Boater Calls For Assistance After Striking Reef

July 18, 2013

Marine police attended the area near Spanish Point on Saturday [July 13] after occupants on a sailboat called 911 reporting they had struck a reef and broken the boat’s rudder.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations spokesperson said, “On Saturday 13th July at 4.05pm a 911 cellphone call was made from the local 26ft sailing vessel Riff Raff with two people on board reporting they had struck a reef off Spanish Point and broken the boat’s rudder.

“Police boat Heron III was tasked to assist as the vessel made her way to Spanish Point Boat Club dock. By 4.20pm the Riff Raff had rigged ropes for emergency steering and made her way to the dock with the assistance of Heron III.

“The cellphone communications during this incident were erratic with calls dropping out while information was being gathered.

“Bermuda Radio stressed to the boat skipper the preference for VHF radio communications over cellular emphasising the benefits of immediate location identification through direction finding equipment, and wider, more reliable coverage”.

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  1. Um Jus Sayin' says:

    HELLO! Bermuda is surrounded by reefs. Learn where they are before going for a ride in your boat. I have a family of boaters, who can safely navigate around Bermuda, even at night (It wasn’t even dark). Know before you go. And you didn’t have VHF radio? How inexperienced are you? Good thing you weren’t further out.

    • New boater says:

      A bit harsh don’t you think? Hitting a reef happens to a lot of people, but seldom makes the news.

      And very convenient for you to have a family of boaters, but it doesn’t sound like you’d fair well navigating anything at night.

      Grow up and stop criticising newbies trying to have a good time.