Hickory Stick Owner Denies Using Racial Slur

December 21, 2012

Following allegations made via email and social media that the owner of Hickory Stick made an offensive and racist comment following the election result, Hickory Stick owner Paul Lawrence said the reports are “entirely false.”

There are different versions are going around with the main gist being that the owner of Hickory Stick was overhead to say he was “happy we got those n**&^% out of power.” The message is being passed around extensively via email, BBM and Facebook – along with a call for a boycott of the eatery.

Mr Lawrence said: “Let me say in no uncertain terms that these reports about me are entirely false. I did not and do not use racially abusive language and did not confirm by telephone that I had done so.”

His full statement follows below:

Dear members of the Bermuda public, I am deeply shocked and saddened by completely false statements alleged to have been made by me as reported in the social media, including Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.

Although I am not named, my business of Hickory Stick, which is located in Clarendon House, 2 Church Street,Hamilton, is named. I cannot repeat the abusive words used, but can say that I am reported as having used the “n” word in describing the recent change in government of Bermuda and when phoned at my work that I confirmed I had done so.

Let me say in no uncertain terms that these reports about me are entirely false. I did not and do not use racially abusive language and did not confirm by telephone that I had done so. I do not know of anyone who would say such malicious things about me, and can only assume that someone is out to damage my reputation and my business.

I have owned and operated this business for far too many years and employ an entirely Bermudian staff to have it ruined by such scandalous tactics.

For those of you who know me I trust you appreciate that I am not the kind of person who would conduct himself in this manner, and for those of you who do not know me please be assured that in no way, shape, or form have I been racially abusive.

I demand the person step forward to contact me and if it was anyone else in my employment be assured that they will be dismissed immediately.

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  1. Sorry Sir says:

    Oh Shnap! I went there today to get food. I hope nobody thought that I was in agreement with this. Even though I take most things like this with a grain of salt, but the thought is still there.

    • Friendly Faces says:

      I’ll still go there, he’s a good guy, I don’t believe this s$%t, sour PLP grapes, and my god have we seen plenty of that this week. Give it up PLOPs, you’re done.

      • J says:

        Anyone is capable of anything… I don’t care who you are!

        It is amazing how the primary commentators on this site jump to his defense in this matter, while saying, “where’s the proof”, or he’s a good guy, he would never…”. Yet with most other stories that make the daily news where someone has been accused of something, and someone comments in support of the accused, you incessantly bash that person for publicly supporting them saying, “oh, that must be one of your boys”, or “why would you support a ‘thug’”, or “you are apart of the problem”, or sarcastically saying, “yeah, he’s an angel”, even before a trial has commenced. And then you proceed to suggest an exorbitant sentence for the accused, without yourself hearing the evidence.

        Every last one of you who do this needs to look within yourself.

        But unfortunately, in Bermuda, and the world for that matter, the way each of us perceive an accused person seems to depend largely on said person’s race. A Muslim is accused of killing five people, he’s a terrorist and guilty… a black man is accused of committing a crime, he’s a thug and guilty… a white person massacres people in a school or movie theatre, he was the nice, quiet guy next door that never bothered anybody. And then later, the reason given is that he had psychological problems. You live a privileged life because a generalized label is never put on you… there is always a ‘reason why’.

        But it’s not your fault… you don’t even realize you are doing it… It is, after all, written in our history–colonization; slavery; etc.–that, no matter how gruesome, what you do is right. It is written in the DNA of society.

        I am not saying you shouldn’t support the accused… by all means, please do. I am just hoping that my comment will make you pause for a moment before you post in the future.

        • Sorry Sir says:

          You need to relax and have a cup of tea. You obviously have a gripe about something. All I’m saying is that I’m not quick to judge, nor gullible enough to believe gossip automatically. This island talks too much.

          • J says:

            Sorry Sir,
            That comment was not directed to you. As you can see, the reply was to Friendly Faces and posts like it.

        • Nitty Gritty says:

          @J whoa buddy reign in those horses first! Walk a mile in his shoes.
          Can you imagine if you were publically accused of something so sensitive and it was not true? Sounds like you didnt give it a thought. Once that is in the public arena whether true or not, you are tarnished by some who presume its true. Nevertheless you would be mortified to walk around and have anyone even think you said such.
          Undoubtedly lots of people have nasty things to say to one another but they have freedom to do so in private conversation. To play big brother is watching you and take someones private conversation and publicize it steps way out of bounds. Like I said, J, I bet even you have said an unpleasant thing or two at some point, but would be howling if it were repeated in public where it could seriously damage your life or business.

    • Ray Charlton says:

      I have know Paul for more than 20 years and I believe him to be a man with integrity.

