Cannonier: ‘The Office Must Be Respected’

November 8, 2012

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier took to social media to post an appeal for people to “knock it off”, as far as posting “undignified, even degrading” comments about Premier Paula Cox.

The post on Mr Cannonier’s Facebook page said: “It has come to my attention that blogs are being used to depict the Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. Paula Cox, in an undignified, even degrading light. While the practice may not be widespread, I am calling on people who are doing these things to knock it off.

“Ms. Cox is the Premier and the office must be respected. While we understand the intense feelings elections can generate, there is no excuse to engage in unseemly attacks.

“They serve no purpose but to drive people apart, and that is the opposite of the direction this country needs to go. I urge people to conduct themselves with civility and respect. Let’s all be the change for the better.”

His post received 53 “likes” — including some from his fellow OBA candidates — and eight comments. Some of the comments agreed with his point while others did not, with one person saying the blogs are a way for the “little people to express screams unheard.”

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  1. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    These negative post made by none other than OBA supporters, and racist people. The facebook group Bermuda Meme’s does the exact same thing that racist cartoonist did with caricatures depicting educated blacks in a negative light, and I wouldn’t say that the person was racist or bias if they poked fun at everyone. But they are poking fun of mainly the plp 99% of the time and their followers on the group support that.

    The Office must be respected Mr Cannonier????
    No The Person Must Be Respected as well especially if they’re a person who shows respect for others. Ms Cox a prominent educated black woman with an amazing intellect, superb poise, elegance, and humbleness that has yet to be matched by any other female politician thus far in a position of leadership or in another party, And she was like this before she was placed in office.

    Those who disrespect her are Your OBA supporters Mr. Cannonier, and if they don’t respect the character of a person such as Ms Cox then they will not respect any position she holds in office either. And truth be told Mr Cannonier your supporters only act that way because you and the OBA show no respect to the government in their eyes, to them they believe that they are doing what you are doing,…what a following of supporters you have, people that tear down the character of a person who is worthy of all respect, sounds like they same mindset of the evil racist people 50 years ago, that fought hard to try to keep segregation.

    The office that should be respected is the office of human character…. first!

    • Victor says:

      Until the PLP hierarchy apologizes for the blatant and flagrant racism of Ewart Brown and his pals, they deserve no respect whatsoever. That includes Princess.

    • timeshavechanged! says:

      @cheekums bye—whilst I agree that humans need to be respected,Mr. Cannonier is quite responsible in asking the “office”to be respected especially if it is being disrespected by alleged oba supporters; however, I believe the Premier is not naive as she alluded to in her speech at the PLP banquet, that people have the freedom of expression like they have never had before and she well aware that public office comes with public critisism..People who write negative, derrogatory comments are seeing things through their own eyes and will haveto face those demons later..Words only hurt if you allow them. Its much like the ENQUIRER or GLOBE , gossip is printed and if it is defammable then suing takes place, people are and should be free to express unless they will have pent-up anger, freedom is important and people should exercise a choice of not to read certain blogs ! Much like other distasteful matter that is ignored if not delectable!The Premier like most politicians have thick skin and understand that is par for the course!

    • Bermy Ting says:

      Posted By Bermemes on FB:

      AY buh…. Ve bies got a joke fa you lot….

      Ve got ah email about a post on Bernooze and it seems dat “Bermuda Memes” is racist and bias cuz of our pics and “poking” at de PLP and making “blacks uneducated” so we gonna clear this up ONE TIME

      De creators of Bermemes are black, been black, and are educated blacks who appreciated the uniqueness of our island, our culture, our dialect, and beauty that surrounds us while promoting just that rather than the focusing on the ugliness, political wufflessness, and arryday day violence which we all now encounter daily. We created this page to bring BERMUDIANS, and those a part of Bermuda whether being a native, tourist or expat together. We consuder you all Bermudians. Arry ding we do here promotes Bermuda in its own way, and many locals work we have posted on here have now been open to newer opportunities, deals, and EVEN JOBS

      butumsayintho….we expose the truth, not brush it under de rug like most, we call out all wufflessness, across de board…. de ding if certain Political Parties wurrnt such an easy target for idiocy they wouldn’t be on dis page

      Nuff said

      With THAT SAID…..shut up and know your facts before assuming stuff. HAVE A LOVELY DAY.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Cheekums Bie: It is so interesting to see the blinders some people wear. Derrick Burgess called Louise Jackson “Auntie” to her face, in the House! But that’s not disrespect. I know a lot of young people think they are being respectful when they call an older person auntie, but Mr. Burgess isn’t young, and he grew up during a time when ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ was a catch-all term white folks used for adult black folk.

