Missing Ragdoll Cat In Southampton Area

November 5, 2012

A family seeking the return of their much loved family pet “Joey” [pictured below] has appealed for help in locating him. Joey is a mature male [neutered] cat of the Ragdoll breed and weighs approximately 13lbs. While he spends most of his time exploring outside, his home is on the hillside between the Railway Trail and Jews Bay, Southampton. If you see “Joey”, please contact Inge at 232-2146 or ipoulus@hotmail.com.

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  1. George says:

    Why is this news??

    Now if Joey was running in the next election because he thinks he’s clever enough/on par to take on our sitting MPs – that would be great news!

  2. Man in the Mirror says:

    Its probably news, because if you look closely its an OBA Cat.
    Its a black face in a white body.
    Now ain’t that some S***.

  3. Concerned says:

    look closely at the cat he is beautiful – he has a black face, black legs with white feet and a black tail – in between those colors are white/brown or taupe – depicting multi-racial which is what Bermuda is, why can’t we make every effort to get along with out fuss and bother. I am sure this loving cat is unaware of hate, crime, racism and only knows the Love of his family who is desperately looking for him. PA LEE

    • Come Correct says:

      Haha nice metaphor, the cat is Bermuda…could you imagine if his feet didn’t get along with his legs because of their color, that would be one disfunctional cat…maybe that’s how he got lost.

    • Now YOU have some sense!!!

  4. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Betcha if you saw this cat after seeing the pic, even though you didn’t think it was news, you would recognize it.

    Personally, I long for a time when lost cats are the biggest news of the day

    BTW What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL animal!!

  5. bermy drew says:

    Wtf! How on earth did a lost cat post end up a race thing! Are we actually that far past reality! Smh! Bunch of idiots! It is just a cat that someone is missing and would love to see returned safely!!!!

    • Thank you for having some sense. Some of these people need to grow up. Why are you lot so racism???? Is it really your color that makes you what you are????

  6. Wouldn't have got lost says:

    Wouldnt have been lost in the first place if the owners would’ve kept it indoors. I have many cats that come into my yard only to poo and pee all over my garden and kill everything and they belong to the neighbors who of course won’t do anything about it. What do you think would happen if I let my dog explore the out doors? Duh it would get lost. Or rather every other neighbor would be complaining to me that my dog was pooing or peeing on its property. Be a responsible pet owner and keep YOUR pet in YOUR yard.

  7. ButICanDream says:

    Biye people talk some ignorance. Anywhoo, in certain families, pets are treated like family. And, this cat is very beautiful, and possibly of some value/rarity. So stop making noise. Especially about race. Like seriously people? Get a grip, please. Ignorance is way too rampant in this country.

  8. I hope this beautiful animal is found alive and well. Bernews, will you let us know, please?