      I consider him to be a friend and I do not believe that he would have any part of what he is accused of.

      I pray this matter is cleared up soon.

      • drunkenUrsula says:

        Im sure you would,given you all in same boat….

        • Nitty Gritty says:

          lay off the drink Ursula, it’s a new day or havent you heard?

  2. A Shame... says:

    Why would anybody be so malicious as to create this falsehood? Is there any real chance the person(s) will be caught?

    • My View says:

      I say all of this in the alleged sense-I am making no accusations against Mr. Lawrence on what happened in this situation, so I hope this gets posted:

      I know the person making the claim and they do not know Mr. Lawrence personally and have nothing against him. The person claimed to be walking behind Mr. Lawrence in Queen Elizabeth park while he was having a private conversation on his cell. The person says they then over heard the comment.

      They believe it was said as a joke as it was a private conversation not expected to be overheard, but that they are offended and want everyone to know about it.

      Again, that is how it allegedly went down. Mr. Lawrence needs to remember that something is only slanderous if it isn’t true. For any legal action to be taken against this person, he’d have to prove that person was lying-his word isn’t automatically going to be taken. This whole thing is a difficult thing to prove on either side because each person will say the other is lying-it all comes down to credibility…

      This person is very credible and I have my own opinions on it-just the way people who know Mr. Lawrence are backing him up, I could also back up this person. They have nothing against Mr. Lawrence and no reason to try and shut down his business. None of us was there so we can’t say with certainty that he did or didn’t say this…maybe it was just a bad joke-if so, people need to be careful what they say in public because you don’t know who’s listening!!!

      • So Tired says:

        Spot on!

      • soooo ashamed says:

        so you are saying it was a private conversation on his phone while waking to his car. so first you dont know what was said on the therside of the conversation. the other person could have asked him what do so and so think and he repeated their comments. etc. they have taken one side of a conversation and almost ruined this man. also the person was easdropping on a person conversation. if we are all judged by our personal conversation how would most of us be judged. how many black people use the “n” word and the “b” wors in personal conversation even when taking to friend. How many black people use the “c” word when talking to friend.

        If the person was truly ofended they should have said something there and then to the gentleman and stopped it there. no they run with it without getting all the facts. the reason they probably didnt say something because they were wrong in the first place easedroping on somone else conversation.


      • Pastor Syl says:

        This sounds eerily familiar. Remember the Bda College professor who got fired over this same kind of hearsay? Took 7 years for him to finally clear his name. Boycotting a business affects so much more than just the owner. I guess for some folks sandwiches aren’t as necessary to life as KFC.

  3. politics says:

    Right, so someone will just make this story up about “Hickory Stick” just because. Its sad what this island has come to.

  4. Hey says:

    I have known Paul since I was a baby, and I know he is not in any way that type of person. He is a kind and lighthearted man, with a good heart.

    • Andre says:

      My mom said her and other co-workers heard it said on the phone. I believe my mother!

      • Bermyman says:

        Well your mom is going to Court then!

      • Student says:

        Your mother is a liar

      • George says:

        Then your mother needs to go to the Police and report it as having heard it herself.

      • Proof? says:

        Well if you spread it then congrats, tell your mother to prepare her legal fees.

        • Honestly says:

          She didn’t say her mom sent messages around via electronic media! Jingas she was there and overheard comment. No further actions wr said. Jumping to conclusions. Plzzzzz

      • Soooo says:

        So what your saying is someone heard someone on a phone, across a restaurant say something…. Could have been him, or someone else, and what was said could have been nothing and most likely was!!

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Ya gotta be white to say something like this. You folks always cover each others backsides.

  5. Vote for Me says:

    This is not good. the OBA won theelection and Bermuda should not now be tarnished by increases racial rhetoric.

    A quick aside – I do not think an employee can be dismissed immediately if they made the comment, no matter how vexatious it might be.

  6. Bermyman says:

    This is incredible! I hope the person is caught and taken to court.

  7. Come Correct says:

    The dude that rocks the pum pum shorts year round?

  8. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    I too have know this gentleman since I was a kid (he worked with my Mom)at Penthouse then Longtail Bar and has ALWAYS had all Bermudians (black and white) under his employ. There is no way on God’s green earth that I believe this statement was made by him. He is as “HEY” said above one of the most kind hearted persons I have ever met.

  9. Proof? says:

    Coming from a legal perspective there’s almost no way the person making this claim would be able to win with the exception of phone records of Mr Lawrence.

    I smell a lawsuit, and it probably won’t end well for whoever first made the accusation.

