Lister On Bermuda College Graduation Rates

May 30, 2013

Independent Member of Parliament Terry Lister congratulated the 99 students who recently graduated from the Bermuda College, however said that on average 700 babies are born in Bermuda annually, so a much higher number of student should be graduating.

Mr Lister said, “The ninety-nine people who graduated from Bermuda College last week are to be congratulated. They have represented their families, their high schools, and themselves well. It is heartwarming to see their pride as they successfully move from one stage of their education on to the next.

“I have every confidence that the preparation offered by the College will enable all of those graduates who will be moving from the AA degrees to Bachelors programmes will be able to cope and thrive.

“As a former Education Minister, I know that those who succeed deserve all the rewards that they get. However, today I am concerned, as I was ten years ago, with the number of graduates. It should be noted that on average 700 babies are born in Bermuda annually. This number of births should result in a much higher number of students at age 20 graduating from the Bermuda College.

“While I accept that many students go abroad early and thus bypass the opportunity for attendance at the College, I still would like to see the large number of young people who either do not reach the College or leave prior to graduating become a smaller figure. Too many students are leaving school without post secondary education thus reducing their specific opportunities in the job market.

“At this point in our history we need every young person in school moving ahead with his education. Jobs are scarce so rather than sitting at home or elsewhere it would be to everyone’s benefit if our young people stayed in school and focused on attaining certification so that when they do enter the workforce they are better prepared to compete for the jobs available.

“Obviously, if the student continues at school and the economy improves in the interim then by the time that student is ready to work the opportunities will be greater.

“The College has attempted to encourage as many students as possible to attend by having the foundation year which has accepted students whose high school performance would have otherwise seen them rejected. My concern is that if one tracks an entry class at the College the number of students who drop out each term is quite alarming.

“This must be addressed as the country needs these students to be successful. Either these students must be better prepared at the high school level or there needs to be a summer integration programme to assist the students in understanding what is expected of them at the College level.

“Sadly, this year the trades seemed to have lagged behind. While the country is suffering from a slow down in construction work, there still needs to be training for the next generation of trades leaders. The College must ensure that it delivers trade and technical education to our young people.

“Equal emphasis must be placed on this aspect of education as is placed on the academic side of education. This desired level of commitment to trades and technical education must be delivered from middle school through to Bermuda College.

“From time to time consideration has been given to Bermuda College becoming a four year institution. This idea has merit. However with the number of students that are at the College now the establishment of a four year college could lead to the vast majority of the students being from overseas and the training and education of Bermudians becoming a secondary issue. We must ensure that our Bermuda College works at a very high standard to deliver quality education for the people of Bermuda,” concluded Mr Lister.

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  1. PLP Policy Maker says:

    God forbid the thought of overseas students and foreigners in general!

    • Wake Up, the world has moved on says:

      It’s these types of thought processes that are destroying our future.
      Overseas students and foreigners generate income in our economy, which is currently stagnating. We need to encourage anyone who wishes to come here and spend their money, to come. I’d rather they spent it here than spend it in another jurisdiction, which competes against us.

  2. Loquatz says:

    He’s bang on correct.

  3. Iron Man says:

    As the former Education Minister you failed. Terry retire the OBA will fix what you got a F for.

  4. Sir George Somers says:

    Have a four year degree college, encourage overseas students and foreigners, and house them at grand Atlantic

    • Clive Spate says:

      It is too expensive here for students. How much per month would they have to pay to live in Grand Atlantic? Working people cannot afford them. Plus the facilities wouldn’t be as good as UK universities or US colleges yet the fees would have to be similar.

      Foreigners wouldn’t come for a substandard and overpriced education.

      • swing voter says:

        My foreign girlfriend wanted to come here to study. BDA College admissions office required proof that she was financially capable of sustaining herself, i.e. at least 30K per year….when she told them she has free accomodations sorted out, they replied, ‘what if you and your boyfriend break up, who will take care of you then’……LOLOLOL

      • What are you talking about says:

        Have you even attended a US learning institution?. BDA College, Grand Atlantic substandard and overpriced? You have just proven that you really don’t know what you are talking about. Why do that?????When I’ve walked onto and into some of the Universities and their facilities in the US there is a lot to be desired. Some of the campuses are real gems …NOT.

  5. Common Sense says:

    When you talk numbers, are you taking into consideration the amount of students who are overseas studying? It may only be 99 graduating from BDA College, but what about our students in school overseas? Think B4 U Speak. It is best to keep quiet and let ppl think you are a fool, then to speak and prove it. Um Jus Sayin

    • I Hear You says:

      Amen to that – I was thinking the same thing.