      Many people, including myself, lost respect for Madame Cox when she failed to rein in the profligate spending of the former Premier. The level of respect dropped even further when she became Premier and retained the Minister of Finance position and continued to widen the gap between revenue and expenditure. There have been enough further instances when she has failed to put the interests of the country, in particular the underserved of the country, before the interests of party, party supporters, retention of power and retention of income, for many to have become disgusted with her performance. Despite all these international awards, it seems even members of her own party don’t respect her, much less the rest of the country.

    • david says:

      please do BERMUDA a favor and shut that gaping hole in your face that you think is called a mouth. you have taken ONE facebook page and automatically assumed it is OBA supporters. are you dumb? it is a PUBLIC PAGE YOU IDIOT! please tell me how the bermuda memes page is racist to the PLP? i am a fan of the bermuda memes page and i haven’t voted not once in my life so that must mean im CLEARLY AN OBA SUPPORTER because i choose to look the the memes for a laugh. do you see how you are expressing your freedom of speech by sharing your ignorance with the rest of the people that have read your post, well the memes page does exactly that. it allows users to create memes and express their freedom of speech, if you don’t like it then don’t read the memes. SIMPLE. GET OVER YOUR IGNORANT SELF. i usually don’t even comment on this website but your ignorant comment PISSED ME OFF.

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        1st of all I am typing and I am not talking, 2nd your blindness to appreciate garbage and be a fan has led you to wander in madness. 3rd to your question to how it is racist towards the PLP
        1)It depicts the leader of this country in a negative racist bigoted way
        2) they had a pic with batman(a white man) slapping Pala Cox (to which of course those who dont know their own history would find that sort of thing funny)
        3) all of its political cartoons is filled with bigotry towards the PLP
        The majority of Bermudians who find that behavior acceptable are either considered Christians or Muslims, judging by the names I read, and both would be highly offended if such pictures was drawn of their honorable spiritual leaders, however they give respect to and credence to this garbage?
        Its one thing to have a laugh at our way of speaking and our ways ..but to put peoples pics up without their knowledge is wrong, how can you take a pic of a homeless man and then point and laugh at him and make mockery of him, isn’t bad enough that he is homeless??
        That’s the problem with people today we put fun and having fun above our humanity,

        • Unbeliveablee says:

          Wow! this is pure IGNORANCE!!! Bermemes is an awesome page…and MAYBE if certain political parties didn’t make themselves such easy targets and actually STOOD STRONG FOR BERMUDIANS LIKE THEY SAY THEY DO THEN THEY WOULDN’T BE SUCH EASY TARGETS!!!

  2. paulaselfimportance says:

    meanwhile it appears that we are being encouraged by the PLP to degrade and depict earlier holders of this office in the most undignified manner possible.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      And all other OBA members that most likely had nothing to do with it. Case in point see the first comment. Oh who exactly are the “racist people” the above refers to as I have been reading blogs for more than a couple of years now and only contribute to this site from it’s beginning and it’s more than just OBA supporters that like to though racism around, but lets keep up the haten on one group for it while ignoring the others as the above decides to name one group and then throw out a general which makes it seem like some other alien doing it…………….


      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        not that I desagree with respecting people no matter who it is but the comment in question came off a little fake to me…………


        • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

          Name the flagrant racism of Dr. Ewart Brown…call him by his name he is DR. BROWN…Dr. E F Gordan went through the same thing..smh

          Yes however that does not excuse the behavior, the office must be respected but the person holding office must be respected as well especially when they are of honorable character. Social sites like bermudamemes on facebook have made an avenue for their hatred to come out for the present government and that was fueled by Mr Cannonier and the OBA and these are his supporters, show me where PLP supporters do that?

