“Bookathon” To Benefit Sunshine League

April 30, 2013

Peggy Burns will be hosting a Heritage Bookathon at the Sunshine League every Saturday in the month of May, from 10 am until 5 pm, with part proceeds going to children’s charity.

She will be selling collectible books by Bermudian authors, many of which are out of print.  This event is being held to promote interest in Bermuda’s heritage as well as to promote literacy.  There is a wide range of books available, including copies of “Fame” magazine from 1974, “The Wisdom of the Fishcake King” by Dale Butler and “Heroines in the Medical Field of Bermuda” by Ira P. Philip, among others.

There are also three children’s books available:  “It Takes a Smiling Raindrop”, “Professor Vincent ….A Bermuda Cartography” and “The Legend of Codfish and Potatoes”, all by Dale Butler.

Copies will also be available of Carol Hill’s book “Rays of Hope” and Paul Adderley’s collection of poems entitled “The Winning Way.”  Proceeds of the sale of these two books are also generously being donated to The Sunshine League by their respective authors.

For further information — including a full list of all the books available — contact Mrs. Burns at 297-1624 or 518-9787 or e-mail her at nanapeggy@blessed.bm

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