Latvian Sailor: $48 Million Cocaine Charge

May 28, 2012

The trial of a Latvian national accused of a number of firearm and drug offences is set to begin in Supreme Court this morning [May 28].

28-year-old Janis Zegelis was arrested back in August 2011 after arriving in Bermuda on a sailboat, and charged with importing and also possessing a 9mm Beretta automatic pistol; importing and possessing 192 rounds of 9mm ammunition; and importing and possessing cocaine. Mr Zegelis is represented by lawyer Marc Pettingill.

Update:  The trial is underway, with the Court hearing Mr Zegelis was alleged to have been in possession of 165kg [363lbs] of cocaine valued at $48 million.

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  1. Soooo says:

    Ship him back home, don’t have us pay for his vacation!!!!

    • Boom Bye Bye says:

      exactly! send him back. why waste tax payer money on a trial. he only came here cuz he had problems with his boat.

  2. Red Bird says:

    He’s probably praying that he does his time here versus a Latvian prison.

  3. lifeblood says:

    A lone sailor…in possession of close to 400lbs of Cocaine… worth $48 million? Can you say f-a-l-l g-u-y

    • Owner4Comment says:

      I agree totally!!!! probobly was going through hard times like most europians are currently, heard an offer from somebody high up and took on the job #DoOrDie was his mindstate probably. But that isn’t the workings of one man hell no!!

  4. Just saying says:

    If he was a Harvard professor. He would be let off by now.

  5. TheFuture says:

    Mussbe gummintz fawlt.

  6. Tee says:

    Either be a lawyer or a politician, I am against possible Ministers getting these criminals off all the damn time, thats bull$hit.

  7. Rumandcoke says:

    Bermuda take note that a 56 year old British woman has just been arrested in Bali for smuggling $2.5 million of cocaine weighing 10.35 pounds in her luggage. If found guilty the maximum penalty is death by firing squad.
    This Latvian dude is alleged to have 363 pounds of cocaine worth $43 million.

    Indonesia , as well as many other S.E. Asian countries have strict drug laws and convicted smugglers are executed . More than 140 people are on death row, a third of them foreigners

    • Tommy Chong says:

      None of the S.E. Asian countries are drug or addict free even with the harsh penalties & most of the foreigners arrested are set up by the drug dealers & corrupted police there so they can fleece foreigners & their families for bribes. This is why so many foreigners are on death row in hopes of these countries that their family scrounges up enough foreign cash to bribe them out.

      I’ve recently talked to some people I know who have visited or lived in these countries & they all say the same thing that drugs are offered to male foreigners all the time its just that they have to be careful if excepting because it may be a scam so the police can arrest & extort you. They’ve also told me that child prostitution is widespread in these countries & is allowed by the law to happen & have even showed me videos of them walking down a main street full of girls no older than 16 openly soliciting sex.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Send him, his boat & the drugs on their way notifying every agency of his whereabouts. Imagine being hunted by everyone with no place to go.

    • Tolerate says:

      Excellent idea. And the next time one flies in with drugs strapped to him, in his luggage or in his gut, we should escort them to the departure lounge and put them on a flight to their last know destination BEFORE Bermuda.
      After all most flights come from America, Canada or U.K. Last I remember (since 911), you have to be searched when leaving. My point is we are helping them to follow up on a mistake they made by allowing them out their country with the drugs.
      Simply, “RETURN to SENDER”.

      • Tolerate says:

        After all, where is it stated that our good Customs work in detecting these scum bags should result in having to house and care for their a$$3$….

        • Come Correct says:

          These are 2 of the best ideas ive heard in the last 10 years….can you guys run for parliment?

  9. Same S**T Different Day says:

    Take the cociane and sell it to the South Americans and use the money to help the national debt.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Surely this is sarcasm since it is common knowledge that 90% of the cocaine in the world is made in South America.

      Best thing to do with all the cocaine confiscated is to give it to MAWI & allow the doctors & nurses there to administer it to the addicts. This would put most of the drug dealers out of business & stop all the break ins & robberies from happening. The only drug dealers that will be left are those who sell to the high end clients who almost never get found out but since BPS wants to continue arresting addicts they can focus on these high end guys & put the squeeze on them to snitch on their dealers.

    • Triple73er says:

      Selling to the South Americans isn’t the answer ( Fool ) it’s one of the reasons why that country and others like it say ( Mexico )for instance is the way it is,because of the thinking of people like u .. people are dying left right and center because of the thirst for drugs in south and central America including the US which is the largest contributor,to all the senseless killings that go on there and elsewhere because of the senseless thinking of people like u,u need to grow up and think like a civilized person would do..

  10. 1minute says:

    Sell his boat to pay for his ticket home.

  11. OMG! says:

    Wow he look like Santa Clause he sure packed enough snow for his trip!

  12. che says:

    thanks guys -i m from Latvia and must say that i m glad that this coke didn’t came here -we already got our own problems -since one line of heroin traffic (Afghanistan -Tajikistan -Russia) goes trough Latvia
    and overall region (Poland Lithuania Estonia) is famous for meth producing
    -weird that this guy seems since his last trip became successful at real estate market (let’s think about starting capital here)
    -i guess jail is not his biggest problem -he wouldn’t do this alone -some guys on this end relied on him -and i wouldn’t like to argue with those guys

  13. KEISHA says:


    • janis says:

      no, keep them and you will get your own Santa Claus in Christmas- you have no idea how long beard he can grow till Christmas. We really do not need him in Latvia, we have enough Santas around here :D .