Police Appeal For Witnesses To Fatal Shooting

June 24, 2012

The investigation into the fatal shooting of a 31-year-old man at Jason’s Barber Shop is ongoing, and the police said they are interested in speaking with anyone who was in the vicinity from 5:05pm to 5:20pm yesterday [June 23].

At around 5.15pm yesterday two men on a bike  rode up to Jason’s Barber Shop on North Shore, and opened fire inside the barbershop, firing multiple times. The suspects escaped on a motorbike heading west towards Spanish Point, leaving a 31-year-old man fatally wounded. The police have not officially released the victim’s identity as of this time.

The police issued a statement this afternoon asking anyone with any information to contact Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro at the Serious Crime Unit directly on 247-1340, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

The full police statement follows below:

The investigation into the fatal shooting of a 31 year old man at Jason’s Barber Shop is ongoing. Investigators from the Serious Crime Unit are interested in speaking with anyone who was in the vicinity of North Shore Road, Pembroke from 5:05pm to 5:20pm Saturday, June 23rd.

In particular, detectives would like to speak with anyone that may have seen two males on a motorcycle fleeing the area of Jason’s Barber Shop during this time frame.

Anyone with any information regarding this matter is encouraged to contact Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro at the Serious Crime Unit directly on 247-1340. Alternatively, persons with information can call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. just sayin says:

    C’mon popo-man, at least put out a description. Any 2 people heading west on North Shore are a suspect with that appeal.

    • Judgement says:

      I was thinking the same thing.I wonder why they didn’t give one.I truly hope it’s because they didn’t have a positve one to give

    • Observant says:

      They can only go on what they get from the public…or do you want them to start making stuff up?

      • jusayin says:

        @observant, that’s true. hopefully someone will come forth but then again will they be protected properly if they do?

  2. Reverend Pastor says:

    Description: Two dark skinned guys on a dark motorcycle, wearing dark clothing, and dark full face visors. Bike had no plate. Oh yeah, they had a gun.

    Hope this narrows it down a bit…………. HA!

    • Judgement says:

      I hope your comment is genuine and doesn’t have a hint of sarcasm.

    • Hmph says:

      Could be yella.

      • Reverend Pastor says:

        Pigs might fly out of my butt too.

        • Grizz says:

          You think this is some sort of damn joke?!! Someone is dead and you have time to come on here cracking jokes. You are an insensitive ass and have the nerve to use Reverend Pastor! Hide behind your screen name like an idiot;comments like yours cut real deep to those that are in mourning. And just so that I don’t follow your lead, my name is Grejai Smith and I am here to tell you that I think you are an ass!

    • Just wandering says:

      Hey why does it have to be two dark men? Isn’t white also a color? Even yella gosh.

  3. Condolences says:


  4. all clogged up says:

    sad but its not gonna end. Too many of them involved in this madness. How did we allow this to happen. I look at my child and think how did I keep him from that lifestyle, when other boys got caught up. I’m not a perfect parent but there are some things you just don’t let your children do, some ‘friends’ you won’t allow your children to keep company with, and some areas your children don’t visit.

    • Peachy cream says:

      The beginning and end of a true story! I totally agree. It starts from the root, the foundation! I too am that kind of parent and pray everyday that my boys stay focused and on that straight road which sometimes have many curves. I pray for these young men and moreso for the victim and their families. RIP my brother!

  5. Parent says:

    @ all clogged up. You mean well but have it wrong. We as parents are duty bound to do the best we can in leading our children in the right direction. However, the choice lies with them. Sadly we cannot keep them locked up at home nor can we watch them 24/7. They step out the door and enter the jungle.

  6. Unbelievable says:

    When the shooting happened up Mount Hill, before the bike even hit Front St every door up 42 was getting kicked in and everybody was getting thrown into police cars. It was only AFTER it was determined that the “bike” went West that they moved off 42.
    So why wasn’t doors kicked in all over the damn PSC places? We have all known that there is protection for “certain people” so before you go askin for witnesses please show the same unbiased approach when dealing with the situation and stop being so blatently biased in your “investigations”. I am tired of seeing my people on both sides of this BS fall but only people on ONE SIDE getting picked up!!!