  10. Bermudian says:

    This story is not false, I heard it myself. I will never go there ever again. It was said and now that the whole island found out he is trying to make it seem like it was not said. Own up and be a man, admit it.

    • Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

      @Bermudian – Then you need to come forward if you have proof.

    • Bermyman says:

      Bermudian’s IP address can be traced, his identity revealed and more than likely he could end up in court for endorsing this defamation. Let’s see what happens!

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        It is true, the IP address can be traced. But where there are multiple users of that computer it is unlikely that the sender of the message can be identified.

    • Proof? says:

      Get ready for court.

    • WillSee says:

      And just who are you?

    • hypocriticalmuch? says:

      How can you say be a man and admit it if you hide behind a screen name yourself? hahahahaha FAIL

    • Rick Rock says:

      You “heard it yourself”? What exactly did you hear, and when? Apparently hundreds of people claim to have heard it. Was it on a PA system in an auditorium?

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      and if you do not believe this story is true,
      ask the blind man, he saw it too!
      The witch hunt has begun.
      Cant beat ‘em at the election, beat ‘em over the head with petty rumors and racial accusations. No wonder people are out of work, the devil finds work for idle hands

  11. Soooo says:

    I have known Paul for over 20 years, a person and businessman that treats everyone the same, with respect!! yes, like everone else he will let off a F#$% when the hammer and thumb meet. But, disrespecting someone is just not in his nature.

    Paul, keep you head held high!!!

  12. Dee says:

    My colleague confirms she received this allegation via email and BBM yesterday. The email came from a friend in the UK.! This is absolutely appalling, I have know Paul for several years and so has my husband, there is no way he would say anything like this. He is mild mannered, polite and a gentleman. Whoever is spreading this malicious rumour needs to be identified and severely dealt with.

  13. Winnie Dread says:

    Hmmm thats my place, say the story being circulated was planning to ask personally if the story was true. My first thought was why would he say such a thing, never came of to me as such. I started wondering if this business was boycotted what would become of the staff working there, the ones who would be really affected. I hope it is seen as a rumor and nothing else, I have to take the word of the owner at this point until proven otherwise.

  14. smith says:

    yes they can be fired – gross misconduct.

  15. Aware says:

    I don’t put racism past anybody white or black

  16. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    I go there regularly and know everyone there quite well. I don’t believe this happened, and I believe Mr Lawrence when he says the allegation is false. I hope they catch the anonymous worm who created the story.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Me too. There is no way this is true. The Hickory Stick is a great place and he’s a quiet guy who is friendly to everyone.

      Anyone can make an anonymous allegation. It could happen to anyone. It’s scary.

  17. Patricia says:

    The version I received was that a creditable business woman made the allegation. If she is so creditable, I say come forward and prove the allegation.

  18. Race Matters says:

    I don’t know if the allegations are true or not, but this sentiment still does exist. Maybe not with Paul Lawrence, but there are folks out there who feel this way. Bermuda is divided on many platforms, race being one of the most prevalent. The OBA cannot magically banish racial prejudice no matter what their supporters would lead you to believe. I will give Mr. Lawrence the benefit of the doubt because I didn’t hear him say the remarks. But there is no way that anyone can make me believe that since the PLP are no longer the ruling party that Bermuda’s race issues have suddenly disappeared. In fact, I feel it’s just the opposite when the public doesn’t want to discuss the topic or they attempt to trivialize or demonize anyone who dares to bring it up.

    • Bermyman says:

      Unfortunately I believe that incidents like this are probably created by disgruntled PLP supporters who will now do anything to demonize white people on this Island. The aim is to discredit them and create the stigma that all white people are racist and therefore so are all white members of the government and business owners.

      This kind of language has already started on these blogs/ facebook and will continue to fester as the PLP faithful seek to divide the island on race baited fear in order to win back the black swing voter. Racism and racial stereotypes will continue to exist on this island as long as party politics and the PLP exist.

      • status! says:

        @Bermyman—-racism exists because there is continuous white rule who have historically had Blacks working “UNder”them, these comments are nothing new as we heard when the former government were in power and some of us have witnessed and been victim of racial slurs so lets not act like everything is honkydory because OBa is in power, same people here experiencing discrimination because of economic disparity.A mentality doesn’t change over night for people involved in politics or not! Its worldwide!And until Black people get the respect of an International apology and recognition for their worth as holistic human beings having spiritual,physical,mental,psycological ,sexual and emotional components that actually do differ from other groups, unfortunately non-blacks will continue to reject the feelings of Blacks..So we still wait on the maturity of certian groups to “listen”..instead of always being judgemental, because there are geniune reasons for Blacks to feel simply because they are Human beings and not barbies and ken dolls.

