Photos/Results: Bailey Wins End-to-End Race

June 18, 2012

The East End Mini Yacht Club in St George’s saw crowds of people gather this morning [June 18] for the start of the 69th Annual Edward Cross Long Distance Comet Race which saw Rudy Bailey and his crew George Bailey sail to victory.

Competitors arrived early this morning in preparation for the big race which would see them travel along the North Shore on their way to the finish line at the West End Sailboat Club.

The day had many twist and turns as right from the start one of the race favorites Stephen Dickinson was over the line at the start and had to make a turn allowing Bailey, Gladwin Lambert and Rockal Evans the opportunity to jump out to a good start.

By the time the boats had made it out of the channel and around Fort St Catherine Dickinson had made his way back through the fleet. Dickinson and Gladwin Lambert hugged the shore line making good time while Bailey and Martin Finnegan stayed in the middle of the channel.

When the boats reached Shelly Bay the fleet had split. Dickinson and Finnegan went off shore while Colin Clarke, Bailey and Lambert all chose to stay inshore. Later, Bailey made his move and took control of the race and sailed into Somerset the winner. Videos of the race start can be viewed here.

2012 Edward Cross Long Distance Comet Race Results:

3:41 Rudy Bailey – George Bailey
3:42 Martin Finnegan – Zawadi Place
3:44 Stephen Dickinson – Pat Young
3:46 Gladwin Lambert – Greg Proctor
3:47 Ellie Wollmann – Peter Dill
3:51 Scott Fox – Klye Symonds
3:52 Colin Clarke – Wesley Tucker
3:53 David Wall – Vance Brown
3:53 Anthony Smith – Trey Smith
3:54 Rockal Evans – Christine Barnard
4:04:32 Maxwell Curtis – Stephan Furbert
4:11 Tre Johnville – Peter MacGlashan
4:12 Antoine Wingood – Fred Bulford
4:13 Rajae Woods – Kewshon Woods-Hollis
4:17 Dale Brangman – Shawn Smith

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    4052 should have been disqualified for not wearing their lifejackets. I see everybody else is!?