          @Bermy Ting

          When you have a person that is of your own race making derogatory remarks about a person who is of Honorable Character and of the same race, be it through pictures or words and that defamation of character is pushed out to the larger population then the ones who started it is racist bigot. It doesn’t matter that they are black, they are ignorant blacks plain and simple. The creators of Bermuda memes is ignorant to the fact that they do more evil than they do good. After what black people as a race went through, these idiots pick up the tools of racism and use picture language to poke fun of a person of honorable character. They are a bigoted as well because all of their so called humor when it comes to politics is directed at the PLP.
          Not to mention they have taken cartoon pics of white faces and pasted it on black faces, these pics are shown as people masturbating, and making stupid faces, if they are truly educated then why would they take the road of ignorance and teach ignorance rather than educate people?
          Poking fun of people with mental disabilities and posting their faces on the social network with out even asking their permission, is an even greater form of disrespect.
          So being black does not excuse you from being a racist bigot or an uncle tom

          @pastor Hayward..
          Debt creates wealth , if you have a full understanding of economics then this is a concept that you should be very familiar with, also who do you know that is best for the position of finance minister other than Ms Cox??? And how has she failed to put the interest of the country before the interest of party members and supporters??

          Name the other finance minister from the ubp that has been degraded in an undignified manner and show proof

          • Come Correct says:

            Those are plantation questions…sorry sometimes I can’t help myself lol.

          • What? says:

            Debt creates wealth? Talk to Greece about that philosophy and see how we’ll it worked out for them

  3. Vote for Me says:

    MP Cannonier,
    This is a good stance to take. I wonder which posters are responsible for such negative comments???

    Many of us in Bermuda tend to be unable to argue our position in a logical manner and resort to name calling, rudeness and character assassination as the basis for our responses. The challenge for all of us is to remember that both old and young, locals and foreigners read the various blogs. Thus the impact on others may be more long lasting than we imagine.

    For the balance of the election season (and beyond), I hope we can do a lot better than we have in the recent past.

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    Correct stance to take Craig, but i will not be silenced from criticising this government and its leader. She may well have grace, poise and be academically accomplished. However, as Finance Minister and Premier she has been a disaster, presiding over a decline in the social fabric of the country, rampant and unchecked spending, cronyism of the worst kind, corruption, and the alienation of the very people who contribute the most to our economy.

    She wants respect? She needs to earn it.

  5. Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

    Craig’s position is commendable.

    Now let’s wait for Paula to make similar comments to those who treat the Leader of the Opposition with disrespect!

  6. C.B.A says:

    People are obviously going to be angry with the plp, for obvious reasons. However, there are only a handful of people that I’ve seen make “undignified” or “degrading” posts. I don’t think this was the best political move because it now makes room for posters to vent about racism and make it seem like OBA supporters are all white and all racist. That would make it sound like the last election…and we all know where that got us.

  7. public at large says:

    The so called ‘negative comments’ , which are nothing more than people’s opinions , come from ALL sectors . All political persuasions and thusly all ‘demographics’ to use flowery terminology.

    To suggest that they only come from a certain group is pure and utter folly as we can not see who posters on forums are.

    But then , there are so many ignorant people walking around out there who really believe that only ‘foreigners’ and white people could ever say anything negative about Bermuda or be critical of the PLP .

  8. Family Man says:

    Its time for the fat lady to sing.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That could be interpreted at least a couple of ways. It is a common expression but there are plenty who take it as a personal insult.

  9. I wonder,, says:

    I applaud Mr Cannonier for making such a statement.. I don’t consider myself a strong supporter of either party, but right is right and wrong is wrong.. The last election in 2007 got very nasty at the end, and with the already tense atmosphere in Bermuda with all the gang violence and people unemployed, a repeat of that behavior would not be ideal.

  10. pebblebeach says:

    I do respect the “Office” Craig….please encourage the office holder to call the election and stop with the obvious electioneering Cogwash of late…

  11. ABM says:

    This is why I like Mr. Connonier, not afraid to say and do whats right, no matter the outcome or what people actually feel. Sad thing is that many OBA supporters will commend him, however in that same sentence place a ‘but’ in there and proceed to make excuses or justify why they are being rude instead of just accepting fault for the greater good.

    • ABM says:

      I expect the same from the PLP supporters as well. Stop acting out of turn!

      To both sides, as you act all selfrighteous and secrete verbal poop from your mouths and finger tips, do not get angry when todays youth behave in the same way rude way that you are.

  12. Time Passages says:

    Those who criticize and insult the opposition are ‘grass roots PLP supporters’. This who do the same to PLP are simply racists. Yeah right!

  13. E. Brobama says:

    Bernews needs a like dislike button!!!!
    I might get a team together and make my own news site with a better comments section…..

  14. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh. Can i have my land license money back?

  15. George says:

    I’d encourage all posters while making respectful posts on blogs to also challenge the generalizations/stereotypes being made to incite racial divisions in the run up to the election.

