Police Investigating Two Firearm Incidents

March 20, 2012

Police are investigating two firearm incidents that occurred last night [Mar.19] in Hamilton parish and Paget. No one was injured in either incident.

The first incident happened at around 10:30pm last night at a residence in the Trinity Church Road, Hamilton parish area, and involved two men armed with guns breaking into a home and stealing personal items and a black SYM motorcycle which they escaped on.

The second incident occurred about an hour later in the Westwood Lane, Paget area, and saw the male victim accosted by two men on a motorcycle, one brandishing a gun.

Police said they have not formally linked the two incidents, however all lines of enquiry are being pursued – including the possibility that these incidents may be related to each other or other offences.

A police spokesperson said,”Police are investigating a reported burglary that occurred around 10:30pm on Monday, March 19th at a residence in the Trinity Church Road, Hamilton parish area.

“It appears that two unknown men gained entry into the home, both brandishing what appeared to be firearms. The intruders stole personal items, as well as a black SYM motorcycle bearing license plate BR438, which they made their escape on. The occupants of the home were not injured.

“Police are also investigating a reported attempted robbery that occurred around 11:30pm on Monday, March 19th in the Westwood Lane, Paget area. It appears that the male victim was accosted by two unknown men on a motorcycle, one brandishing what appeared to be a firearm. The Paget man was not injured and nothing was taken during the incident.

“The suspects in the Hamilton parish incident are described as a dark skinned male, approximately 5’7” tall and a light skinned male, approximately 5’8” tall. They were of slim build and medium build respectively, wearing dark coloured clothing, blue jeans and dark coloured helmets with dark coloured visors.

“The suspects in the Paget incident are described as approximately 6’1” tall and 5’10” tall, wearing dark coloured clothing. The two males were on a dark coloured motorcycle, wearing a dark coloured helmet and a light coloured helmet respectively, with dark coloured visors.

“One of the offenders was dark skinned. Officers are particularly interested in speaking with the male driver of a car – possibly a Renault car – who may have been overtaken in the vicinity of Red Hole boatyard around 11:30pm Monday, March 19th by this dark coloured motorcycle heading in a westerly direction.

“While detectives have not formally linked the two incidents, all lines of enquiry are being pursued – including the possibility that these reported occurrences may be related to each other or other offences.

“Detectives from the Serious Crime Unit are investigating these incidents, and others that have occurred in recent weeks. There are lines of enquiry that are being pursued, and items have been seized that will forensically examined.

“The public will see a heightened police presence in some areas, and while this may cause some inconvenience we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum while guaranteeing that those who may engage in criminal activities will be given closer attention.

“Anyone with any information about either of these incidents is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the confidential and independent Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Chart says:


  2. Terriwitter says:

    Welcome to Bermuda. Gun Brandishing capitol of the world. Wear your dark visor with pride!

    Dark visors don’t do gun crime, people do gun crime, think I need a rum.

  3. Old Furberts kettle says:

    Do we know the approximate age of both of the dark skinned invididuals sought.

  4. BATMAN says:

    Funny thing is last night when I left my honeys apt in St.Geo I ventured pass that area around that time. I was thinking to myself not many bikes on the road tonight. I was also thinking people are afraid to ride at night because of all the crime after hours.

    On my bike was my Mr & Mrs Protection. (THINK ABOUT IT THEY BRING PAIN)

    I’m telling you if these young men are your sons or relatives God will not be on their side when they try to rob me!

    When I Supreme Court I will tell the jury “I was afraid for my life”.
    Case dismissed!

    • BATMAN says:

      When I go Supreme Court!

    • Come correct says:

      Im with you there batman, whoever their parents are, do yourselves a favor and stop them, the most valuable possessions I have are my parents and I will do everything within my power to end your life if you compromise theirs. I’ve trained for that day for 13 years, an unlucky number to some, I hardly think I’ll be the unlucky one.

    • Come correct says:

      “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six”

    • Shit Happens says:

      I totally agree with you batman to much of this. I don’t want to hear no stupid talk from the police
      it’s just to much of this going on. They cant fix it i am sure i can.

