Two New Ring-Tailed Lemurs At Aquarium

May 10, 2013

237There are two new residents at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo, with two Ring-Tailed Lemurs making their way to Bermuda from North Carolina.

Hannah and Alice are settling into their new island home. They will be live permanently in the Madagascar exhibit and BAMZ said they “will be out and about shortly.”

The lemurs are part of the ‘Madagascar: Land of Mystery and Wonder’ exhibit which opened in 2011, the first large new exhibit in a decade at BAMZ.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Hannah and Alice? Why not Bonquiesha and Shaniqua?

  2. pwndwg says:

    I thought that the Aquarium was supposed to be broke and couldn’t afford to fix their roof but they can afford a new exhibit and even more animals? Maybe they need a law of the jungle reality check and focus on taking care of their fish tanks which is what most people are interested in. It’s not like Bermudians have never been to a real zoo. Do they really need to imprison more non-native seals, animals, reptiles and birds? What happens when one of those nets rips and a bunch of animals get out?