    Because someone criticizes the PLP and this Government does not make them all racists or indeed OBA supporters. In not challenging these we allow this vile political tactic to be perpetuated to the detriment of us all!

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    A very noble position to take Mr Canonier. Surely you do not expect the PLP supporters to do the same! After all, look who took the very low road before.

    The abysmal failure of the PLP has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with a group of inept people who have no management skills.

  17. Come Correct says:

    Just thought I’d throw this out there…

    Wait 4 it says:
    November 7, 2012 at 8:02 pm
    Ok pinky from a party that changed it’s name just for the sake of trying to get black votes. Now who’s the real fraud. Y U Mad LOL?

    Wait 4 it says:
    November 7, 2012 at 8:09 pm
    Talking about mommy and daddy like black people get the hell off that. Mommy told you be good to the black girl, for what reason may I ask? Forget it pinky we both know the real reason. Keep fronting the blacks in black areas, know ones buying the milk anymore.

    That’s the mentality of the plp voterbase and I’m supposed to be respectful? Luckily I was at least brought up right and don’t need to stoop to that level.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      O!! Good on you, @ Come Correct! You’ve kept copies of some of the nasty things that have been said by non-OBA supporters. Wish I had. I’ve been called “vile” for no named reason; an “uncle Tom” to my face, had my character and my pastoral designation denigrated because I disagreed with some of the present Government’s policies, and was told in writing on more than one occasion that I have been “discredited” for what reason, I have no clue. I think they are angry because I sign my name and they know I am black, so their usual racist diatribes against anonymous, assumed-to-be-white bloggers can’t be applied.

      @ Mr. Cannonnier: Good for you for suggesting that OBA supporters take the high road and not sink to the level of some non-OBA supporters. For the most part, I have tried to keep my commentary confined to criticisms of behaviours that negatively impact Bermuda and Bermudians. I will work harder to maintain that, but it sometimes becomes difficult.

      • Come Correct says:

        That’s what I’m here for, I’m making it my personal duty to call every last one out no matter what side of the fence you’re on. Speak your mind like it says below but leave the racist BS out of it, there’s really no need for it. I may say some things that are out of line but never anything racist, I have too many black friends to generalize like that, and for anyone else feel free to correct me, no one is perfect and I can admitt when I’m wrong, its how you grow as a person. As far as the Premier, I do try to respect her as much as I can, and so should everyone else, even though it is difficult after statements like “I’m just a cog in the wheel” and “I couldn’t say no to the man”. I was always taught to put capital letters at the beginning of a name out of respect, some I don’t because I don’t respect them, its not a grammar issue, but I always do with the Premier. No matter what, she is our leader and its not an easy position to be in, also deep down I think she is trying to do the right thing, that must be pretty difficult while trying not to step on any of the snakes in the grass. I’ll respect the Premier, but what about the others? How can I respect Robans shady decision overiding his ministrys initial decision? How can I respect Burgess’ right hook, especially with the rise in violence we see today? How can I respect Burch’s outward hate to IB which we are now reviewing a little too late? Its hard but people need a place to voice their frustrations.

        Pastor Hayward, you have my respect, I’ve never met you but if your personality matches the words you type I believe you’re a genuinly good person. I’ve never seen you disrespect anyone on here not even the ones that personally attack you. There should be more people like you and maybe that’s what they see as such a threat. Imagine if your unbias mentality was contageous, that would mean a serious threat to any leadership we may have.

    • Wait 4 it says:

      My argument and vote will count. Your vote is just as it always will be…. nothing, so stop trying to convince the rest of the blacks on this island your some nice man. I didn’t have all the opportunities you had growing up. My father died 3 years ago as a result of using dirty needles, I don’t need to repeat what he caught. My mom works 2 jobs, and I just left mine. For weeks you and the rest of the OBA supporters have been saying vulgar words on here about the PLP. When someone comes along to challenge you. Well let’s just say you state how you really feel about us uneducated and educated blacks. Everyone can’t have what you have some of us have to perform labor jobs. You went to college both parents are alive and well, but it doesn’t change the simple fact that you are all fake for the votes. Why else would you place majority blacks in a majority white party. Simple strategy. Mr. Cannonier had it correct when he said stop the insults because all it does is continue to divide us……and we all know how that will work out for you. So call me dumb call me uneducated call me the N word you really want to use. You have posted a great deal of bad remarks on here for weeks, at least you have the b@lls to acknowledge that. See you on December 17th.