  5. James s says:

    If they had a gun at the first one then surely it was a robbery not a burglary.
    Or are they just trying to keep the crime figures down in Hamilton Parish?

    • amen says:

      Why would they want to keep crime figures down in Hamilton Parish?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      This is true even if the occupants of the home were not injured they were still intimidated by the gun which is defined as a robbery. I’m not sure it has anything to do with keeping crime figures down in Hamilton Parish. I think it was just a misprint.

  6. Ok OK OK says:

    So the other guy was ‘light skinned’. Does this mean he was white or a light skinned bruthah?

    Let me guess……….

    • pepper says:

      When are we ever going to get over the colour issue ? these two men whether they are dark skin .light skin or other…. they are no good scoundrels…that think they have the right to enter our homes and take what they want !!!! that is the issue we should be concerned about bruthah…..Bermudians we need to be Bermudians not black bermudians and white bermudians, when the hell are we going to stop this crap ?

      • Ok OK OK says:

        When will the people reporting an incident make a reasonable description of the criminals? I think the public needs to know whether light skinned means of European descent or African. In the same way it would be good to know whether he was a midget or ten feet tall.

        Light skeeened don’t mean sheeet.

        Ben de wisors

        • amen says:

          Light skinned is not a term used to describe someone of European descent, they would say “white”. So yes light skinned means he was a lighter skinned black person.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            I agree light skinned is not considered of anglo origin but I also agree with Ok OK OK in regards to better descriptions. There are many shades of African descended people in Bermuda & many have different features. Some African descended Bermudians have thin noses some have thick noses some have freckles some don’t some have have reddish hues to there complexion some have yellowish hues some even have blue eyes. Though we will not be able to tell any of this till they BAN VISORS. For those who have SENSITIVE EYES Makin Waves is open again so go get yourselves some clear ski goggles at least they’ll only partially cover your face so we can still see who you are.

            • amen says:

              Yes I agree on that as well I was just clearing up the light skinned part. The descriptions are always bad though and they are usually the same-dark skinned between 5’8-5’10. They need to be more descriptive because a lot of people meet that generic description. It’s not helpful at all.

  7. Oyeah says:

    The platinum period is here fab eh????????

  8. Concerned says:

    Hello BPS? No public statements? No strategy to tackle these crimes or provide residents with any reassurance? I guess you wanted to end on a high note when you reported crime was down.

    • Death to party politics says:

      They have no reassurance to give us. My reassurance is my machete next to my bed( though that isn’t much good wih a gun pointing at you). WE have to protect ourselves. I have a wife, son and my home to protect. Enter my domain at your own risk. Though to show how much the law is an ass, someone comes into your home to do god knows what, you beat the crap out of them and then YOU’RE in court for assault!!

  9. Confused says:

    Enough is enough, maybe its time for the people to take the streets back, I am willing and ready to arm myself. Sure some of you will say this is foolish and we should pray for better days, but guess what, the praying is not working. Its at a breaking point. Someone please tell me why the PACE laws allow the police to search me and my car and occupants after being pulled over for tinted windows, yet Pedro and Rollins stand in court, saying they know who the gang members are and where they live, but the PACE law does’nt allow them to kick a door in and search a house??? All I can say is this, rob me and my people, I hope you pull the trigger poppa because if you don’t or you miss (which is likely), bermuda maybe seeing its first case of justifiable homicide due to self defence.

    • Shaking the Head says:

      You’re right on that one Confused. For some reason the laws seem to favor the people most likely to be involved in the serious crimes. If the police know who are the gang members, kicking in the door seems just as justified as stopping a car for having some minor infringemnet like having a light out, then searching everyone. Time for more action, less talk, and where is the Premier and Minister of National Security? If a TIEA is signed there are plenty people at the photo ops, but armed robbery seems to be ignored.