        • dthtoo/ says:

          We are not asking for a meaningless apology, but REPARATIONS.

          • Rick Rock says:

            You going to get reparations from Burch? He used the word on the radio. You going to go after him?

          • Nitty Gritty says:

            it seems certain people in the last regime beat you to the reparations.They got theirs.

        • Eastern says:

          @ Status

          How dare you paint all whites (or non-blacks as you call them) with the same brush. Do you know all whites. You are doing the exact thing as you are accussing whites of doing. Do you speak on behalf of all blacks???

          Everytime you refer to whites or blacks; you are generalizing, so if you think all blacks are alike and all whites are alike (or all orientals, or all polynesians, or all indians, or so on…) you are more ingnorant than I thought you were.

          • SMH says:


          • status! says:

            @Eastern—I don’t care whether you think I am ignorant or not! you proved my point with your silly generalization point which is exactly what I am doing, generalizing;;If all Black people were aware of their history they certainly wouldn’t have any qualms about agreeing fully with me without reservation but because whites in general have been responsible for the creation of this unfair system we have since obviously they control the economics so your thoughts about me are no surprise as whether I know you or not I know myself, which is far more important than what you think!

      • Real World says:

        Were already devided, what planet I mean Island you living on. We have are 10% whites in the UBP/OBA that dislike blacks & we have the 10% blacks in the PLP that dislike whites. At the OBA party I saw majority white faces with a few blacks sprinkled in.

        • George says:

          Yah contacts were dirty that’s why! You should have given them a good cleaning before you went to the party! What you mistook for a sprinkling of blacks and whites were actually people (all Bermudians most likely) first and foremost and OBA supporters secondarily!

          Moral of the story: try adjusting your perspective you’ll soon learn that your first impression/judgement is not always the most sound one, especially when your vision is as blurred as it sounds!

  19. concern says:

    There are 3 sides to every story, Side, A, Side B, and the Truth. I personally would like for the person who “allegedly” heard the owner say this to come forward. If there is any truth to this story it is very concerning!

  20. Bermudian says:

    IF any of you people know anyone who works in BNTB, ask them if what he said was true.

    • George says:

      So the whole of BNTB heard this supposed racist comment from this individual? Was he put on the Bank’s internal intercom loud speaker system over at Rosebank or something!?

      Joking aside – this is a serious issue so Bermudian you’d best not stir the pot any more as you were not a first hand witness to the incident! If you were then you need to go to the police and give evidence!


    • Come Correct says:

      Did he send an e-mail to BNTB saying it? Phone call? Walk into the bank and scream it? Other than that its hear say right? I still wonder why someone would make it up and why hickory stick but, at the same time people do stupid things all the time. If you didn’t hear it yourself, it has no value, if you did then prove it, if you can’t prove it then don’t go to the establishment anymore. I wouldn’t and I’m white, I would find it offensive and uncalled for. The plp are a lot of things but that isn’t one of them.

    • Soooooo says:

      I guess the whole of NTB sits out on the streets…. Guess they need to have real jobs

  21. argosy says:

    It’s obviously from someone with a grudge against Paul.

    If they don’t openly come forward with their name, date, approx time, etc…nobody should believe it. You cannot make this type of serious allegation and similtaneously hide behind a cloak of annonamity. If you don’t come forward formally and openly, it’s just rubbish.

    More “secret” reports!!

    • .am says:

      A little bit like the photograph of the rats in the ally outside the back door of Chopsticks (when such an alley does not exist).

    • Free says:

      What would be the point in the person coming forward? So you and others who know this man personally, or think you know him, can berate that person and call them a liar? All while doing it under the cloak of ‘anonymity’ yourselves?

      How is it “rubbish”(clearly you’re foreign and white)? If you hear something the only thing you can do is to tell others and hope they believe you. So it’s his word vs theirs. People in the loop know where and when it was alleged to have happened.

      • Rick Rock says:

        So who exactly is “in the loop”? So far we’re told that all employees of BNTB heard it. A little far fetched.

        • Free says:

          Obviously not you.

          • Rick Rock says:

            Oh I see. No answer to the question then. There are 100′s of people “in the loop” who heard it, but it’s a secret who they are.

      • Nitty Gritty says:

        Why would you NEED to tell others and hope they believe you? For what purpose? Suppose he said “all whites are cr@ck#rs” would that rise to a national dabate, a society emergency, call in the race police?
        Every day, every hour, someone somewhere says a nasty comment about a member of another race and god forbid a nasty comment about someone of their own race! Occasionally a member of your own race shoots and kills another member of your race. Is that not a little more serious? When Whites kill whites is it because they hate whites? How about vice versa? Color! Some people seem to notice it more than others. Me? I notice their shoes first.

