Minister Minors Responds To Labour Report

October 18, 2012

Following the release of the Department of Statistics Labour Survey which shows unemployment has doubled from 4% in 2009 to 8% in 2012, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Patrice Minors gave an overview of some of the initiatives Government is undertaking in respect to employment.

Minister Minors said, “In the immediate or short term, we are helping Bermudians to adjust to the changing labour market so that they can secure jobs and prepare themselves for better jobs in the future. But Bermudians can be assured that overall, this Government is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that we promote long-term sustainable growth in Bermuda in a variety of ways.”

She said, “One of our aims is to help the unemployed ‘reinvent’ themselves, so they are ‘job ready’ and can work within the current job market. For most, it means starting a programme to upgrade or change their skills. For some, it means taking a job that they may feel is below their skill level, while they learn new skills to meet the requirements for a better paying job.

“We have already rolled out the Waiter/Server programme, the Drywall Programme, the Nail Tech Programme and the Accounting Certification programme. Additional training and retraining programmes that lead to real jobs will be made available in the coming months, also, we will build on past programmes by opening these up to new applicants.”

Minister Minors continued, “One of our highest priorities is putting in place new processes and procedures to make the One-Stop Career Centre a reality. We expect to launch this facility in February 2013, however the principles and philosophy that supports the One-Stop are currently being implemented within the Department of Labour and Training so that officers are able to more effectively meet the needs of unemployed and underemployed clients.

“Further, The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is helping to address unemployment by working with small and medium-sized businesses. We believe one of the keys to economic recovery lies with small business owners and entrepreneurs with the imagination and drive to innovate and start small businesses.

“One of BEDC’s initiatives is to provide help to companies looking to establish themselves with secure start-up funding. The BEDC also provides a catalyst to establish a greater array of services in Bermuda that, in turn, are attractive to both international businesses establishing themselves here and tourists visiting the island. Stimulating entrepreneurship drives job creation and empowers Bermudians to become part of the engine for economic sustainability.”

Minister Minors pointed out that some of the ingredients for a recovering economy include:

  • Growth in the tourism sector;
  • A thriving international businesses sector;
  • Diversification into new areas such as opportunities in ‘green’ industries; and
  • Collaboration with industry partners.

The Minister concluded, “As evidenced by the consultation that is occurring around the evolution of Bermuda’s work permit policies, business and government share an understanding that Bermuda is a strong country and has the potential to be even stronger.

“In tough times, it is important that we collaborate even more to overcome the challenges we face. The Government is committed to working with business to ensure that the economy grows and that more jobs are added to ensure greater employment opportunities.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    It wasnt me It wasnt me…..when do they (politicians) ever take responsibility for anything they are responsible for? She is on a sinking ship and is trying to keep her head above water for as long as possible….glug glug….

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    “But Bermudians can be assured that overall, this Government is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that we promote long-term sustainable growth in Bermuda in a variety of ways.”

    What exactly are the steps of which you speak?

  3. swing voter says:

    Growth in the tourism sector; “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU ARE KIDDING RIGHT?”

    A thriving international businesses sector;”PLP POLICIES IMPEDED IB”

    New areas such as opportunities in ‘green’ industries; “THIS WAS DRIVIN

    Collaboration with industry partners. “NOW I KNOW YOU’RE JOKING”

  4. Serious Though says:

    Minister Minors pointed out that some of the ingredients for a recovering economy include:

    Growth in the tourism sector;
    A thriving international businesses sector;
    Diversification into new areas such as opportunities in ‘green’ industries; and
    Collaboration with industry partners.

    can somebody , FACT CHECK THE ABOVE??? need figures

  5. Your joking says:

    So again…how many jobs were given to the waiter/waitress training program…and how many are still employed…..obviously no follow up as usual….great that bermudians are being trained…but are they being trained properly enough and are they staying in those positions..if not why not??