      • tricks are for kids says:

        @ Confused and others…you need to be careful what you put in print..if anything was to happen as you’ve described in your comment it can be deemed as PREMEDITATED. It’s alright to be angry and annoyed at what is happening but be careful of what you put in writing. I’m angry at what is happening and if I were to experience it let’s just say “If you could read my mind you would be traumatized for life”. You see that is an open ended statement and leaves room for thought and speculation…unlike “homocide” But I feel you though….enough is enough….

  10. hmph says:

    @ Concerned i agree with you. about your statement on BPS. The only thing more shocking than these crimes is the bps reaction to it, and the governments reaction to it.
    They wait for things to die down and then come out with a public statement saying crime is down. And it is a down right lazy attitude why doesn’t anyone want to fix this problem and have passion for fixing this problem? We are waiting for this problem to go away on its own and it has only increased.
    What is it going to take for police to start knocking doors in and draggin some of these guys out of their mothers homes? I mean its guys that get high everyday and are not doing anything.
    I just dont get it, hope the police or whoever stands behind the police on this decision do something soon.
    a lot of people said after some of the first shootings that people will start barging in homes with guns and now this is what is happening.
    BERMUDA POLICE SERVICE you should have started arresting people right after the third or fourth gun shooting, busting in homes and all these guys with 300 a day drug habits living with their moms arrested them and find out what they do everday.
    I mean do we have a proactive police service in BDA yes or no? if not then lets call in a army from overseas and have 700 soldiers marching the streets 24/7 making arrests. I mean it is time for drastic attention to this matter!
    Hello Hello BPS you here?? Hello government??
    Do something for crying out loud!

  11. James Goodfellow says:

    Hunt these animals down and exterminate them. No judge or jury just throw them in the water out at North rock and have Osbourne deal with them.

  12. hmph says:

    Anyone over 32 years old will remember when the bda regiment would go to someones house at 4 oclock in the morning to arrest someone for not showing up for miliary duty. Over 3 trucks sometimes with police at times.They would wait at airports for someones arrival if they knew you were coming on a flight and arrest. They would go to football games and arrest people while the game was going on. They would go to bars and arrest people.
    Why not this sense of urgency for shootings?
    Just letting BDA go down like this is not a wise move at all

    • Yayo says:

      Thats real sh^t. Makes you think either they don’t want them off the streets or they scared of them. And I would hate to think my police service is scared of these thugs.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Of course their scared, the majority of our police force are rookies or expats from countries where the military upholds the laws. Probably the most hardcore out of them is the British officers but there’s not enough of them to cover the whole of Bermuda. We need some North American officers here to get things done as I typed before preferably Canadians.

        • enough says:

          The extent of your idiocy never ceases to amaze.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Hey enough! Where have you been? I really missed you! I directed a few questions to you in some previous articles but you never answered back. WHY WERE YOU IGNORING MEEEE! LOL! Now I see your using the insults with the root idiot again on me but thats a bit played out now here’s some new ones just to keep your post fresh asininity, cretinism, fatuity, fatuousness, imbecility, inanity & insipidity. You can use that copy & paste technique I suggested for PDFs on these also. ;-) It’s great how you stick up for Bermuda law enforcement while claiming to have no ties in it. I think you would be a great police officer.

            I’m a bit disappointed you haven’t dropped some gems to dismantle my post. Do you not have any snide remarks about me being so frighteningly dumb to suggest that most of BPS officers are either from the west indies where they cannot control their own significantly higher crime rate so they must used their military to do so or Bermudians who have never been faced with a gunman ready to shoot them & they were would probably need a change of undies. Do you really think that if Canadian Mounties were brought down they wouldn’t run circles around ALL in our current police force? Stick a Bermudian officer in below freezing weather in a place where there are refugees who have killed special forces without batting an eyelid & see them run to the next plane back to Bermuda. We need many police that do not have an island mentality to get the job done. Like I typed before the hardcore police here are the BRITISH ones who know how to handle gun crime.