  22. Keturah says:

    In the last few years there’s been a lot of this kind of thing happening. Someone overhears a conversation that contains anti-plp (not black) sentiment and the conversation is twisted to make the person look racist. There are some sick puppies out there these days.

  23. Serious Though says:

    STOP everybody!!!!!!! … have a wonderful Holiday… and happy new year

  24. Proof? says:

    I’m willing to bet he either said “bugg**s” and it was mistaken or this is just a fake.

    Either way, if the people who saw this are so credible, then come foreward, give the courts your identity in addition to this man.Get the BPS to Look at his phone records and then see what he said, if so, you’re right, congrats. If not, you’ve not only wasted a crapload of money on legal fees but you’re also going to get fined.

    • Soooooo says:

      @Proof?… I was thinking the same thing…. Could be any word that ends in gger… Bu..er was the first that came to mind

  25. Proof? says:

    This Island is full of people who make wrongful accusations because they have a chip on the shoulder in addition to people that make threats. But it seems people never learn that on such a small island it is so easy for the BPS to trace you down.

  26. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Personally don’t eat there or at the linguine , spaghetti slingers places anyway . Lobster Pot gets my dollars .

    • Rick Rock says:

      The ‘linguine, spaghetti slingers place’? So it’s ok for you to make pejorative racial slurs then?

  27. tricks are for kids says:

    If you were not present when alleged incident occurred than you CANNOT say that he didn’t say it….I don’t care how long you’ve known him or feel that he is not like that……

    At the moment it is a “He Said, THEY said” situation.

    There are three sides to a story, HIS….THEIRS and the TRUTH….

    • Rick Rock says:

      And if you weren’t there you can’t allege he said anything. Cuts both ways.

  28. Kim Smith says:

    @argosy – I totally agree. This is ludicrous that someone can sneak around making a serious accusation like this and not be required to show their face. I think there should be a standard expectation established. If you make an accusation like this you have to come forward in the light of day… or the accusation is quashed. This cruel (and, I believe, untrue) claim can ruin a person’s whole reputation. No… come forward or forget about it!

  29. Hmm says:

    I too received the rumor via bb message and confronted the individual why they would send such divisive mess around with no ability to prove it. His response, well I believe it and I will continue to pass it round. A grown adult. I hate hate Hate the coincidence but yes he is fully PLP as well!

    It would be outright denial to suggest we don’t suffer from racism here, even from my very own black/brown skinned, whatever you wish to call it, acquaintances. Disgusting is disgusting. Certain PLP supporters were devisive before they lost and are just as divisive now that Bermuda has spoken! Smh

    And before the fingers start typing, i would hope this wasn’t another sore losing tactic by someone. We have enough issues in Bermuda without the ficticious stories. And if the story has it’s roots in absolute truth, then guess who suffers by boycotting Hickory Stick…the owner?? try again!

  30. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    @ Bermyman
    So whats my IP address? You people need to stop trying to play Detective when you havent a clue. If what is aledged was said, whether infront of staff or customers, I would be hardly surprised if it was not reported to the proper authorities. The ONLY peopole who know exactly what was sais would be the people on either end of the phone.
    and unlike some assinide comment, this isnt the USA or UK, so phone conversations are NOT recorded by ANYONE.

    • .am says:

      Patricia has your IP address. It’s logged with your comments.

    • Proof? says:

      Incorrect, BPS will automatically be able to access your phone records from your ISP by request if it is needed for the court of law

      • dthtoo/ says:

        They should check with Magic 102.7FM Talk Radio host who was hosting the program yesterday afternoon when a female caller phoned in to relate her story about the owner using the “N Word”.

  31. Familiar says:

    I’m another who’s known Paul Lawrence for years and do not believe for a moment that he said what he’s been accused of saying.

    I think it’s possible that the person who’s started the story going around misheard what was being said and instead of doing the right thing which would have been to immediately speak to him face to face about it, they’ve not bothered to speak to him at all and just gone out there and spread the story.

    The smart move right now for this person would be to go to the man and have a face to face honest conversation with the man.

  32. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    Can anyone here answer this question for me please…I would like for someone to tell me which countries have overcome racism….then all we have to do is follow their lead yes..? jus a one word answer please.

    • v!nce says:

      why follow? when we can lead…

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        ok …i see u cant read .

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        oh and by the way ….if you wanna lead, lead the world in the legalization,cultivation and exportation of marijuana and get us back to the top in no time…you have to capitalize and corner the market before every one else does…then ur stuck again its a commodity.

