Shaun Goater Steps Down As NVCC Coach

January 2, 2013

North Village Community Club said that Shaun Goater will not not renew his Senior Coaching contract that expired on December 31st, 2012, and will be replaced by Ralph Bean Jr.

In a press statement, the former Manchester City striker thanked the North Village Community Club, and his coaching staff for their support and commitment. He also thanked the players for their support and commitment, and the fans for their loyal support.

Shervin Dill, President of the North Village Community Club, said, “Shaun Goater has been an ambassador for the North Village Community Club both on and off the field. As one of our most successful coaches at the Club, Goater has won seven trophies during his tenure as the Premier Division Senior Coach.

“He has brought a level of professionalism to the Club that will greatly assist us as we move forward. Goater has been a role model in his career and has achievement as both a footballer and coach of which all of Bermuda can be proud. The North Village Community Club takes this opportunity to wish Shaun Goater and his family all the best in his future career and endeavors.”

Former assistant coach Ralph Bean Jr. has been selected as the new Senior Coach.

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  1. Striving says:


  2. Why says:

    A prophet is never respected on their own land. When we see him coaching in the EPL in 5 years I hope the BFA will say wish we would have………………

    • Yeah Why? Good Question says:

      Why indeed.

      Successive BFA administrations have attempted to get Mr. Goater involved at the national level. To be blunt his demands are unreasonable and his desires for placement do not match his qualifications.

      Read between the lines mate. His salary at NVCC was unsustainable. If he was truly giving back why couldnt he finish the season and allow the new coach as fresh start in August.

      Easy answer to “why”. Look at Shaun Goater himself.
      Unreasonable? Yes.
      Respected? Absolutely.

      Two qualities that have contributed to his success but also contributed to his limited involvement at the national level. As a player and now as a coach.

      • Goat Fan says:

        @Yeah Why? Good Question.  Shaun Goater has applied for the National Coach several times.  Read RG’s article in today’s newspaper you will see his record speaks for itself, he is qualified for the position, his non appointment as National Coach has more to do with politics within the BFA camp rather than the Goats demands. He has never made unreasonable demands.  He has publicly stated that he has ambitions to coach professionally overseas and this is the reason he negotiated his NVCC contract to end December 2012.   Shaun moved back to Bermuda to give back to the football community (for which he has done, NVCC has received the benefits of this, seven cups in three seasons).  This negative stance against our most successful athletes is why we lose our talented, brightest individuals, who eventually become dissolutioned and return overseas where their talents are better appreciated. 

        I wish Shaun Goater all the best and continued success in his future endeavors. 

        • Yeah Why? Good Question says:

          What is reasonable to one person may be unreasonable and unworkable to another. Giving back has its different definitions as well. You dont have the facts so dont pretend that you do.

          The fact remains more than one admin has attempted. And more than one position has been offered. Politics has very little to do with it


          I too wish him well