Observer says:

      This time it’s an L-1011 Tristar. I’d love to know if they’re still here, or when they plan to depart. I come from a long line of aviation enthusiasts…

  4. $$$ says:

    LOL KNO DHAT. Guys gonna be smokin real good soon. D Package has landed everyone i repeat d package has landed

    • Bryan says:

      Yep ..but nobody want’s to acknowledge that is what the deal is..

  5. Cool says:

    Really nice. Bernews do you know when they will be leaving my kids love to watch them take off.


  6. March Hare says:

    “At approximately 1pm the east end was awakened…” seriously? I’d been awake six hours by then. Are they in a different time zone up there! Lol

  7. Cool says:

    It should say rattled by the loud noise not awakened. I am up at 5am every morning and I live in St.Georges.

  8. Bermy says:

    Fot those of you that are interested, the Trail is scheduled to depart tomorrow (Saturday) at 11:00 am….

  9. The Hell!! says:

    Nothing new…there was a large military cargo plane being escorted by fighter jets late last year…I wonder what was in that plane?

    • Observer says:

      It’s usually a refueling tanker…not cargo, and the tanker accompanies the jets…not the other way around.

  10. EXPress says:

    @Observer “On a slightly different note…we need an air show. It’s been too long…”

    Yes it has been a very long time, so much so I go to the Rhode Island Air National Guard Airshow annually!

    • Observer says:

      I’m heading to Farnborough for the first time this year…!!

  11. Observer says:

    OK…so we watched SOME take off; one of the Tornadoes had an aborted takeoff (engine trouble, I gather)…anyone got info as to if/when the rest will be leaving? The Tristar is still here as well as 4 Tornadoes…

  12. Malachi says:

    Better increase security!!

    Don’t want a gang get a hold of one of these fighter planes!

    L.M.A.O. :)

  13. Observer says:

    I must be a sucker for punishment…we went back down to Pizza House and managed to watch the Tristar and ONE Tornado take off…in the rain!!!