Police To Maintain ‘High Visibility’ Over Holiday

March 27, 2013

During the upcoming Good Friday holiday and Easter weekend the public will notice a visible police presence, both armed and unarmed across the island, the police said today [Mar 27].

Acting Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes said, “The upcoming Good Friday holiday and Easter weekend will see a number of events and festive activities at various locations across the Island. The Bermuda Police Service takes this opportunity to advise the public on a number of matters to ensure a peaceful and safe time during this period.

“During the holiday weekend the public will notice a visible police presence as patrols attend the various community events throughout the Island. The Police Mobile Command Centre will be deployed at the Southampton Oval car park in support of various activities planned for that location.:

Acting Superintendent Na’imah Astwood said, “In line with our strategic intents of combatting guns, gangs and violence I can reassure you that a robust policing plan is in place.

“This plan includes the re-assignment and re-alignment of police resources both armed and unarmed across the Service. We will also be supported by our Bermuda Police Reserves.

“The public can expect to see higher than normal levels of police visibility. We apologise in advance and seek the patience of law-abiding citizens who may feel the effects of our pro-active policing initiatives which can be expected throughout the weekend.

“In particular the Bermuda Police Service will be enforcing our Selective Targeting Enforcement Programme (STEP) as it relates to road traffic offences; such as the use of cellphones whilst driving, impaired driving and speeding. As such we are asking members of the public to ensure a safe and enjoyable day for everyone by adhering to the rules of the road.

“We will also be focusing our attention on deterring and arresting those persons who are insistent on disrupting the festivities of others with their acts of violence and criminality.

“Anyone who participates in any kind of anti-social activity can expect no sympathy and no warning. You will be arrested and dealt with immediately.

“Our success can only be achieved by working together and through the assistance of the community at large. We ask that you be vigilant. If you see something suspicious please call us so that we can mobilize the appropriate response.

“Take note of motorcycle or car numbers that are being used by persons who are acting suspiciously. You can contact our direct police line on 295-0011 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.”

In conclusion, Acting Assistant Commissioner Weekes said, “We would like to urge the public to work together in the community spirit to make sure that this is a safe weekend.

“During this period, we usually get a high number of noise complaints, and we ask that you work together with your neighbours to prevent any disputes and resolve any issues with minimal police interference.

“In addition, we ask that you keep the roads safe. If you’re going to drink, make sure that you have a designated driver. Do not drink and drive. Work with us to make it a safe holiday weekend. Thank you.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Another highly visible strategy, how about being visible ALL THE TIME, are Easter and Halloween your busy periods, lets see how many serious crimes are dealt with

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    Another highly visible strategy, how about being visible ALL THE TIME, are Easter and Halloween your busy periods, lets see how many serious crimes vs parking tickets for kite flyers are dealt with

    • Checkmate says:

      @Y-Gurl, they cannot maintain high visibility all the time because they are working short. Maybe if they called out all the officers that have been on extended sick leave (some as long as 5 years) that are STILL collecting a FULL paycheck, they would have their full manpower. I’m just curious, how is it possible to be out ‘sick’ yet still go to the gym, the club and all over town? Oh, I forgot! They are psychotically unfit for duty because of things that happen on the job. Did anybody tell these people that being a police officer was stressful before they signed up? If they cannot handle the beat, let them answer the phones or direct traffic but nobody should collect a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing!

  3. god1st says:

    @ Y-Gurl lol lol

  4. pah-ha says:

    How do we take y-girl seriously when she only has negative things to say about the organization and the employees. It is very clear that it is far more personal for her she was wronged by a police officer. She/he was either married or in a relationship with a police officer, a former disgruntled officer, or someone who came into contact with a police officer and had a less than positive experience (ex con, or current crimminal).

    One thing is clear is that nothing (y-girl) writes is objective or logical. Your comments always represent a negative, antipolice sentiment that speaks from a position of ignorance, or anger.

    It is my hope or prayer that the day that you or your family member reach out for the assistance of the men and women of the local police service or any police service around the world. You still recieve the quality of service that everyone recieves. It is a pity that you have the cowardly backdrop of social media to hide behind. Your negative comments are tragic as you on a consistant basis no matter what the topic if it has to deal with police, we can expect a negative illogical response from Y-girl. Note to Y-girl!!!why girl??? even a broken clock is right twice a day.