    • .am says:

      Africa. Jamaica.

      • Rick Rock says:

        Africa has overcome racism? It’s about the least enlightened continent. There are constant wars and atrocities based on tribal and ethnic differences.

    • sweetness says:

      @keepin’ it Real…4 Real
      Well put. Just because we havent overcome racism doesnt make it right however the fact is racism plays a part in every country in the world. It is what it is!

    • .am says:


    • BDAHermit says:


  33. Keturah says:

    @keepin it real..I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that it is up to us as individuals to examine our own beliefs and stereotypes. Governments can’t overcome racism without citizens changing their own mindset. In Bermuda a large part of our problem is that the last government used race so intensively for so long that colour was all we could see in the end. It’s like some need to be un-brainwashed. Ignorance is everywhere, in every nation and we will never rid our selves of it..but we musn’t try to use race in future as a political platform. It divides us further and doesn’t positively contribute to the concerns of black Bermudians.

  34. Familiar says:

    @Stop Complaining for 1 sec… I think you’ll find that it is possible that ip addresses can be tracked through these comments, and if you filled out a legit email in the form to comment then Bernews has it and can supply it to the police who, according to another news source, have been called in on this matter.

  35. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    @ Keepin’ it Real…4Real!
    You mean you NEVER visited that place that has ALL Blonde blue eyed people…
    I think you need to follow the yellow brick road…
    Because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you dont…
    I think the best way to get there is by De Plane, de Plane….
    if not you can always Run Forest Run….
    and hopefully you dont end up in de centre of the earth

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      i think u need to put the fairy tale books away and change ur movie channels coz ur answer is part of the problem that we are trying to decrease…which validates my opinion that as long as there are persons like you racism will never stop.

  36. Errin Butterfield says:

    The only people that know if anything was said,or what was said are the person/persons that are making the accusations, or the person that is being accused.I don’t put anything pass anyone and nothing surprises me when it comes to things like this. Why would someone make it up?Why would he say it?I don’t know. If it is found to be true I will boycott now come and take me to court.

  37. Balanced Facts says:

    This report has upset and angered PLP supporters…intensified their feelings and passions and support for the PLP. But the comments have been completely denied!
    HHmmm…wonder who gets an advantage by reporting that type of comment?
    You can write anything you want people…THINK and look for the hard evidence before you let the passions carry you away…like a good spin doctor would want!

  38. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    maybe she has your IP iddress, but i will bet you your inferior Nikon Ccamera equipment that she doesnt have mine.
    Also for people that use hotmail or gmail email address, BDA has no jurisdiction in getting any information from those US companies.
    you should check your facts first bud.

    and .am or shall i say Alex Masters, you are either ignorant or just blind if you believe that the 3 countries you named dont have racism.

    • .am says:

      I was being facetious, moron.

      And your IP address is logged when you make the post REGARDLESS of the e-mail address you enter into the field.

      AND OMG~* you know my name D: Was it the initials that gave it away or the avatar or simply the fact that IT IS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS AND I MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT TO HIDE IT?

  39. Pink says:

    If he said the ‘n’ word why is one person being called out! Black people do it all the time and it’s a more racist comment for blacks as it was been referred to as slaves. Finding something to pick at someone for is crazy! In the end we are all humans regardless what are color is and we all need to live and respect one another….tomorrow isn’t promised so live it up what ever color you are! You are loved regardless!!!!

  40. TJ says:

    I am not saying he said this however, just because you have known someone for years does not mean that they are not capable of doing something wrong. Firstly “if” he did say this why would he come forth and actually admit it come on he wouldn’t plus he would lose alot of customers if he did admit this and “if” he did not say this then whomever started this should be held accountable.

    It sounds like he was having a conversation didn’t realize someone overheard him and now that he is being called on it he is saying it isn’t true. I put nothing past anyone because no matter how well you know someone you never really know them and that is FACT.

  41. Tony D says:

    I’m another who’s known Paul Lawrence for years and do not believe for a moment that he said what he’s been accused of saying. The person or persons who started this should come out and make themselves known to the public, why would you have to stay behind closed doors.

  42. I can’t read this mess…they say their not races, but look how…..nevermind will not waste my energy…..I will use it to educate my black people about the negative behavior of others …

    • Rick Rock says:

      Negative behavior of others… like Col Burch, who used the n word on the radio? That kind of negative behavior?

  43. Sad. Don't Believe It!! says:

    I am Mr. Lawrence’s neighbor and have been most of my life. I grew up with his sons and was always over his house with them or just playing around the neighborhood. Considering his sons were the only caucasion children in the neighborhood and that he would always graciously welcome the black neighborhood kids into his home, I can speak from experience. And I don’t believe for one second that Mr. Lawrence is racist and would use a racial slur!