    • Dee says:

      I have heard from a reliable source that after the recent landscapers training course only two persons actually finished the course all the others who signed up dropped out? The two who graduated still don’t have jobs.

  6. BlahBlahBlah says:

    How about at least lowering the duty on food for now as people are out of work it’s hard to buy groceries; it’s like paying a second mortgage or rent? We need to help out people right now?

  7. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    What kind of class/course do I possibly have to take to stand behind a counter and say would you like a small or a large dinner? Would you like ketchup with that? Is getting a doctorate involved? I know i’m getting a bit older but come on…….. has things changed that drastically.

    • Right! says:

      Yes times have changed since now companies have the pick of the crop. It would appear from your comment that the only stores you visit are KFC and Mr. Chicken!

      With respect to the staff working at these establishments I mean no offence since whenever I go in there you guys are busy, efficiently staffed and fast food obviously keeps you on your toes.

      I’d say some knowledge of technology would also be required and I don’t mean of the blackberry messenger kind, nor the ability to multi-task your latest facebook post and a cash register at the same time.

      Knowledge of hygiene preferably in the food business and in some cases of the personal kind would be useful.

      Customer service skills such as a polite friendly manner always smiling and a speedy and efficient service throughout the dining experience.

      And so on…

  8. Get Real says:

    Patrice Minors and the Department of Immigration should be going around asking employers what and how many Bermudians are currently employed and reasons if any, for those that have left. Surely she’ll find out (if the employers actually tell her the truth) that MANY have voluntarily left and MANY have been terminated. It’s fine to ensure that Bermudians get trained for a particular job, but it’s just as important to ensure that those same people are actually showing up to WORK!!! It doesn’t matter how many programmes have been created, it’s whether or not those programmes are effective!

  9. Richard says:

    you can’t get job when they helped close down the businesses that would have givin these people jobs. PLP is a joke now I had hope or better but the best they could come up with it kick out foreigners not worrying about the business that would sink because one sided attack. And people that cry about greedy employers or greedy landlords are people that never made a step own anything for them self they have no clue what it take to own a business and the pressures of government or what it take to own a house and the pressures of the banks crazy loan system. So just because you didn’t take a chance in your life don’t hate on the ones that did.

  10. Richard says:

    @Get REAL listen to me they don’t care about that they got their brownie points already. And remember very few almost none of the PLP own or operate a business so they know nothing of the damage they cause and could careless as long as it bring in the vote to keep them in power. YUP we got rid of the foreigners for you and yes they where a big part of our income but what the hell lol will just tax you more to make up for it now everyone is happy right.

  11. Um Um Like says:

    What a load of $h*# Minister Minus!

    BTW, you forgot that 90 minute crash course on asbestos cleanup.

  12. JB says:

    Remove the restrictions to IB work permits so the professionals from overseas can live here and spend their money. That will in turn boost the economy and create jobs for Bermudians. When will the PLP realize they are the cause of the contraction in our economy. They need to allow the flow of foreign skilled insurance and financial industry professionals into the island.

  13. All In says:

    I’ll take Grant Gibbons over Patrice Minors Eh Nee Day !!

    • Family Man says:

      I’d take Alfred E. Neuman over Patrice Minors, or in fact, any of them, any day.

  14. 161820 says:

    Go PLP!

    • Family Man says:

      My thoughts exactly. Go PLP, please go. Anywhere, just go.

  15. Fumb Duck Spooner says:

    Yo can you put dis here in uh gangster rap video cuz ah cannot dig’ you an’ it hurts muh m@tha f’kin head ta read so much Ya’ know what I’m sayin’?

  16. 3rdworld says:

    I am relieved to see we are supporting a program for more nail tech’s in Bermuda. It is a growth industry and I would encourage our youth to reinvent themselves to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

  17. joe says:

    Gosh, I just feel sorry for her. So out of her depth, and really, nothing to say.
    A waiter here, a nail technician there. Will it really make a difference?