            • enough says:

              You know nothing about policing yet feel free, as is your right, to pontificate about it like you do know what you’re talking about. Kind of like you did when you were spreading falsehoods about what an easily found and understood Act of Parliament says.
              I’m not a police officer, yet I choose to support the men and women of the BPS. I’ve also said here and elsewhere that there’s lots of room from improvement.
              As for some being scared, of course there is. I’d venture to guess that a large percentage are fearful of having a gun pulled on them. 100% probably. To suggest that this makes them lesser officers or human beings is the issue I have with you. If someone pointed a gun at you, ready to kill you and you were unarmed, you’d just stand there unmoved right? No, you’d find out that it’s not bravery running down your leg.
              As for Canadian Mounties or US police officers, no matter who you bring here, they will be duty bound to act within the law. End of story. So, they can be supercops for all I care, frightened of nothing, regular heros to the masses….if they drive down Court St and see a group of ‘known gangsters’ standing there and no law exists for them to interact with them or lock them up, they’ll do what local, Caribbean and UK cops currently do; have a chat with them or drive on by. That’s not cowardice, that’s the nature of policing.
              You need only read todays court dispatches to see 2 ‘gangstas’ being grabbed by the scruff of the neck and yanked into the police station by a police sergeant for swearing at her/him and obstructing her/him. No fear there.

              • Tommy Chong says:

                Caribbean officers are soft & thats all there is to it. Thats why the JDF runs jamaica not the police. Put Cornel Gonzalves in charge of the police & see how he’ll get them in shape in no time. I’ve had a gun put up to me before & of course I didn’t move but I didn’t pee myself either as you seem to imply I would. Instead I talk the guy down no sniveling & crying just straight talk in a country where grown men get kidnapped. The wannabe gangsters here can smell fear & use hard drugs to numb their own. I’ve never suggested the police here are lesser officers or human beings I’m just pointing out that they have not been trained or have the experience to deal with these types of criminals. Canadian Mounties have had both training & experience hands on are prepared to be shot at anytime thats why they are the most recognized of its kind in the world.

                • enough says:

                  You much vaunted RCMP (Mounties)….


                  some highlights (or lowlights)

                  •Between 2000 and 2009, 20 RCMP officers died on duty. There have been a total of 220 RCM P deaths on duty since the inception of the RCMP.

                  •155 civilians have died in RCMP-related incidents during the past nine years.

                  .By 2011, between 34-40 per cent of RCMP members will have fewer than five years of service. At the May 11, 2009 Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, Senior Deputy Commissioner William Sweeney estimated that the numbers in Alberta were closer to 55-60 per cent.
                  (BPS is full of rookies…..lmao)

                  .Crime clearance rates plummeted for the RCMP between 1995-2004. Macleans magazine said this measure of success fell for RCMP from 80 per cent to 49-61 per cent for some types of crimes.


                  In the ’60s, approximately 95 per cent of homicides were solved, falling to about 80 per cent in the ’80s, and continuing a downward trend in the ’90s and this century. By 2003, Toronto’s clearance rate hit a historic low of 53 per cent, inching upward to 54 per cent last year, and sliding to 44 per cent in 2010.

                  Yup, real winners…and of course I could go on and on. Point is that policing is simply not up to the police services alone. Bermuda is one of the highest policed countries per capita in the entire world….we could double it again and without people willing to give evidence, clearance rates will remain largely the same.

                  Crime prevention, of course, can’t be measured.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      That’s the regiment not the police the RPs have always been more gung-ho about getting their man. (no pun intended) The Bermudians against the draft group & some of the public have broken down this quite a bit. Besides if the regiment was involved we Bermuda would have to declare marshal law. That being said I’m sure Cornel Gonsalves could run the government better than Premier Cox any day. A sandinista group in Bermuda would do quite well at cleaning the island up though America would not like it a bit.

    • enough says:

      I would suggest that comparing Mickey Mouse arrests of Regiment ‘soldiers’ not turning up for duty (an offence easy to prove) and police arresting armed robbers and murderers is a tad ridiculous, even by this site’s standards.
      Apples and oranges.