    The “credible lady” probably heard either the wrong words or the wrong person.

  44. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Show me the *PROOF* or direct evidence that this occurred!! More stirring of the “racial pot” by a trouble maker!! Either put-up or shut-up!!

    If I was Paul Lawrence I would “sue” this trouble maker in court!!!

  45. Johnny says:

    One thing I have learnt is that when a white man speaks most people believe he is telling the truth (whether they know him or not).

    • Rick Rock says:

      If you make an allegation like that you need proof, otherwise it’s libel. The people who started and spread this ridiculous story had better have proof, or they will owe damages. That includes people who post online.

  46. David says:

    Hope you all Have a Merry Christmas!

  47. Bermudican says:

    Near is not far . The house PLP is speaking !
    This is part of the standing wrong strategy .
    The people already voted that out . Take it off the field….
    It don’t Play no More …

  48. Kim Smith says:

    Can someone please say how this question is to be resolved because I fear that all the ‘speculation’ is very detrimental to Mr. Lawrence and to anyone who is ‘plugging in’ here. I don’t know why this matter was made public until the evidence was presented so that it could be more rationally determined. To put it out like this was like throwing him to the lions with only someone’s ‘claims’ of what they over-heard. It is well known that eyewitness accounts (let alone ear-witness accounts) are sketchy at best and so, the testimony of others is at least equally as valid at this point in time.

  49. Opressed says:

    Funny, blacks can call all the talk shows and make all kinds of racist comments about white people, and that is absolutely acceptable… perfectly acceptable. This is just another example of how the former ” government” worked very hard to destroy this island.

    • bml says:

      our comment on the radio talk show are not racist!!!
      we speak of the truth! of what was done to our parent and grandparent!
      you would love for us to get over it and move on but that will NEVER happen until you ppl own up to it!!!!

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        ….”until you ppl own up to it”?

        Own up to what? What did I do, exactly?

        And what does that have to do with the allegations made?

  50. VJ says:

    I do not know Mr. Lawrence personally, but I hope that he isn’t being wrongly accused for something he did not say. However,all the people saying “I’ve know him X number of years” etc need a reality check. We all may THINK we know people well, but nobody knows what is really in somebody’s heart and mind. I had a co-worker I worked beside for ten years and I thought I knew him well and considered him a friend. Nobody was more shocked than I was to find out he was a child molester, so nobody can say they know somebody 100%. I was at work when a colleague got a call from the person who overheard the comment. The lady was quite upset and offended by the comment. For all those people screaming for her to be dragged into court, there is nothing illegal about repeating what she heard (last time I checked it was a free country) It is not defamation to repeat something one hears, it is only defamation if she knowingly made a statement she KNEW to be false and untrue. Of course, this being Bermuda the comment made the rounds and again there is absolutely nothing illegal about repeating the comment. It’s called gossip, and if spreading rumors was illegal we would all be rotting in jail by now. We ALL do it!!! Having said that, even if this makes it to court it will be a difficult case to prove. His word versus hers, unless more than one person heard it…

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Apparently, more than one person did hear it. I sincerely trust that this matter will be dealt with by the law, and if indeed this man is found guilty, I bet that he will think twice before opening his mouth with the “N Word” again. Further, he will be made an example of to other GOOD white people who are so inclined.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      VJ, so where is the woman who alledgedly heard this? Why hasn’t she come forward and made the assertion properly? Is it because she doesn’t exist? Or because she now thinks she may have misheard? Or because she has a history of making things up? What is it? All that people can do at this point is to look at the individual involved and try to work out whether it’s likely to be true.

      As for your statement about “there is nothing illegal about repeating what she heard”.. well, you need to rethink. If a libellous statement is repeated, anyone who repeats it is also making a libellous statment. It is not a defence to say that someone else said it first. Therefore everyone involved in spreading a libellous statement is liable for damages.

  51. Familiar says:

    @Kim Smith… Honestly, I don’t know how this is to be resolved, but the reason why this became public is solely on the shoulders of the person who ‘overheard’ the statement.

    I have a feeling that the person who ‘overheard’ misheard what was being said and was rightfully upset over what they believed they heard. However, instead of approaching Paul immediately to confirm what they’d heard, they chose to spread the story to everyone who would listen, including on a radio show. I consider this to be an extremely rash action but perhaps that was because of the shock and upset.

    I would hope that they would now contact Paul directly and speak with him. Maybe things could be cleared up without any further public hoopla.

