Visitor Marks 100th Birthday With Bermuda Trip

February 12, 2013

Ms. Mary McBurney and her family recently travelled to the Island from Canada to celebrate Ms. McBurney’s 100th birthday. The retired school teacher is a frequent visitor to the island, with this trip marking her 21st visit to Bermuda.

Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell recently met with Ms. McBurney and her family, and said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Ms. McBurney and thanked her for her loyalty to Bermuda. She is a true ambassador having brought more than 85 people with her to Bermuda during the years.”

Tourism Minister and Ms McBurney

According to Ms. McBurney, a retired school teacher, this is her 21st trip to Bermuda, where the February weather is a pleasant break from the cold winters in Winnipeg, Canada. And if Ms. McBurney has her wish granted she will be back in Bermuda next year to celebrate her 101st birthday. Since 1993, she has visited the Island and stayed at the Greenbank Guest House & Cottages in Paget.

Ms. McBurney celebrated her 100th birthday in her hometown on December 18, 2012 surrounded by family and friends. For this special birthday visit in 2013, seven family members travelled with her including nieces, a granddaughter and her husband and great grandchildren. They visited many local attractions and participated in the Department’s Love Month activities.

The retired school teacher keeps a pretty active social schedule and civic involvement. She is an author and entertainer performing at seniors’ centres accompanied by a pianist and accordionist suitably named Mary’s Merrymen. She is a published author and presented a copy of her book Big Grandma’s Rhymes and Silly Sayings to Minister Crockwell.

When asked by Minister Crockwell what her secret to longevity is, Ms. McBurney said, “Don’t worry. Be happy and do things for other people not just for you”.

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  1. RME says:

    She’s 100?!?!?! Dang, she looks FABLOUS!!!! Must be good genes, clean living, the Good Lord and her “pretty active social schedule”. God bless you young lady! :)

  2. Think What You Want... says:

    Seriously Shawn? I know you were taught better, so I know you know better! Please tell me that isn’t a cell phone you’re holding?

    HERE’S THE THING – you did wrong, so you corrected it by doing something positive, but somewhere in between there, and you feeling very confident about yourself (which should always be commanded) you became this person that i believe suffers from narcissism!

    So for crying out loud, stop looking ridiculous and put the darn phone away!! You are not Obama! I bet you can’t even remember what was so funny.

    P.S. Your determination to get ahead (SDA upbringing) – the narcissism (SDA upbringing) = you possibly replacing………

    • Just Asking... says:

      Just a question… What does his SDA upbringing have to do with his determination and his narcissism?

    • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

      Hey “Think what you want” – maybe you have your own self confused with “say what you want” Now pick the side of your tiny brain that makes sense. From the picture I don’t see anyone else sitting on the bench participating in the conversation. Do you know what they were talking about? Maybe, just maybe they were talking about how far technolgy has come in the lat 100 years while he was showing her his cell phone. Your comments regarding SDA upbringing is a long stretch. He is not a child so take some advice and stop being one.

    • UBP says:

      I have seen him used the phone in the SDA church sitting with Dunkley

      • US Observer says:

        Shouldn’t you be focused on getting your spiritual blessing rather than looking around seeing what someone else is doing?

      • Balanced Facts says:

        @ UBP…the Moral of the story is don’t waste your time in Church…Judgmental Hypocrites like you are there, watching, waiting…asking for forgiveness…spinning dogma for your own ends…did the talking snake whisper in your ear lately???

    • Come On Man!!! says:

      @Think What You Want: It seems like you have a vendetta or a beef with Shawn Crockwell. Perhaps a former employee of his etc. Saying such ridiculous, nonsensical things.

    • Photographer says:

      Cell phone noted.BUT,what a fantastic photograph!Applause to the photographer!
      If we were able to pick the brains of the lady,I think we would find that negativity has no place in our lives.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Straight up! Thats your observation and comment from this photo! You are a green cool aid drinking idiot! Get a life Jack Ass!

  3. Orbit says:

    Canadian chronic works wonders!

  4. Come On Man!!! says:

    My heart felt thanks go out to Ms. Mary McBurney and her family. We appreciate her visiting our island and hope she encourages others to do so like wise.

  5. SoMuchMore says:

    Great Pic! With such pic one can say over 1000 words but for me, it’s the smiles. I’m happy to see such a Lovely Lady continue her visits to Bermuda… thank you.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. Oh this is Funny says:

    Granny, watch your pockets. Even if they are locked tight, something may vanish….. End up at Cash for Gold or out on the block.

  7. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Shawn was softening her up so that when his dirty little secret is revealed to her maybe she’d say ” NO Way , Not my little Shawn. ” Same thing another old lady probably said back in ’94 .

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Wow…great comment…very forward thinking…you really are an absolute Cretin Mountbatten…especially given the conduct of your PLP MP’s when they were the Government!

  8. BDAGIRL says:

    Nothing this man does seems to please you all. You keep trying to knock him down. I feel proud of Shawn he turned his life around. Turned out to be a great lawyer and on his way to helping get Bermuda back on track. Shawn ignore these critics, cause I bet most of them do not have a ounce of get up and go in them like you. Stay proud. And yes everyone these days have a phone in their hands. So what!!! Find someone else to ridicule.
    Shawn you continue to laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.

  9. CHEEE KUMS BIE says:

    The lady’s body language is saying i don’t trust you see how she is leaning to the left of the bench,and like she is not sure if she should continue smiling or whip a vicious right backhand at the chops of Shawn…. and Shawns body language is saying I’m an aggressor and am being fraudulent, look how he leans from the bench an more towards the woman who is leaning in the opposite way.
    Who has a conversation with a person and looks at a camera and smiles, wouldn’t you look at the person in their face and share a smile as well(like the genuine old lady is doing)? Instead he is looking at the camera as if to say..
    “look at me i got this one right here to smile, please take this picture and put it on the front page if you can, so i can look more popular and like i do a lot for Bermuda, and i cant believe that i actually won as an MP and im a minister ahahahahahahahahhahahah…winning!!…who is this old lady hahahahhahahahah…..oh text message reminder….oh cheeeeeese!”

    • Balanced Facts says:

      @cheek…hows that Opposition role working out…you don’t sound bitter at all! Heres the memo you lost…badly…….your Party got kicked soundly to the curb and you are not the Government….so ,like the little sheep you clearly are you can keep bleating bitter because the fact of the matter is that the intellectual pool, particularly Minister Crockwell, are steadying the listing ship that your lot just about sank! Baaa Baaaa Baaaa….facts sting huh?

  10. down de road says:

    All of these nay sayers make me so sad about Bermuda. We have become a petty little island, where we get enjoyment from tearing others apart! The Minister of Tourism is making a visit to thank a long time guest of Bermuda. That’s it!

    Stop hating and start loving each other!

  11. BDAGIRL says:

    Go get a life. I guess we are looking at two different pictures cause I don’t see what you see.
    There are so many of you out there trying to knock Mr. Crockwell down, but Mr. Crockwell is more determined then you all know.