Low Flying Airplane Over Bermuda Today

May 17, 2012

A specialist survey aircraft will fly at low altitudes over Bermuda today [May 17], taking high resolution aerial photography of the island, using a camera mounted in the fuselage.

As the public was advised in late March, an aerial survey of Bermuda is currently underway with the aim of providing current geographical data of the island.

Plane flying over the east end this morning:

The Department of Land Surveys and Registration, under the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy, commissioned the survey.

The Ministry issued a statement to advise the public of the low flying airplane, and said there is “no need for alarm.”

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  1. Um Um Like says:

    I hope they’ll be paying that ‘airspace’ tax described in the budget!

  2. green eggs and ham says:

    One thing this plane won’t get a picture of is Justice in the court system!

    • BobtheBuilder says:

      Unless your a Harvard teacher/graduate.

  3. BobtheBuilder says:

    Well it’s hard times and I’ve had to plant a cash crop. I hope those high resolution pictures don’t pick up on my scooby snack crops.
    Never thought I would do this but dang I gotta eat. Job loss is a “mother father.” lolololol

  4. Chart says:

    Looking for unapproved building developments? Get ready for the “retroactive planning application” shakedowns! And remember they just raised those fees massively!

  5. Joonya says:

    EB Airlines.. hmmmmm…

  6. J says:

    Well… ders only one thing left to do… get naked and lay out on di patio!!

  7. Jammys says:

    Search for ganja


    I do understand that a survey aircraft will be taking high resolution aerial photography of the island, using a camera mounted in the fuselage.I GET THAT!! MY MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION NOW IS WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THESE PICTURES AFTER THEY ARE TAKEN! WHO WILL BE REVIEWING THESE PICTURES? WHO WILL BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER? IS THIS REALLY A SURVEY AIRCRAFT OR A DEA AIRCRAFT THAT”S MY NEXT QUESTION CAUSE ALOT OF PEOPLE BELIEVE ANYTHING UNLIKE MYSELF! SOMETHING SEEMS SUSPICIOUS ABOUT THIS! PROBABLY READ IN TOMORROWS PAPER HOW MANY PATCHES OF WEED THEY FOUND TODAY! This could all be a GUISE to get close enough to peoples homes and not cause any concern because they have told the public that they are only taking high resolution photography!

    • click says:

      You can see two large examples of what these pictures end up being used for hanging on the wall at the dept of planning .

      This is hardly the first time this has been done and everytime it’s the same thing from the conspiracy theorists .
      No-one has ever been busted after one of these photo missions. Does smoking herb make one paranoid too ?

  9. 1minute says:

    I guess I can’t skinny-dip in my pool today…

  10. Observer says:

    SUSPICIOUS…are you serious?

  11. Victor says:


  12. Razor says:

    How much is this costing taxpayers?