      • hmph says:

        that is my point exactly for some silly waste of time like the bermuda regiment, the government can find ways to arrest people by any means neccesary. I dont think there is anything ridiculous about these murders and robberies, and I for one and many other people think that doors need to start being kicked down with a sense of urgency, you can paraphrase your words and try to be safe and cute with your words but at the end of the day doors need to be kicked down that was my point, even if I am wrong about the comparisons ,DOORs need to be kicked in and arrests need to be made.read my above statements not the one you have replied to but the one before that

        • enough says:

          I appreciate your frustration but the law doesn’t allow for rounding up ‘known’ gang members, or booting in their doors etc.

          Police can and should do better but without witnesses, bold, brave citizens of this great Country coming forward, it’s a tough ask for the police.

          Multiple murders and shootings are unsolved, yes, but many more have convicted felons serving lengthy sentences.

          The information required to solve these crimes lies in the community, that’s a simple reality. I’m not suggesting for one second that it’s easy to stand up and be counted by giving that information to police and standing behind it on the stand in court, but without it, we are where we are. No amount of police bashing and blaming will change that.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Like Kevin Comeau said BPS cannot expect the public to give information that will put their life in danger. Since you don’t hold my opinion in high regard why don’t you read the opinion of someone with more enlightenment to offer.


            Besides doesn’t the police have two people already in custody linked to robberies? Shouldn’t this help greatly in a reason to catching the main culprits or are the police going to wait for the addict to come collect the rest of the lap top money? Bermuda Regiment relies on intel to find draft dodgers who are most of the time not even at home. BPS should do the same since unless you can tell me any different police are allowed to bring in suspects for questioning on intel from other crooks without involving innocent citizens. Like you’ve mentioned to me before there is an act that doesn’t require any concrete evidence to seize & search people. Why not use it on gang members since I’m sure all of them can be considered drug possession suspects. It’s not rocket science it just takes some bold, brave police of this great country coming forward & making some arrests.

            BTW no arrest is Mickey Mouse especially when you don’t know what to expect. If you want to talk Mickey Mouse check out the next parade & notice how the regiment marches in better unison than BPS. Marching is not just for show its meant to train a team to work together to achieve a goal. Maybe the regiment made up of a mismatched group of Mickey Mouses can teach the BPS how to work in unison like they do.

            • enough says:

              Yeah, I can just imagine the comments from you and others when the BPS devotes more time to get better at walking in unison. Please.
              Those that do the marching do so on their own time.

              • Tommy Chong says:

                At least that will be something they perfect in unison. Calling all cars! Calling all cars! be on the lookout for a shooter on a scrambler he’s heading up de hill down de road & round de corner. oops! lost him on a 22 mile island. Oh! Wait a minute some primary school kids say we’re going the wrong way. Thanks kids! Us highly taser trained officers wouldn’t have done it without you.

                Other countries officers don’t need help from the public because do the job they are paid to do without excuses. I don’t go out on the street & ask someone else to do my job why do they when we pay them to do their own. That’s the problem in Bermuda too many people blaming others when they don’t do the job right.

                • enough says:

                  Well, I’m sure sweeping up isn’t too difficult so no need for outside help, eh?

                  The incident you refer to isn’t as cut and dried as it appears. First, rightly or wrongly, policies are in place to ensure unarmed officers are not dealing with armed suspects as best as is possible. Pursuit policies dictate how officers are allowed to drive, clearly knocking the individuals off the cycle wasn’t an option for a multitude of reasons. The suspects can and did drive recklessly, now you’ll no doubt bang on about poor police driving standards, but police are trained to various levels, who knows what level the drivers were at who had sight of the bike. Even if the highest standard possible, they must be cognisant of public safety first and foremost so keeping up with a bike, in a car isn’t as easy as it may sound on tight roads with other vehicles on them when you don’t want to get close enough to get shot at.
                  the fact that schoolkids helped in securing the arrest is a marvelous thing. they help police and haven’t been indoctrinated to not ‘prick’. community and police working hand in hand is THE most effective tool in combatting lawlessness.

          • hmph says:

            I understand where you are coming from and if the police take that approach “that it lies in the community” then you will see a crime wave on this island like you have never seen. Because women are too scarred to come forward and make calls due to lack of protection from police, and the people who do talk get ignored.
            This will either take a police force from overseas to tackle and rip some of these guys out of their homes or we turn into a mexico, where you will start hearing on the news that an entire family was found dead in a household, and then the next day you hear the same news, and then the next day and then the next day.
            So basically bda has to make a choice,police and Gov do something or we turn to a mexico , Make your choice!