    • Sarai says:

      @Familiar: Typical cop out-someone ‘misheard.’ Tell me how many words sound like n$%^er??????????

      • Mike Auxard says:

        Uigher , bigger.

      • Familiar says:

        @Sarai… it’s not a cop-out at all.

        I don’t know how many words sound like the n-word, but what first comes to mind is bigger and trigger, but in the context of a conversation that may have been about the PLP? Bugger comes immediately to mind. Because god knows I’ve called them that often enough when they were the government.

        What I think is sad is that someone’s mind immediately presumes a racial slur over a general condemnation.

  52. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    Not a day passes that I do not hear blacks use the N word in reference to themselves and others either in song or spoken word. Why then is it different when a non black uses the same word? Just asking.

    • Sarai says:

      @Mbaya Avunaye: Because when a white person uses that word, they really mean it-that’s why.

      • Rick Rock says:

        Don’t you think Burch meant it when he called someone a ‘hpuse-n’? It certainly wasn’t a complement.

        Didn’t Zane mean it, when he used the phrase ‘head n in charge’?

        Where was the public outcry then?

  53. A little wisdom says:

    Please. This was a private conversation. Who was eves droping on the gent’s phone call. Sounds like some one was being pokey. Further, how is it OK for a black person to speak like this and not a white? YOu can not change your colour but I have heard more derogatory and offensive words and remarks than this. It seems that we can be selective in how we offend others, be it deliberately or accidentally. So should all offensive behaviour be illegal? As a black, this does not bother me. I just think that we blacks should be less sensitive and get on with living. This is not worth making an issue over. It only becomes a problem if it is directed directly to a particular person or group and intended to hurt.

    • A little wisdom says:

      Typo: evesdroping

    • Sarai says:

      @ A little wisdom: We’d all be naive to think that whites in Bermuda don’t use the term. What they say in private quarters is their problem-let their conscience be their guide. However, if someone (and I’m speaking in general) uses this term publicly where people can hear that is a problem! In case you don’t know, it is an offence to call someone that. It’s a word that should never be used in public. Do you want to see someone have sex in public? No, and neither do I want to hear that word spoken in public-it’s disgusting.

      BTW-My husband is white and he knows how whites talk when blacks aren’t around. There has been many a time he’s been horrified at what his fellow whites say, and has had to tell them that he is offended by their words because he has a black wife and child who is half-black. Some of the things they’ve said make my hair stand on end-including saying they wish they could lynch blacks who engage in criminal behaviour!

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        I agree with some of what you say, but:

        1. I’m white and I never ever use the word. Your theory about what ‘how whites talk when blacks aren’t around’ is untrue. For the most part it would be an unacceptable word, even if only white people are in earshot.

        2. If it’s an offence to use the word at all, why wasn’t there outrage when Burch used it on the radio?

        3. Sometimes I am horrified by what people say if, for example, they are insensitive about black people. Or Asians. Or disabled people. Or gay people. Or old people. All of those things are offensive, and most of them are offensive to most people.

  54. Familiar says:

    @Sarai… I won’t deny that there are some white people who do use the term and other racial slurs, but I’ve not found it to be a great many people, mostly the older generation. But maybe I just hang around with better thinking people, or figured out early on that such things weren’t a smart thing to say around me.

    I was raised that any racial slur was unacceptable and I have never hesitated to call people out on it, which has in the past included strangers.

    I will say that as much as I’d like to, I don’t correct Black people when they use the term, regardless of the fact that I find it just as disturbing. I do understand that it’s a different context when used black to black, as compared to white to black, but I just don’t understand perpetuating such a negative term, particularly when the white people who would use the term will use that behaviour as an excuse for their own.

  55. Nitty Gritty says:

    When will you understand that ONE person doing something wrong does not automatically indict an entire race! This is like saying that all blacks are killers because black males keep killing black males.
    I’ve seen less comments when there is a MURDER of a black male than all this
    over a possible overheard phone call! Black Hutus hacked and shot to death over 800,000 black Tutsis in a little over 100 days, all the while people’s attention was firmly on abusive words here, racial comments there. Let’s not worry about genocide in The Congo or Mass killings in Sudan,lets deal with the overheard phone calls involving the possible use of a word hardly a sole repeats (except rappers, school children, dj’s etc)

  56. GOD says:

    @dthtoo\ You have the audacity to speak about some one making racist comments,look in the mirror do you listen and read the vile statements you have made about mankind,if anybody is to go court it is you.

  57. GOD says:

    @ dthtoo\ Reperations? You are looking for handouts and i must say you are ignorant and sick. God never said anyone owes you reparations ,i get it your father Satan told you so.