  18. hmmm says:

    You have to ask yourself why are people posting negative comments.
    People are angry at the violence that has taken place in Bda and the lack of action by the government.
    You can’t expect people to post rosy comments when the feel Bda is heading down the wrong path.
    Nice work on Mr. Cannonier for taking the high road and respecting the office. But people are furious right now ,people are getting killed and people don’t feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods anymore. This is not some people just coming online and venting, the Bermudian community is very upset the way the country is being run.
    It is deeper than that, it real frustration.
    Best to OBA in the next election you have my vote!

  19. Really?? says:

    Respect is earnt by us all especially politicians, they cannot expect to be respected just for their positions in the country…

    They more then anyone should be aware that they will have NO respect if they inturn do not respect the people of Bermuda even if its their opposition.

    So NO Craig I do not agree with this I have felt absolutely NO respect from Paula cox or the PLP for last 14 years

  20. Free says:

    I understand free speech and all of that but a lot of people go too far. On Bermuda Meme’s a lot of people keep referring to her as “b____” or “that b____”. That’s pushing it to me. She is still the leader of this country-please disagree if you do but have some sort of respect.

  21. 1minute says:

    From what I see, Mr Cannonier is not telling you not to express your opinions, he is just saying to do it respectfully. No need to degrade people if you disagree with them.
    That goes for supporter of the OBA, UBP and the PLP.

  22. Phillip Wells says:

    I suspect Mr. Cannonier doesn’t know the meaning of the word “blog”.

  23. What? says:

    Good on you Mr. Cannonier. Now lets see if Premier Cox will follow suit and request that her rabid, racist supporters cease the disgusting attacks on anyone that does not toe the green line. Maybe this will stop the labelling of white people as “ugly pnk pings” or black non-PLPers as “traitors,” “house ni$$ers” and so on and so forth.

    On top of that maybe it will persuade actual PLP candidates (never see an OBA candidate act in the same disgusting manner) to cease creating nasty cartoons of the Opposition depicting white members as evildoers in the background pulling the strings of what they view as “black puppets” (and Mr. Famous has the nerve to argue the PLP has never attempted to divide the black vote) that are too dumb to be known that somehow they are being used. Maybe, just maybe it will stop the same “rising star” from creating cartoons depicting Opposition women as nothing but bimbos that have no idea where they are and what they are doing. Or perhaps it will prevent from another one of their “rising stars” from embarking on a what appears to be a drunken (one can hope he wasn’t sober) tirade against an individual simply because they were white and not part of the PLP. Lets not even get into the downright nasty verbiage that has been spewed from the likes of Laverne Furbert, Betty Trump, numerous Bernews posters, Col. Burch, John Gibbons, Derrick Burgess, Ewart Brown, Walter Roban, Marc Bean, Rolfe Commissiong et al. towards any that dare to oppose the divine PLP.

    But I know I am wishing upon a star as they this despicable behaviour will never be condemned by the PLP as they feel that such speak is justifiable and commendable. And then they whinge about why no other demographic rushes to join their ranks.

    You reap what you sow.

    But either way Mr Cannonier I commend you for speaking out and showing us the true differences between the two Parties.

    One condemns and the other commends such behaviour.

  24. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Diehard PLP supporters on one side, diehard OBA/UBP whatever you want to call it supporters on the other side and then the swing voters in the middle. Now all I want to ask the swing voters in the middle is this. Are you better now than you where 12 years ago and do you believe that it was all the fault of the economic recession that has led us to a mountain of debt. Let your heart guide you on election day and remember that this is your island home and don’t let ANYBODY (both sides) take it for granted!

  25. SoMuchMore says:

    mr. cannonier, remember the PLP needs to respect the people of Bermuda… which they don’t!

  26. islander says:

    As far as I can see, people were making fun of her hat, which truthfully is ugly as hell. If you’re in the public office maybe you should toughen up that skin a bit.

    • Come Correct says:

      Lol her hats are boasty, she’s like one of the only civilians that can instantly camoflage in any sub-urban environment if the need arises. Seriously though, with all the ridiculous fashion trends out there you can’t hate on her individuality. Hell, I could barely dress myself but who knew in 10 years its fashionable to not match…go figure.

  27. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    One question that’s been bugging me. How’s does a person get elected as Premier and at the same time be able to hold the country’s purse? Think about it…

  28. terry says:

    Reminds me of the show “The Young & The Hairless.