  13. Rick Rock says:

    The police should be out breaking down doors, arresting dozens and dozens of known thugs. Arrest 100 of them. Hold them until they talk.

    To hell with their civil liberties.

    Make their lives as miserable as possible.

  14. Tommy Chong says:

    “The public will see a heightened police presence in some areas, and while this may cause some inconvenience we will endeavor to keep this to a minimum while guaranteeing that those who may engage in criminal activities will be given closer attention.”

    This clearly shows that the police here are more worried about stepping on commuters toes then catching criminals. Please BPS keep your heightened police presence to a maximum. Anyone who complains that this is an inconvenience I’ll get some complimentary shirts for you that say ROB ME in bright red on the back & front. If people feel inconvenienced now just wait till it gets so bad the island gets put on a curfew.

  15. Prayerful says:

    What is the difference between a robbery and a burglary? Please tell me.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Robbery includes violence or intimidation burglary does not.

      robbery: the felonious taking of the property of another from his or her person or in his or her immediate presence, against his or her will, by violence or intimidation.

      burglary: the felony of breaking into and entering the house of another at night with intent to steal, extended by statute to cover the breaking into and entering of any of various buildings, by night or day.

  16. Call it like I see it says:

    I can not understand why the media is downplaying what has happened here. Not only was this an armed home invasion, but the suspects woke a child out of her mothers bed and then proceeded to assault the mother at gunpoint, while the rest of her family was held at gunpoint in the next room. Why is the media sayin no one was harmed? Why was there no mention of the fact that the suspect were both young, one dark-skinned Jamaican man slim build and one light brown skinned bermudian man. If they are serious about catching these guys why not put out the information that might help the public to catch them. This is a very serious incident where the whole family was woken up at gunpoint and held hostage for over 45 mins. These men have no fear of being caught and the media story sickens me because it’s downplaying the gravity of the situation. These are serious times in Bermuda and it’s not going to be long before we are going to have to take matters into our own hands to protect our families. Bermuda has already gone past the point of no return and it’s time for the authorities to accept that and allow us to arm ourselves to protect our homes. The police only get involved after the damage is done and we cannot be expected to live in fear. Give us the means to protect ourselves and make it legal to have guns. Desperate times call for desperate measures but I guess it won’t happen until this happens to a polititions family. Who feels it knows

    • Tommy Chong says:

      If this is true than Bermudians have the right to be Xenophobic as this isn’t the first time a jamaican has terrorized Bermuda.

      I’ll pick up my machete & take that bullet but I’m not going down till I’ve chopped one of these freaks to pieces.

      I’m sick of seeing BPS on sunday drives & strolls! BPS give me the taser & I’ll pour water on these low lives before I use it. If your not going to do your job the public will have to do it for you.

  17. Um just sayin' says:

    It is clear that this is a pattern that these two persons are getting away with. I wonder if they don’t see that there is vigilantes out there that will take matters in thir own hands. This is a matter of self preservation, to protect yourself from these people will mean doing things that will protect self. I do believe in giving them what they want to avoid getting hurt but if their intent is to hurt you they will.

  18. lordsaint says:

    first of all the people of bermuda asked for this. when the popo was riding around and knocking these guys off there bikes and treating them hard. would u believe how many people in the public would run to the defence of these criminals. well if u dont remember it goes a little like this> “hey man why u knock that guy off the bike. he didnt even do nothing wrong, yes i know that i do not know this guy and i have no bizzness getting into it but what ur name and number so i can go and prick on you” now if the avg bermudain would take this smae mind set to the gangs we might have someTHING here. where is all the pokey bermudains at. i remember i could not even talk to a member of the public when i was a cop without somebody pokeying thier noses in. where r there people AT. BERMUDA NEED UR HELP. START TO GET POKEY BEFORE IT TO LATE.