Bermuda Flag Raised: London Paralympic Games

August 27, 2012

With 48 hours to go until the 2012 London Paralympic Games kicks off, the flags of all the competing nations have been raised above the Olympic stadium in a special ceremony. Bermuda’s Jessica Lewis is in London preparing for the competition, and called it an “amazing moment” to watch the Bermuda flag be raised.

The Paralympic Games begin this Wednesday [Aug 29] and end on Sunday, September 9, 2012, with Bermuda to be represented for the first time in track and field by Ms Lewis. The 19-year-old posted the photo below on Facebook saying: “This is it! The Olympic stadium!! All the races I have been training for will take place here.”

Lewis will represent the island in three events: on September 1st she will compete in the T53 100m, on September 6th she will compete in the T53 200m and one day later she will compete in the T53 400m. She goes into the Games ranked in the top 12 in the world in all three events.

She will become the first ever Bermudian track & field athlete to make a Paralympic appearance, and the fourth athlete from Bermuda to compete in a Paralympic Games, following after Kirsty Anderson, Phyllis Harshaw and Sandy Mitchell who all competed in Equestrian events.

When posting the photo below on Facebook showing her in front of the Bermuda flag, Ms Lewis said: “Bermuda has been officially welcomed to the London 2012 Paralympic Games! What an amazing moment watching the flag being raised!”

Lewis’ mother Barbara Lewis said, “It was very emotional with many of us getting teary eyed behind our sun glasses.” She said the flag raising ceremony included a wonderful poem about perseverance and champions. “The whole experience was amazing and made us so proud to be here,” said Mrs Lewis.

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  1. William DeSilva, Jr says:

    GOOOOO Jessica – we know you will represent Bermuda well, and make us proud of your efforts.

    Good luck & best wishes – Willie, Cindy, Alana & Alexa

  2. Concerned says:

    Congratulations Jessica.

    Now let’s get our flags flying at our airport!!

    • Ronell lANDY says:

      Really this is Jessica’s time it has nothing to do with flags at the airport.

  3. pebblebeach says:

    Good luck Jessica

  4. St. D says:

    Go like the wind, Jessica!!!

  5. Bda Girl says:

    Go Jessica! Make us all proud!

  6. Kat says:

    Best Wishes Jessica. You have made Bermuda proud.

  7. 32n64w says:

    Good luck Jessica!!

  8. Blankman says:

    Go Jessica. You’ve already made us all proud by simply being there.

  9. Guess Who says:


    I remember how fast you were when I had the opportunity to coach you in wheelchair basketball at WindReach. No one could catch you then, and I sure hope they don’t catch you now. Have fun and I am proud of you.

  10. Moonbeam says:

    Soooooooooooo proud of you Jessica !! Luv u too !

  11. just a librarian says:

    Good Luck Jessica!!!! Wish you all the best and have fun!

  12. Hudson says:

    Jessica – you are making us all so proud just by being there. Enjoy every moment!

  13. Graham Maule says:

    I am sending my best wishes to my cousin Jessica, as she prepares to represent Bermuda.
    To me, she has already shown us what it means to be a Champion.
    You have made us all very proud, Jessica, and the entire island of Bermuda is supporting you and rooting for you. Please remember to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! We will always be proud of you, regardless of any result.