Police Discourage Circulation Of Child Abuse Video

May 13, 2012

Noting that there is no way to control the distribution of information, police have “discouraged the dissemination” of an overseas video which shows a child being abused by an adult.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a video being circulated locally via BlackBerry and social media. The footage is believed to have originated overseas and apparently shows the physical abuse of a child by an adult.

“While there is no way to control the distribution of information through various technological means, we continue to discourage the dissemination of similar electronic messages by the public. Anyone with any information regarding incidents of abuse should contact the Vulnerable Persons Unit directly on 247-1678.”

While the police have not confirmed the video is the same one, a video showing child abuse went viral worldwide this week.

CNN reports that, “A video of a teenage Malaysian mother beating her baby daughter has generated a storm of outrage online a year after it was filmed, prompting the Malaysian Police to announce that the woman is already serving an 18-month prison sentence for the offense.

“The Malaysian Police said they had received hundreds of complaints and comments about the case after the four-minute video of the mother repeatedly striking the baby with her hand, her foot and a pillow went viral.

“The mother was 18 years old when she inflicted the beating on her 10-month-old child in May 2011, according to Arjunaidi Mohamed, the chief of police in Petaling Jaya, the suburb of Kuala Lumpur where the attack took place.”

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  1. Dee says:

    I’m really curious as to why the police don’t want this video circulating. We live in a free world and it’s only through outrage and people speaking out that these atrocities are stamped out. I can understand when the police spoke out against locals not circulating pictures, videos, etc of local crime scenes (especially if the next of kin haven’t been notified) but stuff like what this video features NEED to be circulated not swept under the carpet like it doesn’t exist….

  2. uh why says:

    Why are the policing discouraging the distribution of something completely unrelated to Bermuda? Is the message in question claiming that the offense had taken place in BDA?

  3. smith says:

    i wish the bermuda police would shut tha f$#@ up!! they just continue to make theirselves look dumber and dumber. sorry ass excuse for a police service. this video has nothing to do with bermuda and bermudians are free to send whatever messages they want via blackberry email etc.. so

    • terry says:

      smith, you are one sick puppy.
      You kick dogs and cats too, right?
      This crap happens everyday in Bermuda, abuse that is.

  4. Cease and desist says:

    I watched ten seconds of it and had to shut it off. That woman deserved 18 years not 18 months.

    • So Sad says:

      I could only watch a few seconds as well and had to shut it off and then tried to find out what i could do to see if someone could track down the sick persons the one hitting the child also the one filming it. They both need to do at least 10 years for this act of abuse. The poor baby. Is there any way we can find out if this baby is ok and well taken care of please. Thanks

      • Cease and desist says:

        If you look at the CNN article linked above it gives you an update on the women involved and the baby (who is doing well in a foster home apparently)

  5. really says:

    The anger and outrage that tis video caused is needed. As bad as this is ppl need to see it if only to put a face to child abuse. Yes, it is we should wait or not post at all when it is local, out of respect for the families. However, when the victim is as inoccent as this one is, there needs to be this level of outrage.

  6. Islander says:

    I saw this video…. It was so disgusting she deserved much more than 18 months, she pinched the baby kicked it, I couldn’t watch it all. I hope someone beats the sh@t out of her

  7. Cliffalicious says:

    I myself could only watch a few seconds of it! I only got as far as
    The pillow thumping. Absolutely sickening! Immediate anger when watching it.
    Had to turn it off to harness my emotions. Worry not God doesn’t Sleep!
    The Seriousness of this situation beside the abuse is the Police service
    Dictating to the general public about free information. Is this a free democracy?
    Guys this is not China! This case bears no legal threshold in these islands so why bother telling the public not to pass what is readily available. Actually More people will watch it because they have brought it to everyones attention..
    Why we cnt stop making this island like a 21 mile prison with dictating Authorities?
    Why cnt the law books allow everyone island wide 6 grams?????? Do we all need
    To be Harvard scholars to get a bligh?? Fed up with programmed attitudes and outlook on Life. Freedom is a must, gotta Live it! Back to the real, anybody who beats a child like that needs to be served Proper! God Bless and free up the Plants! Genesis Chapter 1 verse 29. Have a great Day!..

  8. Jamudian says:

    @ So Sad : I thought the same thing at first about all parties involved.
    However, if you click on the link provided above(second word in the third last paragraph), there is a link to a CNN article.
    The friend who witnessed the abuse times prior to the one in question; video tape that particular incident and went straight to the police, who inturn responded right away….Kudos to them and the friend.
    That mom has some serious issues. I only hope that she gets some sort of help.
    No normal mother in a healthy state of mind would do that to there own child. I feel sorry for her what ever caused her to be that way.
    I’m glad the child is ok. I felt for that child and felt anger towards the mom.

  9. Jamudian says:

    Stop bashing the police!!!
    This is a horrifying video!
    They only made a recommendation, no laws were pass about passing info and no threats were made to arrest anyone.
    Considering how sensitive this video is to most…Kudos to the police for advising the public on this.
    @ Dee I agrre with what you said.
    But don’t bash the police in this to all the others….Get your message across without anger and contempt. Please.
    One can disagree but try to do it in an amicable manner.

  10. Heartbroken says:

    gosh this is just sick, i watched the video and was immediately pissed. It broke my heart to see a little baby helpless and getting that sort of treatment. I hope she doesnt get custody back. I beg that she doesnt.