Photos: Southampton Rangers Win BELCO Cup

May 20, 2013

Southampton Rangers are the 2013 BELCO Cup Champions, after defeating St. David’s Cricket Club in the finals on Sunday [May 19].

At Lord’s in St. David’s, St. David’s won the toss and sent the Southampton Rangers to bat, bowling them all out for 150. Alex Dore was the top scorer with 30, while captain Dion Stovell scored 29.

Dean Richards added 24, Ian Armstrong and Janeiro Tucker was the only other batsmen to score double figures with 13. All five St. David’s bowlers used took two wickets, with Delyone Borden return the best figures of 10-1-19-2.

In reply St. David’s Cricket Club were bowled all out for 63, Justin Pitcher was the top scorer with 23, while Dion Stovell was the pick of the Southampton Rangers bowlers returning figures of 6-1-15-5.

The semi-finals were held on Saturday, with Southampton Rangers defeating Bailey’s Bay and St David’s defeating Willow Cuts to advance to the finals.

Southampton Rangers Innings

..00 Kwame Tucker LBW George O’Brien Jr.
..24 Dean Richards c Ajun Lambe b Del Hollis
..30 Alex Dore c OJ Pitcher b Del Hollis
..29 Dion Stovell c George O’Brien Jr. b Delyone Borden
..13 Janeiro Tucker c OJ Pitcher b Delyone Borden
..02 Derek Brangman c Firqe Crockwell b Justin Pitcher
..13 Ian Armstrong c Del Hollis b George O’Brien Jr.
..00 Shannon Raynor c Delyone Borden b Justin Pitcher
..06 Andrew Raynor c OJ Pitcher b Rudell Pitcher
..06 Christian Gibbons c Del Hollis b Rudell Pitcher
..08 Quinton Sherlock Not Out
..19 Extras (1nb-14w-4lb)
150 Total All Out after 46 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-0 (Kwame Tucker), 2-50 (Richards), 3-72 (Dore), 4-109 (Janeiro Tucker), 5-112 (Stovell), 6-112 (Brangman), 7-112 (Shannon Raynor), 8-126 (Andrew Raynor), 9-135 (Gibbons), 10-150 (Armstrong)

St. David’s Cricket Club Bowlers

8.0-0-40-2 George O’Brien Jr.
8.0-2-29-2 Rudell Pitcher
10.-3-26-2 Del Hollis
10.-1-19-2 Delyone Borden
10.-2-32-2 Justin Pitcher

St. David’s Cricket Club Innings

..00 Ajuan Lambe c Janeiro Tucker b Quinton Sherlock
..12 McLaren Lowe LBW Derek Brangman
..01 Firqe Crockwell c Kwame Tucker b Christian Gibbons
..02 Delyone Borden LBW Dion Stovell
..02 OJ Pitcher LBW Dion Stovell
..23 Justin Pitcher c Andrew Raynor b Dion Stovell
..00 Loren Marshall LBW Janeiro Tucker
..03 Rudell Pitcher Run Out
..00 George O’Brien Jr. b Dion Stovell
..06 Del Hollis c Janeiro Tucker b Dion Stovell
..00 Graison McCallan
..13 Extras (2b-10w-1nb)
..63 Total All Out after 20 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-0 (Lambe), 2-2 (Crockwell), 3-21 (Borden), 4-25 (Lowe), 5-45 (OJ Pitcher), 6-47 (Marshall), 7-51 (Rudell Pitcher), 8-55 (O’Brien Jr.), 9-59 (Justin Pitcher), 10-63 (Hollis)

Southampton Rangers Bowlers

5.0-0-19-1 Quinton Sherlock
3.0-1-13-1 Christian Gibbons
6.0-1-15-5 Dion Stovell
1.0-0-13-1 Derek Brangman
5.0-1-14-1 Janeiro Tucker

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