  29. Common Sense says:

    Mr. Cannonier is spot on with his comment and his admonition to respect the office of our Premier, The Hon. Paul Cox. Sadly “Cheekums Bie” presumes, wrongly, that all the nasty comments come from the OBA. I’ve been amazed at some of the extremely strong and abusive comments made recently about the PLP by people who I’ve known all my life as PLP supporters.

    It is ridiculous to tar every member of the OBA with being racist, when in truth the very opposite is the case. Last time I checked, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the OBA were both black as are many of their members and prospective candidates. I think it’s fair to say that the OBA is far more racially mixed than the PLP, but of course we’ll hear that those blacks in the OBA are merely window dressing and do not hold positions of real power.

    Exactly the same attacks were made against the UBP for decades (ironically the only two MP’s still in the UBP are both black). I recall the time when those with black skin who joined the UBP were constantly insulted by the PLP and labelled as Uncle Tom’s who would never have any real say in running the country. Mmmm. The UBP appointed ET Richards as Premier, Dr. Clarence James as Finance Minister, Jim Woolridge as the best ever Minister of Tourism, Sir John Swan as Minister of Immigration before being chosen as our longest serving Premier, not to mention the likes of Stan Ratteray, Lenny Swan, Quinton Edness, Pamela Gordon (daughter of the founder of the BIU) – and so on.

    What we need in our country as this critical time is the best possible team from both of the predominant races and the selection process should be based on ability rather than skin colour. I for one will be looking to see which of our two parties best meets this criteria.

    • terry says:

      Well if you don’t know by now; whom are you talking to except yourself without admittance.

  30. Ayisha says:


  31. Noel Ashford says:

    A Repost as its relevant to this thread too….

    “Yes – They pick and choose whats vile – well I am not posting anonymously – PLP – I find how you govern us to be vile and distateful – do a better job and EARN respect – I owe you nothing and you wont get my respect until you do your jobs and act like a government and put more ethical individuals of a higher caliber in. I am tired of being asked to accept lesser than we deserve from a government.”

  32. dthtoo/ says:

    The good news is that ALL of you anti-PLP, anti-Blackness people are going to have to endure another term of PLP governance.

    I take this time to congratulate the PLP on their 2012 General Election victory.

    I’ve received the results hereunder by special delivery.

    The following winners are: Dame Jennifer Smith – St. George’s North, Const. #1; John Gibbons – St. George’s West, Const. #2; Lovitta Foggo – St. David’s Const. #3; Derrick Burgess – Hamilton East, Const. #5; Wayne Furbert – Hamilton West, Const. #6; Diallo Rabain – Hamilton South, Const. #7; Wayne Perinchief – Smith’s South, Const. #8; Patrice Minors – Smith’s North, Const. #10; Neville Tyrrell – Devonshire East, Const. #11; Glenn Blakeney – Devonshire North, Const. #13; Premier Paula Cox – Devonshire North West, Const. #14; Walter Roban – Pembroke East, Const. #15; Michael Weeks – Pembroke East Central, Const. #16; Walton Brown – Pembroke Central, Const. #17; David Burt – Pembroke West Central, Const. #18; Vincent Ingham – Pembroke West, Const. #19; Marcus Jones – Pembroke South West, Const. #20; Rolfe Commissiong – Pembroke South East, Const. #21; Darius Tucker – Paget West, Const. #23; Lawrence Scott – Warwick South East, Const. #24; Dale Butler – Warwick North East, Const. #25; Marc Bean – Warwick South Central, Const. #26; David Burch – Warwick North Central, Const. #27; Jonathan Smith – Warwick West, Const. #28; Zane DeSilva – Southampton East, Const. #29; Stephen Todd – Southampton East Central, Const. #30; Scott Simmons – Southampton West Central, Const. #31; K.H. Randolph Horton – Southampton West, Const. #32; Terry Lister – Sandys South, Const. #33; Kim Wilson – Sandys South, Const. #34; Dennis Lister – Sandys North Central, Const. #35; Michael Scott – Sandys North, Const. #36.

    Now relax and enjoy the ride or vamoose!

    • Come Correct says:

      Told you it was fixed…she hasn’t even called it yet…

  33. FirstTimeVoter says:

    This probably isnt the right story for this, but i just thought id ask…

    Why cant we just have a debate and actually hear about the issues? have both running parties up there thinking on their feet. since they do so much debating in the news paper, they should surely be able to do it in person! With it being an actual debate between them, surely race or other petty nonsense that we hear in the papers wont be brought up… if we actually had a proper electoral process instead of the circus we have now, we’d actually make informed decisions!