  7. Say no says:

    How is it these guys know when a certain person will be in a certain place, at a certain time. Someone is pricking. The cops know who all the gang members are, yet these guys are allowed to do what they want, when they want. How do you give a killer 35 years for premaditation. The law should call for anyone charged with premadition, should get life without parole. Anyone caught with a gun should get 20 years – no time off. Anyone caught with a bullet should do 10 years – no time off. If you get caught with a gun and bullets they should get 40 year – no time off. The laws need to be changed, and changed NOW.

    • Just wandering says:

      or maybe even, if you get caught using a gun and bullets then you get shot with that same gun and bullets. That would make them think twice. Although I know one wrong don’t make a right. Something has to be done.

    • SMDH says:

      There are look outs most times girls advising of their whereabouts.

      Another family left to mourn while these animals sleep @ night…. How I ask is this humanly possible? No conscience.

      May You Rest in Peace….

  8. Dude says:


    I understand the frustration… I can’t confirm or deny any bias of the police force when it comes to their affiliations, because i’m not a cop… but when its PSC dudes being shot at, why would the police go kick down the doors of other PSC dudes..?

    Likewise… if it was dudes from the second being shot at, would it make sense for them to kick down doors up the second?

    • Think Wisely.. says:

      Yes it would make sense. I’ve been informed of an incidence where certain people bring too much heat to a crew (they’re “wanted” or they run their mouth too much attracting attention, etc.) so their own members kill them. That was word on the street for [...] death. I know you’re only speaking on what makes sense, but I’m speaking on what I know. These dudes are crafty and evil.

    • Unbelievable says:

      I’m confused at what you are asking/saying. Why in the hell would the police kick down the same sides doors? 42 got attacked by police for a MOB hit BEFORE they knew it was MOB. This was OBVIOUSLY a PSC hit so WHY in the HELL didn’t they go hunting for PSC as soon as it happened? Since when do you see that many police at a PSC crime scene?? NEVER because they are out HUNTING!!!!
      AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH….why am I even replying to you when you obviously can’t understand the initial comment made….

  9. make sense says:

    TRY [.....] IN PARTICULAR. It’s not Rocket Science!!!!!! The Police know exactly what’s going on and who is doing it!! SMDH. We’ve given camera footage and a jury can still let a person walk! Sad

  10. No words says:

    When are they going to ban dark colored visors?!

  11. Sad says:

    Condolences to the family and friends at this time. RIP. Prayers for you all.

  12. Reality says:

    Its so sad to know that everyone has an involvement in this “violence”…w/o the community’s voice gunmen (not all) are able to walk freely …becuz ov ppl in power people are able to import thing that support the violence.. So askin the question “When or is the violence going to stop?” the answer will always be NO unless EVERYONE is able to make these changes. My condolences to the family of the deceased may he R.I.P.

  13. Compassion says:

    Gang violence started mostly from drugs. How do drugs get into the island? Do not tell me that these black boys are bringing in millions of dollars worth of drugs because I don’t believe it. The reason why this situation can’t be cleaned up is because there are too many people behind the scenes involved not the little black boy – but the rich white and black boys. Remember years ago when someone was bought in to clean the drug industry – they shipped him off this island as fast as they could BECAUSE HE WAS CALLING NAMES – NAMES OF THE SO CALLED MIGHTY IN BERMUDA!!!! I am not saying that all rich are involved but there are enough! The rich will sit and talk about these boys but MANY OF THEM have them have their funds in the trade (TO ME THAT’S JUST AS BAD OR WORSE). So while I disagree with the madness that’s going on, let’s really get to the root of the problem and pluck it out. I tell you a truth, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN – TOO MANY OF YOUR NAMES WILL BE CALLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My condolences to the family. Whilst I didn’t know him, people will call him all types of names but he was somebody’s son, father and brother. Peace be with you.

  14. Real Life Story says:

    Sooo, i sit here and read all of the comments that go out to Joshua Robinson and family and im still shocked. Like everyone is saying the police know exactly who is doing these terrible acts they still sit behind there cameras and mics acting like their clueless. Its not a day that goes by that everyone wishes the violence would end, but can it? A lot, of times people are to scared to speak up and with that attitude nothing is going to change..
    I am only 15 and i know for a fact that i am tired of seeing these hurtful sites everyday….. i feel soo sorry for the families that don’t go justice..
    Will the Robinsons get justice…..
    By the way i am a Robinson
    R.I.P Tattii